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Aan Sinanta enjoys a variety of winter sports like snowboarding, snowmobiling, sledding, and skiing. He also likes to go for walks and treks with his children whenever possible. He is a great supporter of Sarah Palin, and has been a significant contributor to her campaigns. He is a food lover, and enjoys taking his family out to try new restaurants. He enjoys living in the northernmost state of the US, and feels very patriotic towards Alaska. When he retires, he hopes to stay in Alaska and spend his last years admiring the beautiful landscapes.

Aan Sinanta resides in Anchorage with his wife and two children. He is constantly studying the environment in which his children live, go to school and play for insights into effective strategies to motivate children and lead them to the right path. In addition to his books and running his family’s dairy farm, Aan has also set up a small business. He uses the profits received from this venture to contribute to children's programs in his local community and church.

Writing children's books was not what Aan Sinanta had imagined he would end up doing when he was growing up on their family dairy farm in Anchorage, Alaska. Theirs was a close knit family who always had each other’s back. Along with his parents and siblings, Aan was fortunate enough to grow up in the company of his grandparents who had a big influence on him. In particular his grandfather, Aan considers his grandfather to be a source of motivation.

Aan sinanta