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Andrea Manga i Anna Buznego 3r ESO Institut de Tona

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SECRET LIVES This week “Secret Lives” looks at Mario Casas. Mario Casas is an actor. He was born June 12,1986 in La Coruña. 1.What do you dream? My dream is to have a big Star in the Boulevard of Fame in Hollywood. 2.What films do you do? Differents films such as Mentiras i Gordas, El camino de los ingleses, and Fuga de cerebros. 3.What do you like being an actor? Because he can meet lots of important people. 4.How many brothers do you have? I have two brothers. 5.What is your favourite food? My favourite food is lasagne. 6.Who is Arantxa? Arantxa is my little cousin. 7.What do you like? I love cooking, and looking after babies. 8.What do you do At Christmas Day? I prepare the Christmas dinner every year with my mum.

WHERE IN THE WORLD AM I? I'm in a big city. It's a busy city so there's a lot of traffic. I'm front me there are a lot of tourist. I can see an enormous cathedral. It's a modernist cathedral. The cathedral is not finished. To the left there is a souvenire shop, and to the right there is a restaurant. Behind me there is a park. There are also lots of flowers. It's very beautiful. Next to me there are some buildings, enormous buildings. Behind me there are a lot oh tourist. Where am I ?

SPORTS PAGE REPORT 410 VS. MERCURIAN Last Saturday Mercurian finally showed us what a great group they are. The group had a poor start to the dancing season so Mercurian fans weren’t optimistic about yesterday’s big competition. In this competition different dancing groups praticipated. They danced hiphop, street dance, be bop, urban reggaeton, breakdance.. Bat when the Mercurian danced “be bop”, all the people were fascinated and they gave a big rownd of applause. So, Mercurian showed they were the best.

PROFILE CRISTIANO RONALDO Cristiano Ronaldo was born in 1985 in Portugal. Ronaldo began his career as a youth player for Clube de Futebol Andorinha de Santo António, where he played for two years, before moving to Clube Desportivo Nacional. In 1997, he made a move to Portuguese giants Sporting Clube de Portugal. Ronaldo's precocious talent caught the attention of Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson, who signed the 18 years old for €15 million in 2003. The following season, Ronaldo won his first club honour, the FA Cup and played at Euro 2004 with Portugal. Ronaldo scored his first international goal in the opening game of the tournament againstGreece and also helped Portugal reach the final. He was featured in the UEFA Euro All-Star Team of this competition. He is the best player in the Real Madrid football team. He’s very famous in Spain. His is the front player in Real Madrid.

PROBLEM PAGE DEAR -Dear Victoria I'm 15 years old and have a problem with my boyfriend. He is too jealous! I can't speak with anybody. I don't have enoug free time. Can you help me? Dear Andrea First, talk to him, Second, make him understand thats you can friends. Don't worry, be happy.

-Dear Victoria I'm 16 years old and have a problem with my brother. He is too tiring and jealous. He wants everything that I have. What can I do? Dear Anna First, don't give importance. Second, tell your mother. Hide your things!

HOROSCOPES LIBRA: You are a romantic and jealous person. This year is a dangerous year for you. Jealousy is a bad enemic, becareful! In work, you ascend, earl a lot of money!! The next month you with your family you will make travel, is fantastic!

ARIES: You are a sociable and happy person. This tear you are clever in love. You are pacient with your family. You are clever work!!

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