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The Tijuana River Channel starts in front of the fence that divides Mexico and United States. Many people who where deported used to live there, their idea was to go back to United States. Also, the majority where, or became adicted to drugs or alcohol. Their conditions trapped them in that area, where they could do anything or nothing. They didn’t need money to rent a room, they build their houses with recycle material; they didn’t need money to eat, they ate food from the trash, or from social groups that feed them. Some of them where drug dillers, smugglers who kidnapped inmigrants, ex-cons, inocents, lovers, wise people, workers, cooks, creative, thieves, kind persons.... and my friends. They where known as a social problem. The Tijuana police had orders to get rid of them; for years they tried by burning their houses every week, and taking them to jail for a couple of days. Until 2015, a massive displacement ocurred. Hundreds of police, firemen, militaries, got there and persecute them. They took them in buses to rehab centers, or leave them anywhere outside the city. Some cranes cleaned the sand, so nobody could be established there again.


Ana andrade's photo book in process  

Part of the results of my proximity to the Tijuana River Channel.