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Golf Gift Ideas for Golfers There are a variety of options available while looking for gifts to buy for an avid golfer. The standard options include the golf apparels, balls, and tees these are the ones that can be easily used by a player on the golf course. There are a number of unique golf gifts available and the following few to consider: 1.

Personal Ball Stamp: This can create a stamp on the ball with personalized details of the player. The stamp is a small pocket sized mark containing the player’s name, initials, monogram or even a personal message. There are attractive colors available in it that can be used but most of the time it comes with a pre inked patch and can be used to quickly stamp the details permanently on the ball. An attractive color can be accompanied with attractive design but also has a practical usage that makes it easier to identify a ball on the course. A specially customized ball is a gift loved by most of the players and thus the personalized golf ball stamp can be a good gift.

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Anti-Grav Ball: The anti grav ball is the most unique, unusual and fun golf gift. This can be a good option for an executive golfer to use it as a desk top or the cabinet display. It comes with magnets in both the base of the ornament and a metal arm that works to keep the ball mysteriously levitated and spinning with no apparent support at all. It will amaze most of the keen golf players.


Golf ball Holder: It is a holder like a stand which can hold the unique balls like the ones which have been used for a hole in one shot or the golf balls that have been autographed by some of the top professionals. The golf ball holder is a unique way to display these achievements and has a range of options for holding a special ball or the golf cabinets and tables having a capacity of holding a number of balls. Such a golf ball display case can be used to decorate an office or a room in their home, with the unique golf gifts giving a good golf look.

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Original Golf rules: Most of the experienced would love this as a gift because it contains the list of the old rules which were made some 250 years back in Scotland. This gift comes with a replica of the original piece with written rules in a glass frame. Most of the golf players will cherish this gift and it will occupy a place of pride in their homes.


Pro Go Golf Ball Spinner: Sometimes the ball can be slightly lopsided which can affect the way it flies through the air. This pro golf ball

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spinner checks the ball whether it will be balanced and enables a sweet spot to be identified and marked such that the golfer can hit more accurate shots and putts.

Gift Ideas for Golfers  

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