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Graphic Design Portfolio 2014

CURRICULuM VITAE Hi,I am a graphic desgin student studying in MIT Institute of Design. I am a passionate graphic designer, a quick learner and a hard worker. I love to design clean, smart and effective works.

Aamil Amin

(D.O.B - 31st October, 1991) +917507115070, +919925028128 16, Valkeshwar Society, B/H C.N. VIdyalaya, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

I am looking forward for a 6-8 weeks internship, where i can learn a lot more and apply my skills. I am mainly interested in Advertising, Packaging, Corporate Identity and Logo Design.

Education Sheth C.N. Vidyalaya (Ahmedabad) Methacton High School (Pennsylvania, USA) MIT Institute of Design (Pune)

Hobbies Playing Basketball Swimming Reading Books Travelling Listening to Music

Softwares Ps Ai Id Fl Ae Dw


1 Design Process Pg 1

Problem Solving on a social issue: Eve Teasing

2 Corporate Identity Pg 6

Changing the identity of a publishing company: Navneet

3 Product Packaging Pg 11

Primary and Secondary packaging of Lego

4 Symbol Design Pg 16

Making symbol of the phrase: Handle with care (Child Care)

5 Folder Design Pg 18

Designing a folder/brochure of a Jewellery company: Tanishq

6 Magazine Design Pg 20 Redesigning an issue of a magazine: American Cinematographer

7 Book Cover Pg 24

Design a book cover of a biography of a musician Steven Wilson

8 Dental Clinic Logo Pg 25

Personal Project on designing a logo for a Dental Clinic: Royal Dental Clinic

9 Photography Pg 26

Photography in Ahmedabad City and Dubai

10 Sculpting Pg 28

Self sculpture by shadow clay

11 Illustrations Pg 29

Digital illustration of 3 point perspective and handmade illustrations using different techniques.

12 Paintings Pg 31

Canvas Paintings using Acrylic Paints and Oil Paints



Brief: The idea was to create a design solution for a social problem i.e. Eve Teasing.

EVE TEASING Target Audience:

1. Uncultured and uncouth males 2. Eve Teased Females (Victims)

A logo generation for a hypothetical Anti Eve Teasing Association.

Uncultured Males

Victims (Females)

These kind of males are not familiar with the consequences of harassing a woman, neither they are aware of the respect given to women in our culture. They can be threatened or told that if they continue doing eve teasing there will be consequences, they can go to jail or be given other punishments under the Indian Laws.

Females who have been eve teased, are always scared of doing something about it, they just simply ignore. They can be told to Stand up and fight against eve teasing, may be abuse the eve teaser, or learn self defense classes so they can protect themselves.


Concept for target audicence 1: Uncultured Males

Heroes Vs Eve Teasers- Poster Showing Pictures of Heroic Figures in ‘HEROES” and all the negative evilish figures in “EVE TEASERS” “WOMEN RESPECT REAL MEN, REAL MEN RESPECT WOMEN” a punchline to shake the manly ego in the eve teaser’s mind to let them know that if they eve tease, they are not real men.” 2

Concept for target audicence 2: Uncultured Females

Research shows that out of every unregistered case of eve teasing in our country 75% females dont tell. An intitative should be taken to motivate and engourage to stand up against eve teasing and Speak

Up. 3

Research also shows that every 2 out of 6 females are once or more sexually harassed in our country and many of them are depressed and frustrated by it at some point of time. This is another poster to motivate them to not just sit by and stay quite but to stand up and Retaliate.


The above two are the concept for Hoarding posters and outdoor advertisements with the same message but with less content. 5

2 Corporate


Brief: The idea was to change an identity of a brand i.e. Navneet, keeping in mind what the current identity is about and not to change the meaning of what their missions and

Current Logo

Navneet is a Publishing company that focuses majorly on stationaries and publications for children. It has a very wide range of products including Sketchbooks, Notebooks, Pencils, Color Pencils, Craft Papers, Drawing Boards, Dough, Brushes, Crayons, Glitter Colors, Oil Pastels, Water Colors, Premium Colors, Scrap Books and other office use and educational publishes. So the logo has to be a caring, soothing to the eye, very simple yet appealing. Something that children can easily read. Since it is a publishing company for children.







Franklin Gothic Color Palette

# 4CADE2

# 276F9B

# 005369


Final Logo

NAVNEET Shape of the letter “N� for Neet. Vector shape of an open book for better education The entire shape defines an infinity sign for their aim to keep progressing and expanding their business worldwide and as much as they can.






Business Card




3 Prodcut


Brief: We were asked to redesign a packaging for Lego. This

was a partnership project where me and my partner designed a packaging for lego with a differenct approach. instead of the normal packaging lego makes for children, we decided to keep our target audience as adults who like creating things from lego and people like Lego Artists.


Logo Modification

Lego’s Logo modified to look very simple and subtle for the colorful and vibrant packaging itself.


Primary Packaging Graphics Name of the product Lego Mobile, serial number, number of total lego bricks included and a simple illustration of the product.

A Smart way of motivating users to keep creating and buliding and using the product. Create - Ree Create

Vibrant Logo of Lego to attract people’s eyes.

Information about the product and the idea behind it.

Secondary Packaging Graphics


Bottom Side

Top Side






Brief: I was asked to design a symbol for Child Care (phrase: Handle with care)

An abstract form of a mother and child with the shape of a heart to show care.


A very simplistic form of a mother figure holding a baby in her arms to symbolize the care of a child.

A very abstract and line form of a mother holding a baby.

The arm stretched even further to implement protection.

A contrast effect is given with the black patch which also signifies the mother’s lap.

Previous form made more proportionally.

Final Concept

Colors Blue and Pink used to depict care. Blue for mother’s caring hands and Pink for the innocence of the baby.


Concept Application

The above simulation of the concept shows an image of a mother holding her baby. The idea was to show a picture that fits perfectly with the logo where the every aspect of the logo is depicted, showing the ultimate care for the baby.


5 Folder


Brief: I have designed an informative brochure for the diamond

company Tanishq, showing its new diamond range Inara. The below two pictures show how the brochure will look after it is fully opened. The whole layout of the brochure is designed in a shape of a diamond and dimanond cuts.

Front Side

Front side shows different kinds of jewllery products by Inara and their information. It also shows pictures of the products.

Back Side

Back side shows some other products by Inara, texture of a diamond to show the whole diamond when the brochure is closed and information about Tanishq.


Step 1

Step 3

Step 2

The diamond shape of the brochure when it is closed. the partition in the middle of the diamond is where you open two flaps

Step 4

Front Side

Next part shows the two models and the Tanishq logo and one of its products in the middle

Step 5

Step 4 basically shows a little part of the front side of the brochure with four flaps to open to see the whole front side

Back Side




Brief: We were asked to redesign an existing issue of any

magazine. Under which i chose Amrican Cinematogrpaher. American Cinematographer is a magazine for photographers and people who are interested in cinematography. The problem I found with the current issue of the magazine was the lack of uniformity in the articles of the magazine and very random use of serifs and sans serifs.

Cover Page

I have changed the layout of the cover page with more appealing poster of the featured article, Elysium written in the centre like the original movie poster and names of the cameras used in the different articles to attract the users to look at those articles.

Content Page

Layout of the content page is changed, highlighting the feature article even more and using the color scheme that most of the articles of the magazine has. Changing the fonts to improve readability.


The two spreads of the featured article. The article is about the movie Elysium. An interview with its cinematographer and the director of the movie.

This is a secondary article in the issue, Una Noche is a cuban set drama movie, which has been greatly appreciated for its wonderful cinematography.



7 Book


Brief: We were supposed to design a book cover

with all the usual information and visual elements that a book cover should have.

I have designed a hypothetical book cover for a biography of a musician Steven Wilson. The Front side shows him holding the guitar. The name of the book is The Strings. The back side includes the review about the book, Steven Wilson’s bio data, a quote by Steven Wilson and a barcode.



Clinic Logo Design

Brief: This is a personal project, where I was asked to design a logo for a dental clinic by the name Royal Dental Clinic.


R A NegativePositive form logo where the shape of a tooth defines the letter ‘R’ for Royal.

A very abstract form of a tooth with a crown on top.

A fluid logo where ‘R’ for royal is given a rich feel, with two teeth besides it and a crown on top.

A very simple yet a different approach for the logo where ‘R’ ‘D’ ‘C’ are in the shape of teeth where ‘R’ ‘D’ ‘C’ stand for Royal Dental Clinic and connecting them with the form of Braces to make the logo look more attractive.

Final Concept Selected

Final Concept Selected by the client was the first exploration with the form - counter form effect with a crown on top of it.



Adalaj Vav (Ahmedabad)

City Lights (Ahmedabad)

On the road to a village


Veiw of Dubai from Burj Khalifa

Daily life in a village (Ahmedabad)

A turtle crossing the road

Thol - Bird Century (Ahmedabad)



Material used: Shadow Clay


11 Illustrations

Printer inks and acrylic color

Digital Wacom Sketch

Dribbling technique wih stabillo

Color Pencils

I made this illustration with Tea using hot water and tea bags and a brush.


3 Point Perspective

I have a good hand in 3 point perspectives, especially City Landscapes. This page shows a transition of my artworks from sketching on a paper to making a digital illustration of Gotham City out of it.



Acrylic Paints on canvas

Oil Paints on canvas

Oil Paints on canvas

Oil Paints on canvas

Oil Paints on canvas



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Aamil Amin Graphic Design Portfolio 2014  
Aamil Amin Graphic Design Portfolio 2014