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I am ANDREA MENDOZA ORTEGA. I am tuelve years old. I am a girl. I am tuelwe year old girl. My sumame is ANDREA and my first name is MENDOZA. People call me ANDREA.

I have one brothers. I haven´t sisters.

I live with my parents. I live in a home in street Río DÍlar numbers fifty tree Ogíjares. I like chatting with friends and to disguise to me. I don´t like football . I love a music and dancing. I am fond of singing and dancing. I am in the first form of I.E.S Alhambra. I am in the first group A. I think I am easy-going, calm and intelligent. I like people who funny. I don´t like people the false people. I was born in Spain. My eyes are brown. My hair is brown. It is long. I am tall. Pupil: Andrea Mendoza Ortega 1º A

My Introdution  
My Introdution  

My Introduction