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My name is Andrea Mendoza Ortega, I am twelve years old, and I live in the Ogíjares and now I study in Granada in the Alhambra College in 1º of the E.S.O. I have a brother his name is Jose and also it studies in this one Institute. This it is my first year in the College and is very difficult to the school in which it studied, we have more subjects and many professors, and also the school is enormous My favourite subjects are English and social but English it is difficult, but they are interesting. I like to leave stroll with my friendly and friendly, to draw, to slide, to sing and to dance, my favorite sport is swimming and I am giving to classes two days to the week, but I like more to swim and to play in the beach.

Also I like the disguises and sometimes I disguise myself in the celebrations of the town of my mother.

My parents help me in a lot of things because sometimes I don´t understand my exercise because there are a little bit difficult, my grandmother love me, and when my parents work she look after me. I haven´t got more to say so that goodbye

Pupil: Andrea Mendoza Ortega 1º A de E.S.O.

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