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by Alisa Rysaeva


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As it was the first assignment in the year I assumed that it was a kind of “introduction� work, from which it should be clear what I can and can not do. The hard thing was to find such a character, which would combine features from which it would be instantly clear that it is in fact a traveller, but at the same time not to use clichees.

Beeld + text

It was quite a hard assignment and at the same time something new to try because I have never tried to come up with my own text for pictures before. I am also not so happy with what I did because I don’t think that the combinations I made were as strikingly witty as I would want them to be.

Beeld + Beeld

The exercise was quite revealing. First it became clear that to make something completely different (and more interesting) out of any picture just by adding a drawing or a part of another picture is relatively easy. And then I realized that this method works as good on my own pictures - If I don’t like the picture I made, I can make it better using this method.

Picture alteration excurtion

As I haven’t been to Germany with the others this assignment was a little different from what it was supposed to be and resembled a little the beeldbeeld assignment: I just took whatever picture I liked from those I’ve seen in the museums i’ve visited and tried to make something else out of it.

Img poster

It was a challenge to come up with some catching idea, of course the fact of a competition added some fuel to the fire. Generally I was satisfied with the idea I chose, although after I saw my poster hanging on the street I saw that unfortunatly it doesn’t really look good on distance and I’ve realized that working with posters I should hold it (the distance) in mind.

Healthy food

This work was helpful in a way of working with simple form and trying to make something interesting and unexpected. The main thing I’ve learned from it is that however boring or simple you can find the assignment it is still in your power to make it fun.


The most difficult in every editorial work I find the task to find the balance between communication and metaphor. How far can I go from the direct expected shapes and clichees to second meanings and hidden metaphors? I think that in this case I went too far from the original idea of the assignment.


I am satisfied with the result of this work because I think that in this case the balance I mentioned before was found correctly - the metaphor is clear and at the same time not too expected and boring. The pity is that I realised this only after I finished the work. It would be better to learn how to know which idea is the most suitable before you tried them all, and therefore to be more sure in the choise of ideas. Here also the part of working with the particular text was not easy because as far as I understand editorial illustration should express some opinion and there was no definite opinion in the text so there was no help of developing my own opinion in there. And I must say that I still don’t have exact opinion on the subject of this text. Basically what I did - I took two contaversary opinions which I was doubting between and made several sketches for each of them and then I just took the sketch which I found the most interesting.

Internet makes us stupid

Here the challenge was also in working with the text but the reason for it was different: there were several interesting and quite important ideas in the text and at first I was doubting which one of them is more important, but even after I identified for myself the main idea of the text I still doubted whether I should use additional ideas in my illustration just to shift a little the main point of the article. As you can see I eventually dropped all doubts and just made an illustration for the main idea.


I think at first I did not get what the moodboard (and the next one - the characters sheet) assignment is about. I thought that it was a kind of sketchy part of the process of working on a story, sort of an excercise to find out for myself what kind of atmosphere I want to create. I did not think of it as of a finished (and commercial) product and I thought that it was ok if it was clear only to me what was my moodboard about. I understood the point only after I started to make the third version of it.

Characters sheet

The same as with the moodboard - I thought it was just a list of sketches and that I didn’t have to worry much about how it looks. Also I didn’t understand at first that the moodboard and the characters sheet should be united by style. So my characters sheet was finished after the second try which actually also gave me a chanse to think more about my characters and to make them more suitable for the story (in my case - less realistic than they’ve been in the first version of my characters sheet).

Fairy tale

I think that it was a really good thing that we did not get to choose the story ourselves, because in that case I probably would have chosen some fairy-tale story about some princess or come other childish stuff and therefore would have never tried myself in more “dark and criminal” area of illustration. And that is why I am very glad that I’ve got the Poe’s dark story - it gave me an opportunity to ask myself whether it is interesting for me to illustrate something that is quite far from childish texts and whether I am suitable for such stories. Eventually I quite enjoyed working on this story and creating a dark and a little creepy world. I also think that it was the most interesting and complex assignment because of it’s multiple stages of work starting with reading and working with the text, choosing the most suitable manner of illustrating it, analysing how to devide it into parts for layouts,to leave it as it is etc.


The most unclear, and thereby hard, part of this work was to choose which functions of the i-pad to show in illustration: to choose only basic functions was a bit boring and not challenging enough, on the other hand to choose something more complex would eventually mean to illustrate half of a book of instructions to i-pad. I tried to find something that wouldn’t be neither too easy nor too complex. I also had problems with deciding about the colors of the work because on the one hand it should be bright and “happy” as it could be, on the other hand the instruction was supposed to be for people who have never seen an i-pad in their lives before, so wouldn’t it be confusing if I change the real colors of i-pad?

Elle bandita

It was probably the most challenging assignment, mainly because everything about it was out of my “comfort zone�: the style, the music, the timing, the process, the materials. Because I didn’t have any idea about what kind of a result I had to have in the end I ended up making three different versions of the poster from which the first one was made with some kind of a plan (and I think was the most unsuccessful), the second one appeared out of some improvisation and the third (which as I decided was the best of three) was the result of the further improvisation and working with the results from the two previous attempts.

Public places

This assignment teached me mostly to pay attention to thing around and to turn the process of observation into one direction: how can I apply my art on things around me. I did not try to make a statement or to create something very witty, I just wanted to make a small hidden surprise for somebody, to add some fun into a routine.


I think that, if to take seriously the task of searching for faces everywhere around, it could really help me with going a little beyond my realistic style of works and probably could help me to find unusual characters for further illustrations.

Free assignment

There were two major complications in this assignment: the first one was to find an interesting subject and the second one was to define the exact aim for the work what, for whom, how etc. I found useful the fact that for this assignment I had to go through the entire process of not only creating an illustration for t-shirts but also printing it (and learning the treaky parts of this process). And it is also a nice filling of having eventually some finished product of your efforts.

1st year works  
1st year works  

Journal of works made by me during the first year of my education in WDKA.