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4 Types of Steel Structure for You to Choose From

Most of us are familiar with steel buildings and steel structure of different kinds. But a majority of us are unaware of the various types of steel buildings that are usually built. Here is a short overview of some of them and their features.

I-Beam structures: These are the most common type of steel structures which is supported by a steel truss consisting of two roof sections and two side walls. Each of the steel beams is fixed to the concrete base after they have been assembled on the ground. These are great for structures that have a huge space like airplane Image Courtesy: hangar, they are extremely sturdy but you do not have the scope for much of innovation as square box is the most common and recommended shape.

Quonset huts: These are considered as selfsupporting structures and are in the shape of an arch. For building these structures all the components are initially assembled together on the ground before they are fixed on to the foundation. Image Courtesy:

There are two kinds of Quonset huts — the older fuller version and the newer modified, less space consuming version. These are favoured for building smaller structures like domestic storage spaces. But they turn out to be pricey because of the insulating involved in it. Industrial frames: For industrial usage there are three more kinds of steel structures that are used — the clearspan frame, the modular frame and the Single slope frames. The clearspan frame

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consists of a strong roof frame exterior, column supports, but no supports inside the structure. The modular frame consists of interior column supports that helps in distributing the weight, apart from everything else included in the clearspan structure. A flat roof design with a higher front edged roof than the rear edge characterizes the single slope frames. A combination of steel and wood These buildings also make use of the steel trusses which are placed about 10-16 feet apart from each other. Even though they are a little pricey compared to the other structures, they are usually preferred if you are planning on interior finishing and decoration.

All these structures need a little time in building since a major portion of the job is finished off-site. There are a number of steel building companies that supply pre-fabricated steel buildings to their clients in and around the United Kingdom.

4 Types of Steel Structure for You to Choose From  

Steel buildings have become very common these days. There are the four basic kinds of steel structures that are built for various purposes....