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Transformative Bible Studies! Growing in Christ provides individual Bible studies or ministry packages of Bible studies to help equip individuals and Christian organizations for spiritual growth, discipleship, and witnessing. Our weekly devotions provide spiritual enrichment for you to more intimately know and walk with Christ. WHAT IS GROWING IN CHRIST? "Library of Bible studies that ministers to and equips followers of Christ.� Growing in Christ is a unique provider of Bible studies. Each study is designed to draw you into the Word of God to help you experience not only greater intimacy with Christ, but also God's transformative work in you. Studies can be purchased individually or by ministry package. Seven different ministry packages are attractively priced for individuals up to large churches. For one price you can utilize all 93 Bible lessons for your ministry group. Each package gives you access to over 300 devotions. Studies are provided in a PDF format which makes them deliverable to users through email. Purchasers can use these Bible studies for their personal growth as well as in the lives of those with whom they interact. TESTIMONIALS OF PEOPLE USING GROWING IN CHRIST "Provides what I need for my growth while equipping to minister" Growing in Christ is far more than a devotion or Bible study - it is a ministry platform that operates in the lives of all who use it 24/7. You may have great resources, Sunday Schools, denomination resources, but Growing in Christ uniquely meets your participants needs by providing a library of Bible studies that are available to not only meet their needs where they are, but also equip them in a very usable format to minister to others. Organizations (churches, small groups,ministries, businesses) typically offer programs that meet an organizational objective or broader need in a static format. It is static because your participants have far more needs than can be met at one time. Growing in Christ operates in a dynamic format by providing the Bible studies they need to match their needs when they need them - at no cost or travel and in a format that is easy to identify the study that meets their needs. The following testimonies provide you with a glimpse of people not just touched and ministered to by Growing in Christ, but people who are actively using it to minister in their personal mission fields. Growing in Christ equips you to be effective salt and light in the world! Contact Growing In Christ We have strived to answer all questions via the Growing In Christ web site. If you have any questions or comments, please email us We will get back to you on your inquiry as soon as possible.

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