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7th Edition February 2013


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Feb-March 2013

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Water Drive & Better India

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Writing Competition

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CAS Max question of the month!

Editor’s note Hey Guys! So Finally I have got the wonderful opportunity to be the CAS MAX editor, one of the most admired and prolific CAS project. This month the new CAS MAX teams (IBDP Year 1 students) have set their feet on the ground for action and have worked really hard to give you all an insight of the Valuable and Stupendous activities that were executed by the IBDP students in the past month. As we the New team in action put our best foot forward we give you the opportunity to explore and appreciate the various events that took place in the past month such as : “SAVE WATER DRIVE” in which the PYP and IB students marched away singing slogans and holding posters in appeal to save water and also the middle school participated in a writing competition held by the IB students, with many more events that took place. “With the new day comes new strength and new thought” Here’s hoping that this months issue by the Very new CAS MAX team leaves you as appreciating and anticipating for the next issue as the previous ones did. -Sana Khanijo

Hello readers, Welcome to the seventh edition of CASMAX . We have made a few changes to our team from the last edition. And since this time I am an editor, it gives me immense pleasure in telling you that we have various events covered in our magazine. We have all the news from “SAVE THE WATER DRIVE” conducted by the 11 th graders. This was a very important CAS project. We have covered the writing competition and the board making competition conducted by the 11th graders. Also, we have covered all the events from Sports Day. Since the pre-board exams are just around the corner, I wish the 12th graders good luck on behalf of the CASMAX team. Also, I congratulate the 12th graders who have been accepted at great institutions worldwide. They have certainly set a high bar for the next batch. Enjoy reading!

IB WINNERS: Long Jump (Boys) 1st -Rishab Verma 2nd– Ameya Vikram 3rd– Aditya

200 M (Boys) 1st -Rishab Verma 2nd– Gurman Grewal 3rd– Ayush Singh

400 m (Girls) 1st –Mercia Ao 2nd– Archita Mohan 3rd– Hargunpreet Singh

Sports day is one event in the entire year towards which, not only the athletes, but everyone who loves the gold medal, works. The finals took place over a period of 3 days and were great fun. For some it was about the medal, for some it wasn't. I'd say, whether you win or lose, what matters is that you participate. If you fall, you get up and finish that race because that's what life is all about. I congratulate the winners and each one who participated in the Goenkan sports day 2013-14 — Shivangi Goenka

800 M (Girls) 1st– Daniel Goci 2nd-Amrit Bhoparai 3rd-Nishant Sarid

1500 M (Boys) 1st– Amrit Bhoparai 2nd– Surya Pahal 3rd– Kabir Singh

“Every time you stay out late; every time you sleep in; every time you miss a workout; every time you don't give 100% - You make it that much easier for me to beat you. this year I won 2 bronze medals among the fastest runners in school which I'm very proud of, as well as participating in the relay. I hope to do much better next year though.”

Ayush Singh

“I participated in a total of four events in the Goenkan sports’ day – two sprints of 100m and 200m, long jump and the 4x100m relay. I earned gold medals in the two sprints and the long jump. However, our team stood 2nd in the relay. Being a passionate football player, achieving all this was fairly easy, as the sport itself requires tough physical finesse, which I think I possess. I couldn’t have achieved all this without my friends who were extremely supportive and motivating throughout. “ Rishab Verma—Best male Athelte

“All i can say is that it was an honour to have stood there to receive an award from school again, and I'm so glad I could participate in the Sports day. I thank god for blessing me, thank you mom thank you dad for your incredible genes. I am proud to say that I am a Goenkan athlete. It was a really good experience overall, although I had some tough competition, I still had a good time with all of them, and I thank all of them for being such tough competitors because without them I wouldn't have been as good as I am now. I want to thank Ajay Shikhavat sir for giving me so much confidence, supporting me and believing in me. There are others who also deserve this award like my friends Hargun Sangha and Neha Khan; they were equally good. They were my toughest competitors and I wish them all the best in future. “ Best Athlete– Mercia Ao

Water Drive

“Things won are done; joy’s soul lies in the doing.” -William Shakespeare The designing and detailing, the excitement of executing new ideas, the challenge of limits and deadlines, the warmth of team work, all this and much more, is no more. I have experienced it, how completion leads to yearning by the efforts of the XI graders in collaboration with the enthusiastic middle school students. Best wishes to you, may our students enjoy every journey they undertake. —Mrs.Aruna Ahlawat (Middle School Coordinator)

Better India From right to left: Shivanshu, Rishabh,Varunav,Bill and Yash. Top right: Yash .

The 8th graders had a story writing competition conducted on 30th of January 2013 at G.D goenka World School. All the sections of 8th grade participated in this completion. The topic of the story writing competition was very intriguing: WATER AS A PRECIOUS RESOURCE. The children had to use their imagination to come up with a short story of about 150-200 words. And must I say, the kids did use their imagination! From sketch pens to oil pastels everything was used by them to convey their thoughts. The purpose of the story writing competition itself was to spread awareness, not only among the participants but also the people who will read the stories, about the growing need to save water. The children did a great job at the competition. The person conducting the competition was me, Sukhmani Ashok. I made the leaflets and the posters, which might have paled in comparison to the creativity displayed by the young ones but were good nonetheless. It was just amazing how a story writing competition could help spread awareness among people. Well, I really am looking forward to all other competitions which are in the waiting list.

Winners of the Story Writing Competition : First Place

Mehul Kaushik 8C Second Place

Raagav Goel -8A

Third Place Arshia - 8B

—Sukhmani Ashok

Writing Competition

Awards Ceremony From Top Left with our principal: Vardhini Ramesh, Suphakrit Phantharat, Nishak Goyal, Utkarsh jain, Abhinav jain, Surya Pahal and Students from batch of 2013

IAYP “At GDGWS every student is empowered to master the challenges of today and shape the world of tomorrow. I congratulate our young leaders of tomorrow who have completed the bronze and silver level, I wish them all the luck for the endeavor to achieve the gold level” — Mrs. Neeta Bali (Principal)


The International Award for Young People, also known as the ‘Duke of Edinburgh’s award’ or simply IAYP is a non-competitive programme, which encourages personal growth, self-reliance and perseverance. The programme lets young people choose activities that are appropriate to their environment and best suited to their own personal interests and talents. The basic structure of the award consists of four mandatory sections - service, an adventurous journey, skills and physical recreation. The award promises no material gain but adds a quality that is certainly discernable to all. I was introduced to the programme while I was in the 9th Grade and saw it as an opportunity to add value to my personality. I thought starting up a service and physical recreation activity and seeing it through the complete 3 years of the programme would teach me how to be independent, consistent and social. Visiting Polio camps and NGOs gave me chance to connect with society and be altruistic. Playing the drums has always been a passion of mine, and the IAYP programme has further helped me develop my skills. IAYP ensured I practiced everyday, and by doing so I learned new techniques, pieces and even how to read sheet music! Overall I’ve learned plenty of things and I have started executing every bit of knowledge I gained during my 1 and half years as a Silver badge holder. As it’s said, it’s all about the experience. After all what is life if you stop learning? - Aditya Khanna (Drummer in the picture below)

Editorial Board

Every year brings something new and different- new hopes, new joy, new achievements and challenges. This year was not different. We had tried to capture the highlights, highs, toils, sweat, creativity, fun, excitement, and achievements of the students who have made the institution what it is today. This year the editorial board realized there is no shortcuts to success, and no magic wands to magically finish all our work within the deadlines. We fused electricity bulbs, punched the key pads, shuffled the pen drives, twiddled thumbs till the images got loaded, almost hacked Facebook to get a good snap; not to mention the stay backs to proofread the drafts and suddenly realizing oversight in missing some minor grammatical errors that were hard to spot or missing any name in giving credit – the list is endless! But at the end of the day we have completed the work and are eagerly waiting for the printed Goenkan 2013-14’ Yearbook in our hands. —Akash Mattoo

Board making Competition

Middle school kids were simply amazing, they researched the three topics given to them and then decorated the class boards according to their topic. Apart from creating an awareness of the water issues this activity showcased the creativity of the juniors and enhanced the event management skills of some of the XI graders. The winners of each topic are : ‘AQUATIC LIFE’- VI B ‘HOW DOES WATER GET TO OUR HOMES’- VII B THE WATER IN OUR INDIAN RIVERS– VIII C —Surya Pahal

CAS MAX Question of the month

How does CAS help you? —I’ve always enjoyed working with metal, making everything from simple tools to more advanced forms of cutlery. Ever since I gained interest in the art of blacksmithing, at the age of eleven, I imagined that I would one day pursue this passion professionally. When I attended my first IB orientation it seemed as though this may never come to be. After my first week I thought I could say “goodbye” to my personal life. There seemed to be no time to do anything other than schoolwork. I then found out about CAS. CAS acts as a medium between ones academic life and personal life creating a balance between the two. While many think of CAS as a mere requirement it has allowed me to further pursue my hobby with the use of knowledge obtained through study and experience culminating years of effort. Through CAS I have acquired a source motivation other than passion to accomplish my task. Though I encountered a significant number of obstacles in the process of completing this task I developed a new set of skills. While I wouldn’t say that undertaking this activity has changed me to a great extent I will say that it has taught me that some things can be learnt only through experience — Varun Jadwani

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