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Top Brands Inverters and Batteries - Microtek, Luminous, Sukam, Exide and Amaron India is one of the highly competitive market for UPS inverters and lead acid batteries with the presence of many national and local level manufacturers. Apart from home grown small producers, there are 4-5 leading players involve in making quality products for best power backup solutions. In inverter category, Microtek, Luminous and Sukam are the top companies engaged in producing varied series of UP & Inverters in various capacities and sizes. Whereas, Exide and Amaron are the leaders with significant market share in producing lead acid batteries for multiple use including for household inverters and automobiles. All these brands of power backup solutions products are available at inverter battery dealers Noida.

Microtek – Inverters and Battery Specialist Microtek products easily available at microtek inverter battery Noida known for producing low cost and long-lasting performance inverters and batteries with market leadership in UPS inverters. The company makes featured products with latest technology at very low-cost with long-lasting performance and quality service. First time buyers prefer to use this products and after satisfactory use over the period of years, customers further choose it for meeting their power consumption needs. It also make lead acid batteries in various capacities and sizes, and it gives attractive offers to customers who choose to buy both its products from the microtek inverter battery Noida.

Luminous – UPS Inverter and Lead Acid Battery Maker Luminous is another leading maker of UPS Inverters and batteries with the significant presence in other home appliances products especially designed for the Indian markets. Authorised Dealers of luminous inverter battery Noida like Aakash Battery Inverter retails wide range of batteries and inverters from smallest capacities for household use to large size high capacity for industrial use. Customers can choose from basic model to premium range made with interesting features like battery charging capacity indicator and digital display for better viewing and convenience of the users.

Sukam – A Global Power Solution Provider Sukam is a well-diversified company is power solution segment, also engaged in making high performance batteries and inverters at very affordable price range. Sukam has significant presence in Asia, African Regions and Middle East countries with wide range of products for different types of use. Sukam inverter battery Noida also available at the dealers with attractive offers and discounts. The company has significant market share in Indian market but comes after Microtek and Luminous who are the leaders in this industry. Sukam makes UPS inverters for small households to large scale business enterprises, while its lead acid batteries are also highly in demand in automobile sector.

Exide and Amaron – Leaders in Lead Acid Batteries Exide and Amaron are the market leaders in lead acid battery making in India, both produce quality battery for UPS Inverters and Automobiles. Aakash Battery Inverters is an authorised dealer Exide batteries in Noida selling all range of batteries of Exide industries. The store is also an authorised

dealer amaron car battery Noida for selling all series of Amaron, including dry batteries which are mainly used by vehicle owners. Both battery makers offer extended warranties on their products with easily obtainable after sales service for repair and maintenance at the doorstep of the customers.

All these branded and quality products are available at the stores of authorised dealers engaged in selling and distribution of UPS Inverters and Lead Acid Batteries. Aakash Inverter Battery also provides service of inverter battery repair Noida to households and industrial customers using any brand or type of inverters and batteries. Interested customers can buy these products at reasonable price and all the additional offers or discounts offered by the company to its retail customers.

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Aakash Inverter Battery also provides service of inverter battery repair Noida to households and industrial customers using any brand or typ...

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