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Tribute to the Master Blaster: Sachin Tendulkar The second Test between India and West Indies starting on Thursday at the Wankhede marks the 200th and final Test of the great Sachin Tendulkar. On completion of this Test, we shall witness the beginning of a new era in Indian cricket- a “Tendulkar” less era. For the majority of the Indian population, to even think of the game without the little man is almost unimaginable. For youngsters in their 20s who have grown up watching Sachin, there has not been a time in their lives when there has been no Sachin in the Indian cricket team. The fact that he is not going to be seen on the cricket pitch any more is something that will take a long time to sink in for the fans. With his retirement, many may even cease to follow the game having just watched it to see the great man in action. The joy that he has brought to our lives in these last two decades will perhaps never be matched by any other Indian personality in any field. Whether any player will ever be able to even come close to his records is doubtful. The manner in which he has carried the hopes of a nation for the last two decades and come out with flying colours more often than not speaks volumes of the man’s greatness. The way which he has handled this extreme pressure for so many years is commendable and would have seen lesser mortals crumble under it. One of the best characteristics of Sachin was the way that he showed the same enthusiasm for the game throughout his career from his first match right till the end. It was this love for the game that saw him serve the country for more than twenty years.

The highest praise which he received in his career has to be from the great Don Bradman who said he felt he was looking at a ‘mirror-image’ of himself when he watched Tendulkar play. The beauty of Tendulkar is that he never let the fame and money get to his head and remained the same humble individual who started out all those years ago in 1989. Not once has he been involved in any controversies and has maintained this clean image throughout his career. There are those who say he should have retired after winning the 2011 World Cup and gone out on a high. But over the years, he has definitely earned the right to decide when to go and only continued playing as his love for the game was still intact. Now that he feels his time has come, we must respect his decision and just be privileged that we had the opportunity to witness this batting genius during our lives. The number of youngsters in India and across the world who have picked up the cricket bat because of him is countless.

But as Sachin has always maintained, the game is greater than the individual and must go on. The departure of the Little Master will leave a void in our hearts which will probably never be replaced. But the memories of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, the ‘Sachinnnn Sachinnnn’ chant and the picture perfect straight drive will always remain with us forever. We all hope that Sachin stays connected to the game of cricket in some capacity even after the end of his career. Thank You Sachin! With the upcoming retirement of the Master Blaster, Sports365 offers a wide range of Sachin Tendulkar fan merchandise. On this range of Sachin products, for a purchase of Rs 1500- 2499, you get a SRT Mug worth Rs 349 free. Also, on a purchase of Rs 2500 and above, we offer you a SRT mini bat worth Rs 500 Free. To pay your tribute to the batting legend, shop at . Offer is valid till 30 November.

Tribute to the Master Blaster: Sachin Tendulkar