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Basketball Buyer’s Guide Narrowing down on the kind of basketball to buy is quite simple once you have a clear idea of what the different kinds available are. You can match this with your style of play and other requirements. There is a vast number of brands that you can choose from and also a big variety of colors and designs when it comes to basketball. You can stick to the regular, old school brown ones or pick something more fancy looking like that of the recent NBA range from Spalding. You can buy basketballs online on Sports365.

Spalding NBA series Kinds of basketballs Leather basketball – The outer surface on these basketballs is 100% genuine leather in most cases. Due to this they tend to be more expensive. They can be used only on indoor surfaces as dirt, and the abrasiveness of the outdoor surface will ruin it quickly. Leather basketballs have to be “broken in” to achieve proper grip and control. This kind of basketball is recommended for recreational play. Composite/ Synthetic leather basketball – When compared to leather basketballs, composite basketballs are more durable. They do not have to be broken in are can maintain itself better during a game. This kind is also not as expensive as leather basketballs, and another advantage is that it can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. Rubber basketballs – These are the most durable kind, and are ideal for the wear and tear seen on outdoor basketball. They can be used on indoor courts as well. Rubber basketballs are the least expensive of the lot. A couple of other things that you should know about basketballs: Channeling – There are two kinds of channeling – narrow and wide. Wide channeling is much better because it gives the player more control and grip.

Bladder of the basketball – The bladder of is the part which retains air. Butyl bladders have lower levels of air leakage in comparison to the latex bladders, and therefore are best suited for outdoor/ hard surfaces. For those who might play on a grassy surface basketballs that have a latex bladder.

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Basketball buyers guide