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Education in India

In India, education is done by public and private sectors under the control of Human Resource Department.

Education Today Literacy rates are growing fast and people are being educated. ● Now large number of children are going school at the age of 3-4. ● Women are being encouraged for education and govt has launched various schemes for girls education. ●

Education in girls is mainly focussed now a days. They are given equal rights as of men.

Child education is being the main focus today. Most of the children are going to school.

Primary Education

Primary education deals with the most important stage of a child's education in which a child learn the basic things.

Secondary Education

Secondary education is one stage more than primary education. It is done on selected stream by students.

Higher Education

Higher education generally refers to graduation and post graduation courses and various courses done after school.

The primary and secondary education are conducted by state boards, central and Indian certificate of secondary education.

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This PPT describe about Educational system in India.

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