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A fotonovela by Aakansha Kukreja

Thank you: Devika Dutt, Ratika Singh, Aayushya George, Vinayak Nagesh, Vivan Kamath, and Pragya Mahendru.

An Intangible Affair

She wouldn’t come out. She’d always find an excuse to hide behind that locked door.

All those times Brie invited her over, she declined; almost naturally now. Adam and Brie hadn’t even been inside her house; and they were family!

She didnt have much adoration for public transport

It was always full of people. People who made conversation. People who made noise. People who were interactive.

She loved her job. It was confined to her cubicle. Working with numbers and sending them in was all she had to do. Interacting through technology was manageable, not to mention more comfortable

Dave, her cubicle neighbour at work, had always thought she was no less than absolutely adorable. Quiet, intelligent, had funny ways of going about her day. It seemed as if her obsession with co-ordination translated into everything including her desktop wallpaper was.

He’d wanted to get to know her better ever since he got the job. Quirky girls were always a refresher.


She walked across the street to her brother Adam’s house. She had never been there, except when she was forced to.

There’s someone I want you guys to meet. Really? I’ll go get Brie!

You smoke then?

This is my boyfriend, Charles.

Adam stormed out

Brie wasn’t sure what to do.

Um.. Nice to meet you.

What was that all about?

She’s being ridiculous, it’s time for the looney bin! She calls that thing her boyfriend? Thats the kinda shit they use for art. I’m calling Doctor Wilbur!


What are we supposed to do? What’s wrong with her?

She’s never done anything like this before, so you shouldn’t jump to anything yet. I’d like to meet with them; her and this “Charles”

Also, I’d like you both to continue playing along.

Playing along?! You want me to pretend that a piece of wood is a real person? That’s outrageous. I’m gonna start thinking I’M the lunatic in this drama.

All you women are the same. CRAZY!

Adam was losing his patience slowly.


He’s just a piece of wood, DAMN IT!

She seemed too involved with Charles to hear Adam screaming. Brie was glad she hadn’t. She gave Adam a ‘look’. Hey, what do you think of coming with us to Dr.Wilbur’s tomorrow?

What do you think love?

She agreed on their behalf


It’s nice to finally meet you, Charles

He’s funny, isn’t he? It’s nice to have someone to love



childhood? result of loneliness objectophilia?

tetrasexuality? delusion?

What do you think they’re doing in there? Why are they taking so long? What do you think Dr.Wilbur’s solution is? Why is this happening to her? When did this start? Do you think it’s because we left her alone too much after mom passed away?

She felt safe with him around. Safer doing things she didnt usually do. The things she’d seen other couples doing.

Even Brie grew fond of Charles


Charles wasn’t in bed as usual. Something was wrong

She was frantic. Where could have gone? And how?

Whatt have you done with him? You never liked him anyway!

Adam and brie, I don’t know where he is or who took him away. Maybe he even left by choice. (I’d like to believe otherwise though). If you had something to do with this, I just want you to know that, unlike people around me, he made me happy. I felt normal when i connected With him things began to seem okay, even things I hated before.Yeah we had a few ups and downs, but I loved him regardless. It was nice to be wanted, in a way you will never understand. It was nice to be able to give someone all this affection I didn’t know i was capable of giving. I wanted to be like you guys and other couples. Like other girls. I guess im not like that. Not without him anyway. I’m going back in. You won’t see me for a while now. It’ll be like the old days.


A photographic novel based on a story written by me. Inspired by Lars and the Real Girl

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