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Chocolate Fats - Cocoa Butter Alternatives Academy Programme Day 0 20:00-22:00 Optional get together dinner Day 1 9:00

Introduction and welcome to the chocolate fats Academy


Lecture 1: Why use Cocoa Butter Equivalents? Highlights the possibilities of decreasing confectionery costs without compromising on product quality. Also covers raw materials and sourcing.


Coffee and introduction to our Chocolate Laboratory and equipment


Lecture 2: Introduction to fat basics and fat chemistry Outlines the composition and crystallisation of oils and fats and how modification processes influence the functionalities.


Lecture 3: Chocolate and super compound Understand the benefits and functionalities of Cocoa Butter Alternatives with focus on Cocoa Butter Equivalents. We discuss which Cocoa Butter Equivalents to use for 5% replacement, more than 5% as super compound and as filling fat. Further we discuss the needed functionality per application, processing influence on quality, components and polymorph.




Lecture 3: Chocolate and super compound, continued Get hands on with Cocoa Butter Equivalent applications including tempering, viscosity, cooling and process. Includes coffee.


Evening activity and dinner

Day 2 9:00

Welcome back


Lecture 4: Why use Cocoa Butter Replacers and Substitutes General introduction to chocolate compounds and Cocoa Butter Replacers and Substitutes.


Lecture 5: Chocolate compounds Highlights Cocoa Butter Substitutes and Replacers with focus on functionalities in different applications. Also covers health, trans fatty acids, saturated fatty acids and hydrogenation.


Lecture 5: Chocolate compounds, continued Get hands on with Cocoa Butter Replacers and Substitutes including sensory test, crystallisation and functionalities.


Lecture 6: End-products and trends Highlights end-products from the confectionery market, trends, labelling and legislation.


Summary and end of programme


Optional lunch


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