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Akoline SL

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• Anionic emulsifier based on lactic acid • Improves skin elasticity and smoothness • Contributes to the Natural Moisturising Factor

Functionality and benefits Product name Akoline SL INCI name INCI:Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate Physical form/Consistency at 20 °C Beads, mp 45 °C. HLB=17 Regulatory Status CTFA, JCIC, EC No E481, GRAS Recommended use levels Emulsions 0.5-2 % Packaging Carton 25 kg Product Data Sheet/Article number 8559

Akoline SL improves the skin feel and functionality of creams and lotions developed for intensive skin care. It releases lactic acid on skin contact, contributing to the Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF), one of the essential mechanisms for skin moisturisation. Clinical tests show the benefit of using Akoline SL in combination with Akoline GC to improve the skin firmness and smoothness on repeated application. Being part of the NMF, lactic acid and lactates are also important contributors to skin pH stabilisation. Akoline SL is a mild emulsifier with good skin tolerability, showing no irritation or sensitation in clinical tests. Akoline SL derives its efficiency as emulsion stabiliser from the its ability to stabilise liquid crystalline phases formed from nonionic surfactants. Such liquid crystalline phases also contribute to moisture retention, lubricity and generally improves skin feel in emulsion based skin care products.

Applications Akoline SL is used as part of the primary emulsifier system in body and facial care creams and lotions, normally in combination with non-ionic surfactants such as polyglycerol esters, mono/diglycerides or ethoxylated fatty alcohols. Akoline SL is especially suited for anti-age/anti-wrinkling products for facial care, for moisturisers and in soothing formulations in body care.

August 2008

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Akoline SL can also be used as a co-surfactant in shower gels and shampoos as a foam booster and moisturiser.

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