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The Pulse AAIMS Newsletter September 30, 2013

Volume II Issue 10

AAIMS embarks on a New Semester

The Guild’s Successful visit to the Santa Cruz Infirmary Contributed by Joanna Pascal - MD 4 Student On Saturday, July 5, 2013, seven (7) students, along with Ms. McIntyre visited the Santa Cruz Infirmary to make a small contribution to the

On September 2, 2013, AAIMS welcomed thirty-one new students, as well as returning students for orientation and registration exercises.

infirmary, as well as spend some time with the residents. During the visit, we met a United

Guild Leaders, Mr. Ogini & Ms. Pascal present The Matron with their donation

States missions group, from the Church of Christ, who informed us that they normally visit the infirmary twice a year. After introductions were made, we joined them in order to get the most from our visit. We both engaged the residents with a praise and worship session. We then spent time The AAIMS visiting group with the Matron

interacting with the

residents, listening keenly, while they shared their stories and assisting them when and where possible. Later we embarked on playing a very competitive game of dominoes with some of the Two weekends after, on September 14, 2013, an orientation trip to YS Falls was conducted.

male residents, which was great fun. Overall, we had a great day and for the students who were visiting for the for first time, all indications suggest that they had a humbling and enjoyable experience. A few of the items donated by our group: Toiletries Cleaning Agents Adult Pampers

The AAIMS Administration WELCOMES all new and returning students to the Fall 2013 Semester. 66 High St, Black River, St. Elizabeth

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September 30, 2013

Volume II, Issue 10

Loan Facility Secured for Jamaican Students AAIMS in partnership with a local credit union has now established a way for Jamaican students, pursuing the AAIMS medical program, to get access to a loan. This will enable them to receive up to 6 million Jamaican dollars to fund their education, over the four (4) or five point four (5.4) year period. What makes this facility different from many other loans offered by other financial institutions, is the opportunity for students to start repaying the loan six months after they have completed their degree. In addition, the interest rate is 14% per Annum. If you are interested in learning more about this please speak with the Student Services Coordinator, Ms. Shelley McIntyre .

The Guild Council holds Banquet For Students The Council of the Guild of One by one, students and staff filled the dining room and were Students on August 8,

greeted by the encouraging and humorous words by the master of

2013, hosted their end of

ceremonies, Mr Desmond Samuels. Other encouraging words

semester meeting in the

followed through the messages given by the Dean, Dr Owen

form of a banquet. This in

James, the Associate Dean of Administration, Mrs Lois Robinson

partnership with the

and the Student’s Services Director, Dr Randolph Watson.

AAIMS administration served as the Guild’s final social activity before end of semester exams. It was a celebration of all the successes, the Guild achieved, during the summer 2013 semester. It also served to honour the cohort four (4) students, who have embarked on the next phase of their medical journey, in preparation to take their USMLE exams and later begin their clinical rotations. The event, which was scheduled for 5:00pm, unfortunately had a late start, in order to accommodate students who had a class presentation. Despite this minor setback, the event proved to be

Soon after the speeches were given, a meal of rosemary chicken,

a great success.

rice, pasta and vegetable was served. While we dined, the disc jockey Mr Stefan Lue-Lim, provided a soothing musical selection. After the main course, the programme continued with reports made from each Guild leader. Here, we heard accounts of all the Guild achievements and possible plans, going forward. The leaders also distributed thank you cards and certificates to those who continuously supported the Guild’s activities. The banquet later ended after the vote of thanks was read and dessert of cake, ice cream and jello was served.

Brain Teasers

The first AAIMS student, to submit correct answers to the following five questions, will receive a prize. GOOD LUCK!!!


1. Who was the first AAIMS Guild President and where is he/she from? 2. What is the term for the study of cells? 3. Fill in the blanks: ____________ is the balance that is maintained in the body. { Metabolism, Homeostasis, Anabolism } 4. Which of the following is NOT one of the four main types of tissues? {Basement, Epithelial, Connective, Muscle} 5. TRUE or FALSE - Approximately 20% of the entire body’s blood is in the heart.

CMOTCLYEO Hint: Excision of the colon BOGAEMHONLI Hint: Contained in red blood cells MESPIHERYES Hint: Excessive vomiting

Please email your answers to 66 High St, Black River, St. Elizabeth

Tel: 876- 634- 4068

September 30, 2013

Volume II, Issue 10

Christian Fellowship hosts their First Musical Contributed by Alaine Ainsley, MD 5 Student on campus with her childhood best friend SHELLY and also attends Bethel Praise where she is paired up with MONICA in a mentorship program. Will she be able to stand strong or will she crash and burn in the process? Will MONICA be able to help her, will she be able to trust her?

On Saturday, July 13, 2013 at 6:00 pm, the AAIMS library was transformed into a musical stage, for the first play, ever to be performed on campus. The musical entitled ‘Hidden Secrets’, was written by Ms Alaine Ainsley and represented the collective ideas from the executive members of the Christian Fellowship at AAIMS, Mrs Zayniah Delchot, Mr Chibueze Ezeibe, Ms. Amelia Cunningham, Ms Allyson Williams, Ms Alaine Ainsley and Mr. Donald Jones (Student Advisor). This unforgettable and thought-provoking musical followed the lives of three unique young women, Monica Daniels, Shelly Andrews and Angela Francis, who unknowingly shared one thing in common; a secret that could change their lives forever. MONICA DANIELS, played by Mrs Zayniah Delchot, attends the local church Bethel Praise where she met JUSTIN DANIELS (Anthony Ogini) the Pastor’s son and Youth Pastor at church and after dating for 3 years, they were married. Despite the loving and a questionably honest relationship that she has with her husband, she has kept her discreditable past a secret. Will their marriage survive? Will they be able to trust GOD for a breakthrough? ANGELA FRANCIS, played by Ms Amelia Cunningham, grew up in a troubled home where her mother died of breast cancer when she was 15 years old and a virtually non-existent relationship with her father. She is currently enrolled in university and lives

SHELLY ANDREWS, played by Ms Alaine Ainsley, is ANGELA’s best friend, growing up in a Christian family she was brought up to have a firm confidence in her faith but upon attending university that very same faith is tested. A seemingly loving relationship soon turns sour as her boyfriend CHRIS WHITE (Mr Jerome Townsend) begins to show his true colours and real intentions; discussions became arguments and their love became war. Throughout all of this, it’s her friendship with TREY THOMAS (Leon Reid) that keeps her encouraged as he tries to lead SHELLY back to her first love, Jesus Christ. Will she be able to regain her lost relationship with Christ? Will she stay with CHRIS? Will TREY still be her shoulder to cry on? Is it too late to start again? Supporting actors and actresses included Joanna Pascal as ASHLEY TAYLOR, Natoya Wilmot as MONICA’S MOTHER/ MAXINE BROWN, Desmond Samuels as PASTOR DANIELS, Asheika Williams as NURSE BETTY and WAITRESS 1, Kemani Chambers as WAITRESS 2 and ANGEL DANCER, Allyson Williams as ANGEL DANCER and Mr Donald Jones as DOCTOR SAMUELS. The play which included countless musical numbers including Tamela Mann’s Take me to the King, Mary Mary’s I can’t give up now and Tasha Cobbs Break every chain, ended with indescribable gladness, unspeakable joy and most importantly with individuals accepting Jesus Christ. The musical, which was free of cost, was well supported not only by students but also staff, community members, family and friends and for that they are truly grateful. The AAIMS Christian Fellowship is currently selling commemorative Hidden Secret DVDs and would love to have your support. If you wish to preserve this once in a life time production, be sure to get a copy or maybe two from any member of the executive body. Thanks to everyone for your continued support, keep on watch for what the Christian Fellowship has in store next.

Canadian Professor, Dr. Mitchell Abrams, delivers Radiology Lecture During a recent trip to Jamaica, examples, he discussed how CT & MRI scans could be Dr Mitchell Abrams was invited interpreted. This allowed the students to see how an to lecture to a collective group experienced doctor in the field would go about making certain of MD diagnosis. students. Before leaving, he treated us to an As a impromptu guitar trained performance, of a radiologist, song he wrote, Dr Abrams inspired by Robert is the Interim Chief of Diagnostic Imaging ‘Bob’ Marley. He at the Cambridge Memorial Hospital in was later thanked Ontario, Canada. He is also an assistant by the Dean, Dr. professor at Michael G. DeGroote Medical Owen James and School. was also presented with a small token by the AAIMS On July 30, 2013, in a session that spanned three hours; Dr Guild Executive. It was indeed a Mitchell held our attention through his informative pleasure having him here and we look presentation on Radiology. Through the aid of various scanned forward to his next visit. 66 High St, Black River, St. Elizabeth

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September 30, 2013

Volume II, Issue 10

Maintaining the Balance between Work & Play

International Coastal Clean-up Day

To do well in any field, one must be determined and dedicated. For the field of medicine, it is no different. However, some would recommend that medical students study for up to 10 hours per day (which is inclusive of lecture time). It is for this reason; I implore you students, to not be gripped by the hands’ of idleness. After all, they are only twenty-four hours in a day.

International Coastal Clean-up

From the first week of classes, hit the ground running, prepare each day, read up on topics before the set lectures and read over notes at the end of each day. Create a study schedule and begin honing study skills, so that it becomes a habit, a natural part of each day. It is also crucial for you to start practicing test questions, even before an exam is insight.

once again with the Rotary

Day was celebrated on the 21st of September this year. In honour of this annual outreach activity, AAIMS partnered Club of Black River, in order to clean up the coastal area of the town.

Apart from this, as future doctors, it is important for you to be well -rounded individuals. The field is more than just suture kits, wards and surgeries. It is also about how you work with others and relate to individuals on a one to one basis. As such, I call for you all to get involved. Yes, the main reason for your education is to study and maintain great grades but one must work to maintain a balance between academic pursuits and extracurricular activities. Whether it is taking a swim in the pool, batting a few tennis balls or just engaging in an outreach activity, one will feel a sense of relief before heading back to the books. One must also you make up the Students and as important that also include Guild activities. Executive plans over the course of from playing a community outnecessary funds fundraisers, as break through You will find that Guild involveyou fulfil the AAIMS university experience.

remember that AAIMS Guild of such, it is once free time being involved in The Guild many activities the semester, vital role through reach, raising through various well as taking a leisure events. maintaining ment will ensure most from your

AAIMS was represented by twenty-two students (22) and at around 7:30 am joined the group which also consisted of Interact club members from the Black River High School. The group was further divided into smaller groups in order to facilitate the data collection process, of documenting the garbage collected. This activity lasted for a minimum of three hours.

Dr. Stanhope Maxwell stands in front of the soon to be opened AAIMS Medical Centre

In addition, besides Guild activities, they are a few clubs and societies you can be involved in. These include the AAIMS Christian Fellowship, USMLE club and the First Aid Medical Emergency (F.A.M.E) club. Other clubs have recently been formed this semester, such as the Foreign Language club. There are also many opportunities for you to display your leadership abilities. This is by finding others with similar interests, and forming clubs that are not yet on campus. For more information on this, be sure to visit the Student Services Coordinator, Ms Shelley McIntyre.

Meet Joanna Pascal - Outgoing Guild Vice President Joanna is a 2nd year medical student from the beautiful Spice Isle Grenada, most recently known for its 400m Olympic Gold Medalist Kirani James. Joanna received her Bsc in Life Science at St. George’s University in Grenada and later joined the world of teaching where she taught Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics for 2 years at Secondary School level. She then began teaching at The Higher Marks Educational Centre where she taught for 4 years and is still considered a part of the teaching faculty there. She has a passion for volunteerism and has a long history of involvement in several voluntary organizations such as Girl Guides, Red Cross, Caribbean Youth Volunteer Services, All4Christ Evangelism Group among others. She is a natural hair enthusiast and is doing her bit to impact the natural hair community in Grenada by hosting natural hair events to educate and empower others. In her spare time she enjoys travelling, sharing my faith, reading, hashing, meeting new people, Joanna Pascal - AAIMS Student learning about new cultures. One of her goals is to get involved in medical missions, which she is Guild, Outgoing Vice President getting more excited about as she gets closer to completing her medical studies. & MD4 Student

66 High St, Black River, St. Elizabeth

Tel: 876- 634- 4068

September 30, 2013

Volume II, Issue 10

Medical school director urges investment in tertiary institutions Written by Launtia Cuff (Gleaner Writer) Education has long been recognized as a driving force for change and development. Educational tourism is one of the ways in which education can be used to influence development and investment in the Jamaican economy. So says Dr Ram Chalasani, United States-based execPremed students in the lab utive director of the All American Institute of Medical Sciences (AAIMS), an offshore medical school in Black River, St Elizabeth. Educational tourism is a concept of tourism motivated by the desire to learn. The tourist experience is only secondary to the educational aspect, which becomes the main feature of the experience.

The doctor said when compared to the length of stay of a visitor who comes for leisure and business purposes, a student who spends years in Jamaica is continually contributing to the economy of the country. He also said that there needs to be added emphasis on increasing educational opportunities in rural Jamaica as this would not only draw in foreign revenue, but would cause a redistribution of the economy from the urban areas to rural areas, which need development as well. "AAIMS is looking at what we could do for Black River and St. Elizabeth - something they could benefit from. We need to have the economy moving, flowing, and when the students come in, they're going to stay for two years minimum. We have students who are going to stay for two years rather than a visitor that comes in for three nights. Every overseas student that we have, their parents have visited; their friends have come to visit.

"Knowledge services is the main key I'm looking at in the future. In most of the countries like Canada or Singapore or Dubai or even the US, they take it (education) as a big incomegenerating [activity], and that's how they increase their economy," said Chalasani. Increased visitor arrivals Chalasani believes that an investment in institutions of higher learning in the country could increase visitor arrivals to the island. He said this is so as individuals are constantly seeking to From left: US-based Executive Director of AAIMS, Dr Ram Chalasani; advance their education and may have the desire or need to AAIMS Associate Dean of Administration, Lois Robinson; Minister of Health, Dr Fenton Ferguson; AAIMS' Dean, Dr Owen James study overseas. He said those who may not be able to afford attending a tertiary institution in the United States, Europe, or "Even if the students aren't coming from abroad - our thing is other countries may consider the island as an option if we have to get more students from abroad eventually - even students the facilities to offer a high quality of tertiary-level education. not from overseas, when they were living in Kingston, they were contributing to Kingston. Now, there is a shift of economy from one place of Jamaica to another, a redistribution to a place that needs it," he added. MD 4 student, Xesubel Hernรกndez does a blood pressure check.

This article was originally published in

AAIMS, which started in January 2011, is an offshore medical school where foreign students train before returning overseas. It was started with about six students. Dean of the school, Dr Owen James, said the school has been growing and there have been some changes since the school's establishment. The school offers a pre-med programme as well as a medical degree programme.

(Jamaica) on Saturday, September 14, 2013

See the virtual link for the article HERE

66 High St, Black River, St. Elizabeth

Tel: 876- 634- 4068

Volume II, Issue 10

September 30, 2013

Campus Snippet

Jerome, Leon & Edgar in a heated domino game with one of the male residents

Visiting professor, Dr. Mitchell Abrams poses for a quick picture with AAIMS senior lecturer, Dr. Stanhope Maxwell

The cast of the musical ‘Hidden Secrets’

AAIMS students a part of the Black River Parade The cast of ‘Hidden Secrets’, shared space with the audience, for a section of their play

Joanna cuts birthday cake with classmates

Amelia, Alison and, Kemani performing a dance, during ’ Hidden Secrets’

Alaine, Joanna & Anthony poses with a member of the mission group

Attentive students, during the Radiology presentation with Dr. Abrams

Mr. Russell assists Mrs. Welsh, in cutting her birthday cake

Pre-med students, stop to capture banquet memories Medical supplies donated to the clinic by AAIMS students, Joanna Pascal, Tashaine Campbell and Basit Salou.

Ms. Chevelle Wincester

Bon Voyage Mrs. Falconer & Ms. Smart

66 High St, Black River, St. Elizabeth

Tel: 876- 634- 4068

Cleaning up after the banquet

September 30, 2013

Volume II, Issue 10

Announcements FYI for your Information Retake Exam Fees MD Program $300 per subject Pre-Med Program $200 per subject Retake Course Fees MD Program $250 per credit Pre-Med Program $187 per credit Other Fees Late Registration $300 ID/Access control Card $30 Graduation Fee $650 Transcript Request $10 (per request) Late Tuition fee payment $150 (applied when past due date) Loan Processing fee $100 (per application) Status letter $5 Library Deposit $200 (refundable) All appointments to see the Dean, the Associate Dean, the Registrar & Director of Student Services and Admissions, should be made through Ms. Tiffany Gillespie or Ms. Shelley McIntyre at the Front Desk.

Like success, failure is many things to many people. With a Positive Mental Attitude, failure is a learning experience, a rung on the ladder, a plateau at which to get your thoughts in order and prepare to try again. ~W. Clement Stone

INFORMATION CORNER Office Of The Registrar

Accounts Department: Students with outstanding balances are being reminded that their accounts must be settled by Mid Term Examinations.


All students who have not shown proof of personal insurance are required to sign up for the school’s health insurance policy. The DEADLINE for doing so is October 4, 2013.

During your studies, you may be asked to provide information to confirm your student status. A Status Letter can be requested from the Office of the Registrar which will confirm your enrollment status. Status letters are prepared for a wide variety of purposes, including: • work permits • visa applications • health insurance • financial / lending institutions · and much more.


Students who wish to request a Status Letter should complete the Status Letter Request Form

Students are being reminded that the cafeteria caters to you and not the general public; therefore its viability depends on your full support.

Student Services:

All new and returning students are being reminded to ensure that all outstanding documents are submitted before Mid Term Examination.

Library: STUDENTS are being asked to return library books that have been found missing from the library.

66 High St, Black River, St. Elizabeth

available from the Registry. The Form includes detailed instructions on completing and submitting the request. There is a Processing Fee of US$5.00, which should be paid in advance to the Bursary. Letters are usually processed and ready for collection (or mailing) within five (5) business days. Please contact the Office of the Registrar for further information.

Tel: 876- 634- 4068

The PULSE - September 2013  

Find in this issue, highlights on orientation day activities, the guild's banquet, international coastal clean up and so much more.

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