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A floor mirror looks good in both a spacious and a small room. Such a large and bold stroke as a big mirror looks great in a décor striving towards simplicity and clean lines, no matter what function the room has; it suits equally a hall and a living room and of course a bedroom or a bathroom.


only makes sense to have in it a multipurpose accessory that is both handsome and useful.

BEDROOM For a bedroom a mirror is a must but there is not always enough space on the wall for a hanging one. A standing mirror can be easily moved around the house and the room.

Narrow rooms and empty places will look better, wider or fuller thanks to a floor mirror. First of all it is convenient since you can always check your appearance when passing by; secondly, a floor mirror is a distinctive décor element.

A bold solution to use a huge mirror instead of a small one over the sink enhances a small bathroom and adds the feeling of spaciousness.



One or two standing mirrors will multiply decorative items. They can also assist in your exercise routine by reflecting your movements and showing whether you are making the correct ones. Since the living room or the great room is the most versatile room in the house it


No matter whether you have a separate dressing room or a small designated corner in another room, you need a floor mirror there. Before choosing paintings and lighting fixtures, take care of vital issues, which, in this case, is a mirror that can reflect you full length.

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August 2014



All About Home magazine (August 2014)  

All About Home magazine (August 2014)

All About Home magazine (August 2014)  

All About Home magazine (August 2014)