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Today, prints of huge flowers on wallpaper, textiles and accessories are at the very peak of their popularity. To add flourish and a romantic note to you décor use wall decals. This kind of décor is inexpensive and easy to achieve. One wall decorated in florals is quite sufficient to transform the whole room. Moreover, sometimes a single flower can create the same effect. Large or small, flowers can decorate the whole wall in the room or just one separate element; it can become a modest element of the décor or its main component that sets the tone and interprets the rest of the room through its prism. Summery colour frenzy can continue from the wall to the print on drapery and bed linens, the upholstery, a floor lamp or cushions. Or you can lay the whole blooming meadow at your feet. Sometimes, to refresh a familiar and fairly boring interior, it is quite enough to decorate it with a painting or a poster depicting bright flowers or replace the covers of sofa cushions by brighter, summery ones. Trendy country style is unimaginable without flowers. They add elegant simplicity and unique subtle charm.

Floral décor is not only beautiful – it is trendy, too. These children of Nature have never actually gone out of style; they have just changed their appearance, fluctuating from the richer and even pervasive back to the delicate and gentle. Floral designs of the current season are characterized by vivid and rich colours, a great variety of shapes and arrangements and, the main thing, by their size. FOR ADVERTISEMENTS CALL (416) 477-6107

Floral decorations can easily find their way to any room of the house. They will add grace to the living room, tenderness and feeling of proximity to the nature to a bedroom; in the nursery they will teach your children how to dream and create mysterious images in their imagination, and in the kitchen, they will define the tone of all décor, making it airy and almost magic. If too many vivid colours contradict your natural inclinations yet you have softened your attitude with the arrival of summer, use muted tones that will bring summer into your home in a subtle but distinctive style Flowers can be precise or abstract but any décor will readily incorporate plant ornaments in all their magnificence and variety. There is no such thing as too much plant depictions in any room. They are beautiful in any of their incarnations and capable of creating a summer atmosphere regardless of the season. Just let them into your home!

August 2014



All About Home magazine (August 2014)  

All About Home magazine (August 2014)

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