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saic inlays. All you need to make it work is to place at the seams squares whose dimensions coincide with the width of the hardwood planks. Those with a bold streak may want to use contrasting colours; but even if you are against it, you may appreciate a delicate combination of, let’s say, grey oak wood and grey granite with black granules. The difference in textures, colours and materials will look very professional and creative.

STRIPES Interchanged stripes of different dimensions may become one of the most universal solutions for a room of any shape. You can use wide wood stripes intermingled with narrow stone ones or vice versa. It all depends on the room’s function. Just remember that the stripes configuration has to be based on the final layout and the dimensions of the furniture.

FOCAL POINTS Knowing the future furniture layout you can advantageously play with focal points of the room using the combination of wood and stone floor coverings. First, draw a design, select the materials to implement this design and only afterwards, choose the background that will take up all of the remaining space. This method looks striking but there is a risk of revealing a haphazard combination of patterns if the room furniture gets rearranged. As you can see, a combination of colours and textures in floor coverings is a viable solution. Wood and tiles or stone look especially interesting complementing each other and emphasizing each other’s beauty. Experiment but keep technical characteristics in mind. The quality of workmanship is especially important because a slapdash execution can nullify even the most brilliant idea.


July 2014



All about home magazine (July 2014)  

All about home magazine (July 2014)

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