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The patterns found on various objects in the same room should also rhyme. It is true that by no way you can get identical patterns but try to select décor elements whose style matches. For example, if the fabric of the bedroom drapes bears Japanese hieroglyphs, try to repeat them on at least one ornamental object and avoid let’s say Mexican design on the bedspread.



Patterned wallpaper can be rhymed with sofa cushions, upholstery, floor lamps or rugs that should be selected based on one of the colours in the wallpaper pattern.


Sofa cushions rhyme easily with the pictures over that same sofa. Select pictures in such a way that they repeat the colour of the cushions or create a panel of the same fabric and frame it.


Large décor elements – tables, chairs and armchairs, drapes, etc. - can be easily subjected to rhyming.


Some decorative elements need rhyming more than others – like golden or silver toned accessories and red or shiny objects.

rhyming more harmonious, it is preferable to place the groups in separate spots and to avoid using more than two rhymes in the same room. Balance is the word.

Flamboyant and fine patterns need to be repeated in several accessories in order to stand out and underscore one another’s beauty.

To give your home a comfortable and trendy look pay close attention to choosing accessories. It is not easy for a non-professional to assess all the aspects of rhyming and interior design. If you find it hard to manage this task on your own, turn to a professional interior designer for help. As a result of this cooperation you will end up with a comfortable, well thought-through, complete and elegant place to live.


Rhyming in interior design is usually a crosspoint one, meaning that it has to connect separate groups of objects instead of all the elements in the room. For example, draperies should rhyme with sofa cushions and table cloths - with throws. To make such


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All about home magazine (July 2014)  

All about home magazine (July 2014)

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