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The history of garden furniture goes as far back as the Ancient Rome. That was where furniture for the country villas of Roman aristocracy was manufactured and used. These pieces were decorated with intricate carvings, gilt, and multi-coloured enamel.

When shopping for this kind of furniture, decide first what its main purpose is and what is more important: its appearance, comfort or practical concerns. Take into consideration such factors as what uses you will have for the piece, how many people are going to use it, and whether you are going to keep it outside all year round or just during the warm months of the year.

Some types of garden furniture we use today have been influenced by various cultures – for example, wicker furniture, the one made of dark wood, and low benches are reminiscent of the traditions of the ancient East.

Have a close look at your lawn and the style of your house since these aspects may define your selection. A large lot with old and strong trees demands something solid like wrought iron items while a backyard with several smaller-sized well-tended flower beds circled by narrow paths and adorned with cute fountains will happily receive a luxurious natural wood set.

Garden furniture has been very popular in Canada for many decades. It comes in a wide variety of styles and materials, from simple and traditional to fancy designer numbers with a futuristic look. Garden furniture plays a dual role – as the place for relaxation and as a lawn ornament.

Wicker has been the most popular material for garden furniture. Nevertheless, wicker furniture does not suit every backyard. It is compatible with a Japanese style garden


due to its lacy look. Wicker furniture (as well wickerwork pergolas and other items) look great in a free style garden rich in fences and shady corners. Not so suitable it is for a traditional style garden. Another popular kind of lawn furniture is metal, either wrought or cast. Wrought metal pieces are better for sufficiently spacious lots. Its advantages include durability and longevity, yet its solid weight can be a drawback. Cast metal objects for the garden are made of lightweight aluminum which makes it easier to move and store. Aluminum furniture is usually enameled in any colour to satisfy your fancy. The worst disadvantage of metal garden furniture is that it becomes overheated by the sun and feels unpleasantly cool in a cooler weather. Therefore, before resting your decision on metal items for the outside relaxation, consider whether your family and friends will feel comfortable enough using it.

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All about home magazine june 2014  

All about home magazine june 2014

All about home magazine june 2014  

All about home magazine june 2014