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Being homeless is no way to live...

A Howling Success! Full report and photos from this year’s day of fun can be found on page 3.

Calendar of Upcoming Events

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July 2011 DuPage County Fair - Adoption event Adopt A Husky and some of our foster dogs will be at the event on Saturday, July 30th from 4:00pm - 7:00pm. We are very excited that we will have an evening slot so our fosters will be out of the sun & heat.

August 2011 Cantigny Dog Days August 6th 2011 - 10:00am - 4.00pm - 1S151 Winfield Road, Wheaton, IL $5.00 per car For one day only dog lovers can enjoy a fun day at the park with their “best friend.” Bring your dog out and enjoy a special dog play area, vendors from the dog world and some specially trained pooches to entertain. All dogs must have current vaccination tags and be social with others. Stop by the Adopt A Husky booth and meet our wonderful foster dogs! Do you have an extra special pooch? Is your dog super talented or obedient? YES! Enter your dog in the Dog Olympics, new this year.

Wanted - Your Input!

Look at these great Olympic events: Peanut Butter Lick • Temptation Tower • Ball Lottery • Hot Dog Dunk • Marathon Down Leave It Challenge • Kiss Off • Doggie Limbo • Musical Hoops • Obstacle Course

We are always looking for suggestions to improve the newsletter. We will hopefully find room to publish any ideas you might have. Please send any suggestions Husky related to us at:-

Adopt-A-Husky Events Round-Up Meet & Greet - Petco, Kenosha, WI – May 21st 2011 Adopt-A-Husky was invited to participate in an adoption event recently in Kenosha, WI. This is significant because, while it was a small event, it's the first event we've been able to have in WI in quite a while. Lawler & Jethro were the foster dogs shown off at the event.

Itasca Memorial Day Parade – May 30th 2011 Who does not like a parade? Well, about 15 AAHI volunteers and about 24 dogs took part in this annual parade and despite the warm temps, had a fun time. The dogs were kept cool and hydrated with lots of water along the way and a fab pool party at the end! Many thanks to Chantale Shea for putting together this popular event for 7 years in a row! Woo’s to her and all who took part.

12th Annual Husky Hike - ILLINOIS - Van Patten Woods Forest Preserve, Wadsworth, Illinois, May 14th 2011 espite the challenging weather on the day, our 2011 Husky Hike proved a huge success and thanks to your caring support we will be able to rescue, rehabilitate, and find loving homes for many more deserving Siberian Huskies.


This year we raised just over $23,000 with around 300 people and 180 Siberians in attendance. Unfortuately the number of attendees, both human and canine were down from the previous year, but despite this everyone seemed to have a fun day out. On offer were a selection of vendors, demos, grooming, AAH merchandise, a ruffle, and ever popular Silent Auction. Please keep in mind that we are always in need of volunteers so if you had fun at this event and would like to volunteer with our organization to help out with fostering, home visits or working other events please email Also if you enjoy shopping online visit our affiliate pages at

On the trail in Wadsworth (above) and chillin’ out afterwards (below)

More photos from the Illinois Husky Hike. The Ruffle even included a chance to win a ride in a cool 1950’s T-Bird.

This amazing scooter built by Mike Rawaillot was a popular Silent Auction item.

photos by Craig Smith

Husky Hike - MINNESOTA - Lakefront Park, Prior Park, MN, May 14th 2011 nother MN Hike in the books. Like IL, we sure had some wet and cold weather for our hike. It kept attendance down quite a bit. The MN hike has always had a lot of walk ups and with the weather this year, that number was down. I finally had the time to go through everything and get you our MN Hike results


Our hike total for 2011 was $5,578.25. 2010's total was $8,094 I finally got to adding up our hike totals. Here are the totals: Number of people that attended - 78 Number of actual dogs that attended - 56 Number of people that were walk-ups - 48 Number of dogs that were walk-ups - 30 Considering the weather and the attendance being down, I think we did great! Also, we kept our expenses down. Other than the park fee, postage & postcards, everything else was donated. Even at the end, when there was left overs, our volunteers stepped up and purchased them. I really liked using the inside of the pavillion for the auction. The only thing we may have to try next year, if we use the same park, is to seperate the auction and the merchandise. They were too close to the auction and I think that may have been why we had less sales. We sure had some great new items to sell! I just want to say thank you to you all. Every year I get anxious about volunteers for the hike and every year, you guys come through and do an amazing job. Everyone of you just jumped right in and "got it done". That is the fastest setup and take down ever!!! I may get

everything organized, but when it comes to hike day, everyone of you step up and does your part to make the event a success. You are the best volunteers ever! All my heartfelt gratitude to you all!!!! Donna Mankowski - MN Hike Coordinator

We work very hard at producing a hike that you will enjoy and value your opinions. If you have not already done so, please visit our website at and fill out our hike survey. Your feedback is an important consideration when we are planning our future events. We would like to remind you that 100% of your donations go directly into our programs to save Siberian Huskies in need and all donations are 100% tax deductible as we are a 501(c)3 charitable organization. We sincerely look forward to seeing you at our future events and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at at any time.

AAHI cleans up in Rockford! Well, you know the saying, "Good things come in small packages"? It's really true! AAHI had an adoption event recently in Rockford at the 7th Annual Dog Wash. We knew beforehand that it's a locally popular event, but we really didn't know what to expect. It's not an area we get much exposure in so we thought we'd give a try and see how it turned out...As most of you know, most of our events (big or small) have some type of general goal: adoptions, fund raising, education/awareness, etc. Well, this local event managed to hit the mark in every category!!! There was a lot of interest in our 3 foster dogs, Cookie, Julio & Baru; we had 2 new people who want to volunteer for AAHI in that area, we sold most of our merchandise (!) and got generous donations. All told, we raised $212 in sales & donations (including one wonderful woman who gave us $100!!). I have run out of adjectives to describe how successful this event was!! We even had a wonderful spot under some great shade trees with a big grassy area to walk the fosters! Local radio station B103 was on hand and stopped by our booth; later in the day a man came into our booth and said, "I heard you on the radio!" – How cool is that??? I would be totally remiss if I didn't send a HUGE thank you to Julie Deets and my hubby, Mike. Julie brought this event to our attention, got it all set up, transported 2 foster dogs, and schlepped the merchandise to the event. She's a one-woman whirlwind!!! Mike made the set-up easier (a good man to have around when you need to get the EZ-Up tent set up!) and spoke to so many people it would make your head spin. Did I mention how excited I was to be part of this event??? To borrow a phrase from any number of rock concerts -- THANK YOU, ROCKFORD!!! Deb Rawaillot - IL/WI Events Coordinator

Thank Woo for ALL that you do!

IL/WI 2010 Volunteer of the Year Kevin Lane MN 2010 Volunteer of the Year Ron Palmer MN 2010 Volunteer Honorable Mention Francine Alt-Greene

Going the extra Yard...for the dogs Adopt-A-Husky Yard Sale – 16th, 17th & 18th June 2011 oy, this fundraiser was couple of long days!! Thursday was set-up for the yard sale and Friday & Saturday were all about selling stuff at the yard sale!! It was a LOT of work – but we raised a good amount of money for the dogs, so it was worth it. All the items that were not sold were quickly packed up and taken to Goodwill. The tents have all been taken down and packed up; it's like it was never even there! We made some good money that will help us take care of our foster dogs, and that's the important thing.


I won't lie - there was a ton of effort that went into this event, and the only way it was possible was due to the incredible volunteers who gave us their time over the 3 day event Sue Simmons, Phyllis & Paul Dickinson, Sarah Lingle, Mike & Beth Finsterwalder, Denise Hoshor, Jennifer Jakacki, Mike & Noel Dagley, Mike Rawaillot, Dale & Lynette Navigato, Kevin Lane, John & Nora Tuminaro, Jen Adelman-McCarthy and Craig & Annette Smith. Most of these volunteers devoted multiple days & many hours to this event and I just can't thank you enough!! And speaking of huge ‘Thank You's’ - there would not have been a yard sale at all if it weren't for the people who donated their items to be sold!! Everyone wins in this event – you all got back some space in your homes and we were able to raise some money that will help us cover expenses for our foster dogs! :-) (Also a huge thanks to the Rawaillot’s for the use of their property to set up on, and all the food and drink you provided to keep us all going-Ed.) Once again – thank you all so much to our volunteers & donors; you're the best!! Deb Rawaillot - IL/WI Events Coordinator

We found our forever homes!!! Acadia • Alchemy • Aries • Blizzard • Boo • Broadway Buzz • Casper • Chico • Cullen • Dagney • Dawson • Eiriol G I Joe • Galen • Houston • Jacob • Jethro • Karli • Kenai Kiska • Lincoln • Luke • Midge • Moffitt • Myla • Newlyn Newton • Nova • Parker • Pepsi • Seppen • Seth • Shasta She-Ra • Signey • Tamara • Timker • Tootsie

Lawler was saved by one of our volunteers who saw him at an animal control while picking up another dog. Too shy for the adoption floor, he was scheduled for euthanasia, but thankfully came to us instead. And we are so glad he did! Lawler is so sweet.

****Update on Lawler**** Lawler was seen by an ophthalmologist when he came to us and discovered he does have cataracts. He had surgery to remove the cataracts and is now seeing perfectly. He will need to be on an eye drops twice a day probably the rest of his life. These drops are filled right at the people pharmacy and are very inexpensive. We will only consider an experienced Siberian home for Lawler and highly recommend at obedience class to help in the bonding process. The shy boy that originally came to us is now a confident and VERY smart boy now that his sight has been restored. He is a problem solver and will need an owner who thinks a few steps ahead of him. It is wonderful to see him come out of his shell now that his vision is clear. If you have room in your heart and home for a guy who just wants to be loved, then ask to meet Lawler.

You can apply online or email us at with your name and address and we'll mail an application to you.

Ways to Keep Your Husky

Cool In the Heat

For dogs that like to wade, lie or play in water, a plastic kiddie pool is AWESOME! • If your Huskies like to play in water, let them run through the sprinkler with the kids! • Make a "sand box" in your yard where your Huskies are allowed to dig. Many Huskies will dig ditches and lay in them to keep cool. • ALWAYS make sure that your Husky has plenty of fresh, cool water! • NEVER leave your Husky out in the heat for long periods of time without checking on them and giving them the option to come in and cool off! • A cooling mat - You get it wet in the bath tub, wring it out, and then put it in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes. Then put it in your dog's crate and they can lay on a nice icy cold mat!

Reasons Not to Shave Your Husky...


The Siberian Husky should never be clipped / shaved except in medical emergencies. Yes, there are "professional" groomers out there who will tell you to shave your Husky. They will even do it without asking your consent! There are vets who will tell you to shave your Husky. These vets are uninformed about the breed. Dogs do not sweat like humans. Their cooling process is done via panting from the mouth, sweating at the paws and cooling the blood in their ears. Shaving the dog does nothing to keep the dog cool. It just makes the human feel better when looking at the coated dog.

The Siberian Husky has little to no pigmentation in its skin. If you shave the Husky, you expose it to the sun without protection. Now you have a dog that can come up with a variety of skin problems including skin cancer. Fur acts as a protection against insects and parasites. You remove that protection the dog is exposed to even more insect problems than he would have had if he had been allowed to keep is protective coat. Furthermore, if you clip or shave a Husky it will eventually ruin the coat and disturb the proper shedding process. Shaving/clipping makes Huskies more susceptible to skin allergies, sun burn and parasite infestation. The treatments for these problems can then lead to more serious conditions. The husky “color-coat” also known as the top coat works as the reflective barrier. Shaving this coat exposes the undercoat and when the two coats grow they no longer “blend” properly to allow the maximum protection necessary or maintain the look in which the husky is known for. I hope that this will prevent people from shaving their poor Husky's beautiful, protective coat, and I hope it will also educate people so that they won't go telling Husky owners to shave their dogs!

Reproduced by kind permission of: – –

D O NAT I O N S GENERAL DONATIONS Ann Stead • Joan Kroboth • James Pecho • Gary & Patty Barnett • Andrea Thalasinos Valerie & James Skinner • Edward May • Red Barn Farm Market • William Reavis John Summers • Sue Mool • Carrol Abel • James & Caroline Latta • Patti Anderson Patricia Rannebarger Ford • Joel Greenberg • Lori Cochran • Andy & Deana Olson Charisse Vega • Beth Ewerth • Pat & Dave Kubicek • Judy Bluhm

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Thanks You All!!

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