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2016 Annual Report

every T partner

hanks to your partnership - your willingness to give your time, financial support, and voice - we served 71 families in need of decent housing in 2016. Thank you!

The complete list of 2016 core volunteers, donors and house sponsors is in the back of this digital report.

builds homes, communities and hope.


hours of service contributed by from 28 states & 3 countries!

paid in taxes by Asheville Habitat homeowners


in homeowner mortgage payments contributed to our homebuilding program


Sweat Equity hours completed by homebuyers and home repair clients

from the Executive Director

Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity is

good at homecomings. I experienced that personally last year as I returned home to North Carolina and to the birthplace of my passion for equitable housing— Habitat for Humanity.

1,800 volunteers



957 donors and sponsors

I’ve come home to an organization that has life-changing impact. For Habitat’s volunteers, donors, and staff, Asheville’s housing crisis is more than newspaper statistics. Every day, they hear our neighbors’ personal stories of tough choices, hardship and dreams deferred. With great skill and compassion, they work alongside determined families who are building better futures for themselves. This year, we’ve helped families who were constantly on the move chasing cheaper rent, find stability. We’ve helped families whose homes were making them sick, breathe easier. And, in working with the Shiloh community, we have proven that equitable development is possible in neighborhoods facing gentrification.


homes built and sold in Buncombe Co.


households served internationally through our tithe


homes repaired in Buncombe County

I’ve come home in time for some momentous opportunities. While Asheville’s housing need has never been greater, Asheville Area Habitat is blessed with so many generous donors and volunteers. Together with nearly 300 homeowners, dedicated staff, and our award-winning ReStore, we have an amazing platform to respond to the housing needs of our community. From what I have seen this past year, we are up to the challenges facing our community, united in the vision that everyone deserves a decent, affordable place to call home. My family and I are deeply grateful for the welcome that you have given us. We are blessed to call this community home. I look forward to all of us joining our energy, our gifts, and our voices to welcome more neighbors who need the strength and stability that comes from a decent, affordable home.

Andy Barnett Cover photo: The Armstrong family in front of their Habitat house.

every parent

“Living with roommates to help pay the rent has become the new normal for many in Asheville particularly for people depending on hourly wages in low-paying industries…And that’s unlikely to change anytime soon as the average cost of renting a home or an apartment in Asheville climbed 7.6 percent from March 2015 through March 2016, the highest surge in North Carolina.”

wants to build a better future for their family

from Asheville Citizen Times, 4.11.16

Tim is a local chef and artist contributing to

Asheville’s award-winning cultural vitality. But he, his wife Jenny, and their three children moved seven times in the past nine years trying to stay ahead of rising rents. Finally, they made the tough choice to share the cost of housing with a roommate. That was not the life they had envisioned for their children, but what other choice do they have? They could move further away from the city they love and give so much to, but that means higher transportation costs and more school disruption for their children. After Michelle and Eric (pictured above with two of their three children) found a stray bullet in their wall, they made a tough choice and stopped letting their children play outdoors. They came to that apartment after six moves in ten years. “As a child I grew up in a very

unstable environment and we moved from place to place a lot. . . I always felt like I never fit in. It has always been my dream to provide better stability for my children,” said Michelle. Privacy, safety, stability define home for most of us. It is what we all deserve, and what too many of our neighbors give up to find a place they can afford. This is the real affordable housing crisis in Asheville. When these two families felt they had run out of options, they found a “hand-up” from Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity. After completing 450 sweat equity hours, Michelle and Eric

realized their dream of homeownership – and stability. Their younger children enjoy playing outside again and the entire family planted a garden together.

And the impacts of Habitat homeownership extend beyond the 300 families served directly, creating a legacy of stability for generations to come.

Jenny and Tim are building a home with space for just their family. As Jenny describes, it’s “a home that our children will have fond memories in and not just a blur of different houses.”

Asheville Area Habitat continues to be on the front lines in the fight for affordable housing. Without the generosity of our volunteers and donors, the buyers Habitat serves would continue to face tough choices no one should have to make. With your partnership, we will continue to help our neighbors build strength, stability and self-reliance because home is something everyone deserves.

Owning a Habitat home means more than an affordable mortgage. It means shelter from unsafe environments, freedom from having to be uprooted annually, and comfort from knowing that the air they breathe is not toxic.

strength / stability / self-reliance

every person deserves to age with dignity

Affordable housing is most often presented in the context of rental units and the sale of new low-cost homes. But there’s another part of the story that’s equally important: the preservation of existing affordable housing stock.

Many low-income homeowners are challenged to maintain their home as they and their home age. Aging and health issues may prevent homeowners from doing work on their own home, as they once did. And hiring work out on the open market is cost-prohibitive for folks, especially the elderly - many of whom live on a fixed income. That’s where Habitat comes in with our Home Repair program. We subsidize 80% of the project cost, so qualified homeowners pay a fraction of what they would otherwise pay a private contractor. Habitat’s Home Repair team works with eligible lowincome homeowners, like Clarence and Frances, to enable them to live longer and better in the home they already own, and thereby preserve existing affordable housing stock in our community.

“I come home each day through the street filled with smiling

children on bikes, playing on the sidewalks and shooting baskets through hoops. I come home to people visiting and sharing and laughing and smiling on their porches or walking their babies or puppy dogs. I come home to a sanctuary. A place filled with so much love. Hudson Hills Soulshine.” - Rhonda, Habitat homeowner

Clarence served as an Army Corporal in the Korean War from 1953 to 1955. He is now 83 years old and Frances, his wife for more than 50 years, is 77. They bought their home in 1963 and raised three children there. Clarence used to do all his own repair work, but his health no longer allows him to do so. They were thrilled to learn about Habitat’s Home Repair program. Our team planned to fix a soft spot in the kitchen floor of the home. However, it quickly became apparent that the rot extended beyond the original area of repair. The team pulled up the entire floor, put down a completely new subfloor with vapor barriers and insulation, and installed a new floor across the whole kitchen. New lower cabinets, as well as a sink and a faucet, were also part of the project. See during and after photos, left. Since 2010, we’ve improved the lives of 251 adults and children through our Home Repair program.

every gift makes a statement Your investment in Habitat’s work exemplifies the

statement “everyone deserves a decent place to live and everyone can do something to make that possible for another family.” Thank you! By sharing your resources with us, you are doing something tangible to address our region’s affordable housing crisis. You are helping to provide more neighbors the opportunity to create better futures for themselves and their families. More than 100 building program sponsors and a community of 856 individual donors provided the funding needed to purchase and develop land to build 14 new houses and to repair 43 existing homes in Buncombe County. Thank you for your partnership! The complete list of 2016 donors and sponsors is in the back of this digital report.

Photo, this page: Students from The Franklin School of Innovation prepare to raise a wall. Photo, opposite page: (Top) Carolina Day students with Construction Supervisor Kenny Busch (L); (Bottom) Student Build organizers Bill Lineberry (L) and Charlie Franck (R)

For the third time, local students raised

$55,000 in sponsorship funds and volunteered their time to help build the Habitat Student Build House. In a unique partnership spearheaded by long-time Habitat volunteers Charlie Franck and Bill Lineberry, local schools and students who are more typically rivals on the sports field, unite for the cause of affordable housing. In 2016, the participating schools were Asheville Christian Academy, Christ School, Carolina Day School and The Franklin School of Innovation. From selling concessions at basketball games and organizing proceeds nights at local restaurants to holding school dances and pumpkin sales, students worked hard to raise the funds. Plus, students and faculty volunteered 2,000 hours on this house! But Student Build is about more than raising money and hammering nails. It offers students the opportunity to come together as community builders and learn through action. Student Build is an opportunity for young people to learn about poverty housing issues and civic participation; it provides experiential education to support academic coursework; and it offer a service learning opportunity for students. Through all of this, these students are able to have a profoundly positive impact on people in our community by creating an opportunity for another family to realize their dream of homeownership.

“As I looked down from the roof

where I was hammering sheets of plywood, I didn’t see kids hanging out. I saw a young crew of real workers, building a real house, for a real family that will lovingly call this place ‘home.’ It was a proud moment — the soul of service learning for us all.” ~ Tom Kopp, member of The Franklin School of Innovation’s Board of Directors

every volunteer leads by example

Volunteering is a way to put your beliefs and faith into action. For Habitat for Humanity, volunteers are not a nicety, they are a necessity. Our ability to fulfill our mission depends on the willingness of others to generously share their time and talent. In 2016, more than 1,800 volunteers contributed 64,000 hours of service! Our core volunteers (those that make a regular, ongoing commitment) support our staff on construction, home repair and deconstruction sites, and in the ReStore and the administrative office - every day, all year. Additionally, we are grateful for the support provided by teams including Collegiate Challenge, Thrivent Builds Worldwide and Global Village, that come from out of town to help build Habitat homes in Buncombe County. Thirty percent of volunteers last year, traveled here. Those 552 out-of-town volunteers represented twenty-eight different states and three countries!

Fun Facts: 43,038 out of the 64,000 hours were provided by our core volunteers! 64,000 hours is the equivalent number of hours worked by 30 full-time staff members in one year! 64,000 hours of volunteer service = $1,507,840! (According to Independent Sector

which places the value of a volunteer hour at $23.56.)

In addition to hosting out-of-town volunteer groups, we organized a service trip to Guatemala providing an opportunity for volunteers to work with Habitat there. Thank you to everyone who swung a hammer, answered a phone, unloaded a ReStore truck, or served on a committee. Volunteers like you help make Habitat’s worldwide vision of “a safe and decent home for every family” a reality. The complete list of 2016 core volunteers is in the back of this digital report.

“The amazing people you meet and the outstanding work

you accomplish on the houses makes for an unforgettable experience. I am leaving North Carolina with skills I never knew I had, friends that will always be there, and memories that will last a lifetime.” - Collegiate Challenge Volunteer

every dollar

Habitat’s sustainable business model is unique in that funding provided by Habitat homeowner mortgage payments and Home Repair payments are cycled back into Habitat’s building program. The ReStore (including Deconstruction fees) also generates revenue for our building programs. While these sources of sustainable funding are critical, they are not nearly enough. We also rely heavily on financial support from individuals, businesses, faith communities, foundations, organizations and government funding sources. Thank you for supporting our work and helping more neighbors have a decent place to call home.

helps another child thrive

Statement of Financial Position June 30, 2016

Statement Activities For the Year Ended June 30, 2016


Support and Revenue

Cash and Equivalent Restricted Cash Grants Received Promises to Give, net Investments Inventories Construction in Progress Mortgages Receivable Property and Equipment, Net of Depreciation Other Assets Total Assets

$1,016,591 $218,974 $62,687 $66,710 $ 394,579 $1,600,511 $412,404 $ 7,514,143 $ 9,010,659 $74,555 $20,371,813


Accounts Payable & Accrual Expenses $233,455 Payroll Liabilities $147,878 Homeowners’ Escrow Payable $202,019 Refundable Deposits $2,785 Notes Payable $7,645,279

Total Liabilities


Net Assets

Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted Permanently Restricted

$9,548,857 $110,171 $2,481,369

Total Net Assets


Total Liabilities and Net Assets



Contributions $1,352,128 Sale of Homes $1,950,920 Home Repair Sales $48,930 Government Grants $453,195 ReStore Income, Net of Related Expenses $573,798 Amoritization of Mortgage Discounts $756,237 Rents, Net of Related Expenses $ 2,923 Other Income $297,520 Total Public Support, Revenues and Gains $5,435,651 Total Net Assets Released from Restrictions $79,793 Total Unrestricted Public Support, Revenues and Gains

Management and General $178,245 Fundraising $468,197 Program Services $4,792,628



Program Services Management and General Fundraising

Total Expenditures

$4,792,628 $178,245 $468,197 $5,439,070

Increase in Unrestricted Net Assets $76,374 Decrease in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets ($20,673) Increase in Permanently Restricted Assets $26,838 Increase in Net Assets Audited financial statements are available upon request.



Program Services

Since 1983, Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity, an independent affiliate of the ecumenical Christian housing ministry Habitat for Humanity International, has welcomed people of all faiths, ethnicities, creeds and backgrounds to its organization and communities.

every donation




helps a neighbor build an affordable home


#1 #2




Since 1990, proceeds from the

Asheville ReStore have been supporting Habitat’s work, contributing a sustainable source of income to our building program, and covering most administrative and fundraising costs. In addition, the ReStore diverts usable material from our landfills and provides our comunity with a source for affordable building materials and home goods. By shopping, donating or volunteering with the ReStore, you help ensure more of our neighbors have decent and affordable housing opportunities.







Andy Barnett Scott Bianchi Jeff Bridgman Carrie Burgin Kenny Busch Greta Bush Matthew Chevalier Robin Clark Laura Collins Craig Comeau Sheila Costlow Alex Cox Alice Donnelly Sumaya El-Attar Michelle Ender Jill Franklin Grant Garmon Bob Gudites Dylan Haynes Susan Haynes Brian Haynes Ann Hubbard Joel Johnson

Kedric Justice Shannon Kauffman Ariane Kjellquist Hugh Lipham Consuela Lively Michael Martinez Paul Mazzola Ed McGowan John Meadows Eva Mellert Troy Modenbach Hannah Moser Jessica Naffke Piper Parker Jeff Paul Fred Pauley John Powers Kit Rains Justin Ramirez Rachel Rasmussen Paul Reeves Beth Russo Sammie Smith

2017 Board of Directors Robby Russell, President Beth Robrecht, Vice President Tom Maher, Treasurer Jim Hamling, Assistant Treasurer Kirby Tyndall, Secretary Terry Bellamy Chris Cavanaugh Cassie Dillon Bratton Gelder Jacqueline Grant Rebecca Lawton Jane McNeil John Miles Robin Raines Philip J. Roth David Whilden

Marty Steinberg Scott Stetson Emily Stevens Pam Stirewalt Eric Tamila Laura Walker Stephanie Wallace Betsy Warren Charles Wright

every hour

Core VolunteersReStore

is a priceless gift

In 2016, more than 1,800 volunteers collectively contributed 64,000 hours of service to our organization! We are grateful to everyone who chose to share their time and talent with us. The following lists denote our 2016 core volunteers - those who volunteered on a regular basis.

Core VolunteersConstruction Ross Akin Dick Allen Jim Barham Bill A. Bechtold Jess Benton Tom Berner Cetta Brown Fayette Brown Claudia Cady Ken Clark Stuart Cotterill Walton W. Curl, MD Gilbert W. Curl, Jr. Alan Cutter Charles Cziczo Joyce Davis Carol Deal Ken Deal Ray Ducharme Bill Durant Louis Dwarshuis Phil Edgerton Ted Faber Lou Farquhar Kathryn Fefer Paul Finegan Ian Fischer Charlie Franck

Carter Gorman Cecil Greck Beth Greck John Hammond Terri Harris Doug Harris Gene Horner Ralph Johnson Don Jones Bill Kantonen John Kennedy Bernie Koesters Alan Lang Mike Lang David Langdon John Latham Bob Laveck Wally Lee

Ed Lewis Lonnie Lief Bob Lindsey Bill Lineberry Ron Macklem Bill McDowall Kerney McNeil Henry Meinken, Jr. Georgena Millar Jim Morris Ronald Navik CJ Obara Brad Olson Neil O’Sullivan Lyle Petersen John Petkovich Edward Prestemon

Jerry Ray Bill Reid William Rosebrock Ken Roth Pete Steurer Bob Swartz Buddy Tallant Henry Ulrichs Jeff Vanderlip Garland Walker Sharon Waugh Julie White Bill Winkler Jack Witzel Tom Wolff Jim Worley Peggy Younger

Ed Adam Ernest Ahl Bruce Ammerman Megan Anderson Helen Andrews Stephen Bakes Damian Balcom Andrew Baltz Cody Bassham James Bingham William Bumby Mike Burke Katie Caron Phil Casey Gene Charleton Jacob Cohen Anne Connolly Bill Crownover Jamie Dale Juliann Davis Sandra Day LaVerna DeBenigno Michael Dickmann Susan Diehn Cassie Dillon Sandra Dykes Susie Emerick Bruce Emory Laura Evans Lee Fadden Sid Finkel Daphne Fox Lisa Fox David Garver Roger Gauthier Barbara Geiser

Jesse Gingrich Denise Goodson Jim Goodson Lowell Grabel Allan Gribble Sherry Griffith Mary Jane Grigsby Ned Guttman Jim Hamling Jo Harvey John Harvin Nancy Herman Paula Hidy Dick Hipp Resa Holt Fran Hutchens Melody Jackson Kara Jamry Cathy Jefferis Lois Jordan Anne Justice Bill Kalarovich Joe Kane Lynn Kirby Connie Koiner Gail Lamb Karen Larson John Latham Allen Laws Wally Lee Angela Lepro Karl Litten Laura Lowe Susan Luke Lori MacLeod Paul Mansnerus Dick Manz Peggy Manz Marge Marsh

Susan Maveety Carolyn McDonald Barb McEwen Rhonda McKenna Kayren McKnight Diane McLean Patrick McLean Kaaren McNulty Christine Morgan Jim Morris Paul Muller Meredith Norwood Jane Parmley Wendy Parton Stephanie Plemmons Richard Pollard John Powers Richard Quartert Tina Quinn Sheila Ray Lee Raymond Betty Jo Readling Warren Reif Beth Robrecht Rosemarie Robuck Kris Ruth Wayne Ruth Marianne Ryall Ron Schmid Haydee Schulte Mae Score Harvey Sexton Dan Shackelford Bob Sharp Todd Siegel J.W. Simpson Yvonne Smith Martha Smith Charlie St. Clair

Margie Stansell Cindy Stanton Gary Stefan Sara Stewart Nona Stuck Shirley Studwell Tom Weaver Dick Werling Arnold Willen Alan Williams Marci Windham Bernie Wolf Beebe Woodside Jan Wright Bill Zaferis

Photos: (Opposite page) Construction core volunteers with homeowner Rhonda K. (in pink shirt) (This page) ReStore volunteers Roger Gauthier and Stephanie Plemmons in the receiving area.

Core VolunteersAdministration Audit Committee Jacqueline Grant Carol Hughes Ken Kaplan Tim Wrinn

Events Committee Leigh Ann Bridgman Jamie Dale Anne Dale Alice Donnelly Barbara Earle Barbara Geiser Resa Holt Maggie Lindsey Lee Raymond Elaine Sargent Julie Simpson

Finance Committee John N. Davis Spencer Duin Brattan Gelder Scott Gillam Jim Hamling Tom Maher John Miles

Fund Development Committee Cassie Dillon Spencer Duin Scott Gillam Rebecca Lawton Bill Lee Jane McNeil Robby Russell David Whilden

Governance Committee

Terry Bellamy Chris Cavanaugh Scott Gillam Jim Hamling Tom Maher Steve Miller Beth Robrecht Maria Roloff David Whilden

Homeowner Selection Committee Ellen Carr Heather Dickens Diana Geter Rhoda Groce David Lee Mary Lewis Merion Presha Gail Stashick Jerry Towson

Human Resources Committee Kevin Click Jim Hamling Rebecca Lawton Beth Robrecht Maria Roloff P.J. Roth

Land Acquisition Committee Will Buie Tom Maher Jane McNeil Robin Raines Marc Rudow

Office Support

Amber Beal Barbara Cooper Alan Dingus Aaron Finkel Linda Geer Rhoda Groce Geraldine Sanders Tiffany Schultz Georgia M. Shannon Angelique Stewart Vicki Trantham Jesse Trimbach Carol Vruwink

Outreach Committee Brigitte Bassham Bill Doyle Tricia Franck Cheryl Jones Gwendolyn Jones Bill Lineberry Victoria Rose

ReStore Committee Cassie Dillon Jim Hamling Mary Jane Grigsby Beth Robrecht

Safety Committee Lou Farquhar Ian Fischer Allan Gribble Scott Kitt

Special Projects Laura Casey Brattan Gelder Skip Helms Rhonda Kensinger

Photo: Office volunteer Barbara Cooper at the reception desk.

every donor

demonstrates a commitment to affordable housing A community of over 850 individual donors provided the funding needed to purchase and develop land to build 14 new houses and to repair 43 existing homes in Buncombe County. Thank you! Adopt-a-Lot sponsors, whose contributions offset the cost of a house lot, are listed in blue. We hope you will accept our apologies should there be errors of omission, misspelling, or otherwise incorrect listings. Please bring corrections to the attention of Ann Hubbard at 828.210.9378. Pam Abeling Abernethy UMC Able Rent-A-Jon Marla and Joel Adams Michael J. Adams John and Elizabeth Adamson David and Debbi Aiton Tom and Geri Akrivos Albemarle Foundation Timothy Alberts Gale Alexander Alice D. Hamling, Inc. Allegra Asheville West Dick and Judy Allen Bonnie and Chris Allen Annie Allen Barbara and Bill Allen Allergy Partners of WNC Altamont Environmental, Inc. Altamus, LLC Martha Jean Alvis Alexander Alvord AmazonSmile Foundation Ambiance Interiors Mae Ammons Amplified Media, Inc. Mary and Jack Anderson Katy Angel

Anonymous Elizabeth H. Anthony Leanne Apfelback and Bonnie Snyder Appalachian Paving & Concrete, Inc. Bernard and Holly Arghiere Michael Arones Joseph and Sophia Arteaga ArtSpace Charter School Sarah and Brian Asbill Asbury Memorial UMC Asheville Chapter NAWIC Asheville Christian Academy Asheville Color and Imaging Asheville Downtown Association Asheville Fence Asheville Merchants Fund Asheville Radio Group Asheville Savings Bank AT&T Employee Giving Campaign Atlanta Bread Company Atlantic Bay Mortgage Company Peg Averyt Margaret M. Averyt AvL Technologies

William Aycock Ray and Sanny Bachmann Jeremy and Geneve Bacon Angie and Daniel Baechtold Baha’i Faith Center Kenneth and Karen Bain Linda Bair Doug and Martha Baird Nancy Baker Peggy Baker and Margaret Small Ryan and Brooke Baldwin Bank of America Foundation Bankers Insurance Melissa Banks Kathy and Jay Banks Fred and Susan Barbour Jim and Julia Barham Benita Barner Luther and Ruth Barnhardt Winnie Barrett David Bartlett Carolyn Bartlett Basilica of St. Lawrence Sylvia M. Bassett Brigitte Bassham Battle Creek Academy Bill and Susan Bauman

Janine and Robert Baumgartner Norma Baynes BB&T The Beattie Foundation Norma and Orren Beaty Debbie and David Beck Bill and Sybil Becker Lucy Bennett Jess and Joy Benton Judith Anne Berger Sallie Bernard Mike and Fredreen Bernatovicz Tom and Lynda Berner Edward and Elizabeth Beuchert Beverly Hills Baptist Church Scott Bianchi Big Gigantic Difference Foundation Bike & Build, Inc. George and Diana Bilbrey Biltmore Church of Christ The Biltmore Company Don Biondo Pat and Irene Bishop Black Mountain Presbyterian Church

BlackBird Frame & Art Brady and Bobbie Blackburn Bonnie and Jimmy Blackley Kurt and Debby Blankenburg Nancy Blewett Laurie Bliven Blue Ridge Appraisal, LLC Blue Ridge Orthodontics Blue Ridge Roller Derby, Inc. Blue Ridge X-Ray Company, Inc. Blue Star Hospitality, LLC Body Fuel Vending LLC Clifton and Margaret Bogardus Ann Bohan James and Alice Bohrer Becky Bollman Col. and Mrs. Gordon Booth Larry and Yolanda Bopp BorgWarner Turbo & Emissions Systems Delores Borreson Henry and Jean Boulanger David and Laura Bourne Kim Bower Bart and Elaine Boyer Eckel and Rita Bradley Marian Bradley Ann-Marie Breen and Tim McMullan Jeff and Leigh Ann Bridgman Donna and Phillip Brown Fayette Brown Bill Brown Cetta Brown Daniel and Linda Brown Janice Brown and David Goldsmith Buster and Karen Brown James and Elizabeth Brown Lisa Browning

Rebecca Bruce Patricia Brumbaugh and Janice Howard Brunk Auctions Janis Bryant Paul Bryant Diane J. Bryson Marilyn Buchan John and Kathy Budde Bud and Karel Buice Robert Bullock and Mark Di Corcia William Bumby and Sue Vogel Buncombe County Service Foundation Glenda and Bob Burgin Carrie Burgin and Kevin Miller Margaret Burke Anne and Nat Burkhardt Lynn Burklow Ray and Cathe Burleson Greta Bush and Keith Silcox Mike and Sarah Butrum Jones and Sandra Byrd Helen Cable Michele and Darren Cady Claudia Cady and Boone Guyton Angela Caffaro Margot Cain Wayne and Mary Caldwell Gretchen Camp Pamela Camp Bill and Ann Campbell Angela and Brett Cannady Tom and Scottie Cannon The Cannon Foundation, Inc. Walter and Betsy Cantrell Bonnie Carlin Birch Carlson Carlton Architecture Thomas and Gay Carman

Carolina Day School Kathy and John Carpenter Ellen and Bob Carr Aiden Carson Phil and Laura Casey Deborah Caughron and Michael Follo Chris and Pam Cavanaugh Central UMC Covenant Class Central UMC Charity Gift Certificates Gene and Maggie Charleton Charlotte Haynes Robuck Family Foundation Chestnut Chevron Matching Employee Funds Christ Community Church-Montreat Christ School Sharon and Don Christensen Peter and Catherine Chu Chris Cicotello City of Asheville Robin Clark Ken Clark Ann and Samuel Clarke Douglas and Betsy Clarke Mr. and Mrs. Michael Clarke Lynne Clarkin Classic Event Rental Clean Environments Pat and Charlie Clogston Betty Cobble Jill Cochrane Dan Cogswell Jeff and Nan Cole Jane Collins Laura Collins Bernadette Collins Cecil Colon Esther Colton

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Ian and Debbie Fischer Hedy Fischer Elsa and Carol Fisher Sara Fitch Mary Fitzgerald Pat Fitzpatrick Five Fingers Partnership Tom and Kay Finger Paul and Joan Fleisig Edward Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Fletcher Barbara Flint Joy Flora Sammy Fong Richard and Sheryl Forbis Four Seasons Plumbing, Inc. Margaret and Clarence Fouse Charlie and Tricia Franck Bruce Frank Franklin School of Innovation Nancy and Steve Freeman Michael and Carol Anne Freeman French Broad Chocolates Arthur Fricke Sonya Friedrich Ingrid Friesen and John Clabaugh Mike and Betsy Fritz Georgeta Fulga and Ghenadie Caburgan Full Moon Bus Club James Ferguson Linda Furr Wesley and Cornelia Garbee John Garland Grant Garmon Ceytru Garner Gary J. Palmirotto, Inc. GE Foundation Genova Diagnostics, Inc. Gentry Heating

Georgia Institute of Technology Mary Geter Jean Gettys Ellen and Edward Gibson Anne Gietzen Scott and Mary Gillam Sandra Gill-Clark Ken Gladwasser and Laura Davis Glen Marlow Elementary School Ron and Pat Godbold

Meridy and Steven Goldstein Dianna and Jeffrey Goodman Randee Goodstadt Loree Goodwin Carolyn and Dallas Gordon Karen and William Gosnell Jeff and Barbara Gould Lowell and Susan Grabel Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church Grace Episcopal Church Dick and Marjorie Graham

Join Our Legacy Builders Society! We invite you to become a founding member of our Legacy Builders Society and continue building homes and hope for future generations. The Society is guided by an advisory board chaired by Jane and Kerney McNeil, long-time supporters of our work. Members self-identify and we will only recognize names (not gift amounts). Please let us know if you have included Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity in your giving plans, or if you want to find out how to do so. Call Kit Rains at (828) 210-9365 or email

Thank you!

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Thomas Knox Bernie and Susan Koesters Fay Wright Kohn Mike Kohnle and Deidre Duffy Stephen and Lois Kolb Linda Kooiker Thomas and Paula Kotz Walt and Marge Kozacki Lew Kraus and Joan Cooper Barbara and James Kruszewski Henry and Norma Kummer Richard and Claudine Kurtz Nancy Kuykendall John Kuzma Mark Labinov and Maria Svetchkova Nicole Lachance James and Lisa Marie Ladd Alan and Suzy Laibson Angela and Robert Lamere Carolyn and Gary Lamson Kathy Lancaster Land of the Sky Association of Realtors Rich and Suzy Landau Alan and Jonnie Lang Larsenson Land Holdings Jean and Bruce Larson Nancy Larson Jack and Charlotte Laughlin Julia Anne Laughridge Mary Lawler Lawrence S. Holt, Jr. Fund Rebecca and Trevor Lawton David Leader Wilma and Michael Leary Robert Leduc David L. Lee Jay and Wendy Lee Rachael and Anthony Lee

Lee Barnett and Sons Plumbing Rev. Fitzhugh Legerton Angela and Myron Lepro Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lerwick Lesley University Mike and Pat Levi Howard Lewinter Douglas and Suzanne Lewis Elizabeth Likis-Werle Linnea and Steve Linton Sandra List Hal and Stella Littleton

Virginia and Drew Litzenberger John and Lucy Lively Kent and Mary Logan Kathryn Long Les and Catherine Love Lowe’s Charitable & Education Fund Jeff and Lori Ludrof Sandy Lundblad Richard and Janna Lutovsky Tuan Luu and Binh Nguyen Myra Lynch

Mrs. Edgar Lyngholm Doug and Cindy MacKiernan William and Janice Maddox Tom and Nancy Maher Dorothy Maitland Olga Malinoski Esther Mallonee Mary Maney Martin and Kathryn Mann Mary Ellen C. Mansfield Dick and Peggy Manz Mark A. Kleive DDS Marge Marsh and Earl Thompson Jeanie Marshall John Martin Virginia Marvin Corey and Leslie Masson Mast General Store, Inc. William and Carol Matthews Harold and Mary Mattison Barbara Matz Jay and Susan Maveety Bob and Suzy Mayer Mike and Judy Mayer Joseph Mayo, III Paul Mazzola Lynn Sue McAdams Julssa McCarthy Jo McCausland Ray and Sue McClinton Annemarie and Bryan McCloskey Hugh and Carol McCollum Nancy and Walter McConnell Susan McCracken Deane H. McDaris George McDermott McDowell County Habitat for Humanity

Pam McGill and Pamela Culp Mindi McGlynn Edward and Nancy McGowan John McGrann and Karen Waters John and Tina McGuire Rhonda and Jeff McKenna Virginia McKinley Scott and Vickie McKinney Robert and Sandra McKown Dolly McLean Doug and Mary McLean Neil and Catherine McMillan Jane and Kerney McNeil Bruce McQuillen Mediterranean Restaurant Eva and Ken Mellert Jeff Meo Lewis H. Merrill Drew Meyer Allan and Carol Meyerriecks John and Julie Miles Georgena Millar Steve and Debbie Miller Bertram Miller Stacey Millet Leslie Milner Lynn Mitchell Steve and Ellen Mitchell Margaret Mitchell Martha Mitchell Ciaran and Stepanie Moloney Catherine Montgomery Michael Mooney and Marja Warehime Barbara Moore-Simmons Bill Morgan Jim and Pat Morris

Photo: children riding bikes in the Hudson Hills cul-de-sac

Allan Morse Angie Mort Merritt and Madeline Moseley Carl and Glyn Moses Christine Moses Sarra Mossoff and Justin McCalla Susan and Charles Mueller Paul Muller Kathryn Murphy Dick and Vinton Murray Larry and Colleen Murray John and Susan Mycroft Bill and Debra Myrick Phyllis Myron Jules and Anna Nagy Celia Nail Ronald Navik NC Housing Finance Agency Donald and Martha Neblett Charles and Barbara Nesbitt Steve and Kay Nesbitt George and Joan Neubauer New Hope Presbyterian Church Peggy Newell Marianne Newman Catherine Nichols Gray and Kathy Norris North Point Baptist Church Diana Norton Meredith Norwood Doris Notarius Bob Novy Kimberly and John Nunnally Oak Hill UMC Robert W. Oast, Jr. Cynthia and Michael O’Byrne Greg Olson and Rosalind Willis Neil and Carol O’Sullivan Nancy Pagley

Naomi Palmer and Steven Howard Leonard and Esther Pardue John and Margie Parham Roger and Shirley Parkin Jane Parmley Dr. J. M. Parsons John and Jeanie Paschall Wallace Paterson Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Patrie Frank Patton and Susan Reiser Graham and Amie Paul Jeff Paul Chester and Lenora Payne PBI, Inc. Phil Pearce Elizabeth Peeler George Peery and Mary Stair Penland’s Furniture Beverly and Clark Pennell People In Need Margaret Perkins Mary F. Perkins Ray Perrin John and Betty Petkovich Al Pfaff Rick and Beth Philipsen Dove Phillips David Philpot Kathleen and Mark Pickard Mrs. Winnifred Pickering Angela Pickett Dan and Gloria Pincu Pisgah Investments Foundation Molly Pitman James and Sharon Pitts Amy Plankenhorn Marjorie Anne Pless PLI Plasticard Locktech International

Tom Plott and Barbara Ballard Betty Pond Penelope and Ray Ponder Lisa and Dick Poore Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn Mary Powell Ben and Jeanne Powell Angela and Patrick Powers Becky Prevost Martha Sherrill Price Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc. Rusty Pulliam Foundation, Inc. Jacqueline Y Quesenberry Samuel Quick, Jr. Frank and Dixie Quinlan David Quinn Susan J. Quinzi Radey Law Kit and Cal Rains Cole Rains Ramapo College of NJ Ramble Charitable Fund Donnie and Ann Ramsey David and Barbara Randall Terry Randolph Amira and Tom Ranney Jerry and Sheila Ray Norman Ray and Helen Yamada Anne and Paul Raybon Kirk and Lee Raymond Betty Jo Readling Sylvia Ready Betty Reed Reems Creek Nursery and Landscaping Reems Creek-Beech Presbyterian Bill and Sandy Reid Nina and Andy Reinhart Rental Holdings of WNC LLC

Frank Reynolds Sam and Betsy Rhodes Larry Rhodes Gail Rhodes and Roger Gauthier Arthur and Dawn Rice Lee Rice Lucien and Mary Anne Rice Sue and William Richards Ken Richardson Cynthia Rietz Shearon Roberts Don Roberts Cheryl Roberts Ann Robinson Gary and Sue Robinson Barry and Susan Robinson Tom and Beth Robrecht Jane and Peter Roda John and Anne Rogers Karen Rohls Maria Roloff and Bud McNeely Victoria Rose Carol and Michael Rosenblum Susan and Lewis Rothlein Sandra and John Rountree Rev. Martha Rowlett John and Susie Ruhl Kirby and David Ruland Charlene Rumfelt Robby and Michelle Russell Beth Russo and Todd Weatherly Diane and Gene Rutledge Clare Ryan Bill Ryan and Lynn Bledsoe Safelite Auto Glass Saginaw Valley State University Carol Sahlfeld Jacqueline Salabert Sam’s Club

Linda Sarubbi Martha Schaefle John Schaff Lory Schalk Edward C. Schallhorn Ken and Betsy Schapira Marilyn Schleifer Clarence Schmidt Schneider Electric Square D Foundation Terry Scholl Rich Schumacher and Rebecca Clemenzi Nancy Schuman Thomas and Jean Schwandes Bob and Mae Score Connie Scotchie William Scott Mr. and Mrs. Victor Scott Ellery Scott and Matt Barranca William and Joyce Sederburg Robert Selwyn Anne and John Senechal Mr. and Mrs. Richard Senneff David and Laurie Serfas Mimi Shackelford Clare Shapiro Robert Sharbaugh Susan Shaver Mary Ellen Sheridan Al and Candy Shivers Elizabeth Shuman Burt and Barbara Siders Signarama of Asheville Jan and Ed Silba Ricky and Traci Silver Silver-Line Plastics Elizabeth Simmonds J.W. and Julie Simpson Edith Simpson Mel and Sandra Skiles

Hope Skilling Harold Skolnick Skyland UMC Roger T. Smith Jack and Yvonne Smith Pat and Phil Smith Obra and Barbara Smith Art and Nova Smoker Chris Sneeden and Anita Gumbinger Snow Hill UMC Tom and Vivien Snyder Nelson and Gail Sobel Mr. and Mrs. Uwe Soenksen Geri Solomon Redmoon Song Bob and Linda Spangler Bonnie and Tom Spradling St. Barnabas Catholic Church Charles and Sue St. Clair St. Eugene Church St. James Lutheran Church St. Luke’s Episcopal Church St. Margaret Mary’s Catholic Church Bil Stahl and Cathy Joyner Bonnie Stahlecker Brian and Meredith Stanley Karen Ann Stark Gail and Bob Stashick State Employees Combined Campaign State Farm Companies Foundation Mike and Cathy Steinback Wayne Steinmetz Carol Stephenson Jerry Sternberg Pete Steurer and Mary Alice Church-Steurer Nancy Stewart Marsha Stickford

Barbara and Marty Stickle Dana and Jana Stonestreet Maggie Storey Richard Stout, Jr. Jill Stowe Robert Stratton John M. Stratton Blake Strayhorn Lorrie Streifel Wendy and David Stryker Shirley D. Studwell Deborah Sullivan SunTrust Bank Suntrust Foundation Tom and Lynda Swann Bob Swartz James Sweet Jeffrey and Meredith Switzer Paul and Tish Szurek Eric Tamila Jacklyn Tatelman and Nancy Pope Ian Taylor Paul and Valerie Taylor Carla and Robert Taylor TD Charitable Foundation Team Browne-Keller Williams Ginna Templeton and Steve Plever Kathleen Templin Ten Thousand Villages Mitzi Tessier Betty and Bruce Tettemer Christine Teza and Garth Witcoski Cathy Thomas Sue and William Thompkins Patrick Thompson Charles A. Thompson Mary Pat Thompson Bruce and Jan Thorsen Thrivent Builds

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Pam Tidwell Martha and Jay Tolar Walt and Joan Tolley Town and Mountain Realty Town Mountain Builders Jerry and Lou Towson Trinity UMC Marjorie Tripp Ben Trotter Jana and Gary Tull Pete and Laura Turchi Ernestine Tuton Two Day Bath and Shower Kirby and Carol Tyndall Tyson’s Furniture Company, Inc Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Asheville Unitarian Universalist of Swannanoa Valley United Way of Asheville Buncombe County Valspar Bob and Jan Van Dine Margaret Van Etten Eric and Susan Van Tassel Marilee Van Wye Richard Vander Veen and Betsy Finger Randy and Pat Vanderbeek Betsy Vandermeer Marleen Varner Vaughn & Melton Verizon Foundation Larry and Claire Versteegh Marvin and Jean Vierra Anne Vilen Jeanette Vilen Villanova University William Vincent Patrice Vincent

Katherine Vincent John Voykin and Rachel Schmidt Nicola Vruwink Carol and John Vruwink W&S Charitable Foundation Peter and Pauline Waldburger Sander Walker Barbara and Mike Walker Carol Walker Greg Walker Greg and Susanne Walker Wilson Gordon and Wendy Walton Joe Ward Revonda Ward Ann Ward Heather Ward-Migner Warner Photography Betsy Warren Warren Wilson Presbyterian Church Shannon Watkins Don and Anne Watrous Don and Susan Watson Sharon Waugh and Bill McDowall Laura Weaver and Christian Miller Webb Insurance William and Regina Webster Karen Weidenheimer Katelin Weiers Jim Weikart and Dana Lichty Wells Fargo Foundation Dick and Sally Werling Tom Wernicke and Louise Cate Amanda Wernicke and Tom Dunbar Laura and Robert West

Gary and Vicki West West Asheville Presbyterian Church David and Jane Whilden Whirlpool Corporation Julie and Jim White Frances L. White Mary White Anita White-Carter Elaine and Stephen Wiesenfeld Barbara Wilcox Charles and Barbara Wilcox George Wilds and Steve Connell Gail and Bud Wiley Doug Wilhelmi and Anne Kepner William H. Matthews, PhD, PLLC Douglas and Patricia Williams Josh and Patti Williams Alan and Rita Williams Roston and Patricia Williamson Lamar Williamson Ally and Lucious Wilson Janie and Larry Wilson Barbara Wilson Susan Wilson Mary Jane Winfrey Bill and Pam Winkler Robert and Susan Winner Elizabeth Wise Susan and Thomas Withrow Jack Witzel Nancy Wojtowicz Tom and Tommie Wolff Oscar and Alma Wong Catherine Woods Beebe Woodside

Woodworking Design and Cheadle Art & Sign Mary Bruce and Stephen Woody Rick and Toni Wooten Montine Wooten John Worley and Kathlyn Mayhew Pat and Terry Wright Jan Wright Charles Wright Michael Wyatt Yale Residential Security Products, Inc. Howard Yarborough Eleanor and Marion Yoder

Daisuke and Yuko Yokomizo Barbara Young Nina and Chris Young Gayle and Joe Young Hank and Nancy Young Stuart and Maureen Zitin Lisa Zorn Allan and Kathryn Zullo

Photo: one of the many furry friends that call Habitat’s Hudson Hills neighborhood home.

every sponsor builds better futures

More than 100 building program sponsors supported our work by donating funds and volunteer labor. We appreciate your partnership!

Full House Sponsors ($55,000+): Habitat Student Build #3

Asheville Christian Academy Carolina Day School Christ School The Franklin School of Innovation

Kraus/Cooper Cottage

Alice D. Hamling Foundation AvL Technologies Brown Crosby With additional support from a community of donors in appreciation for the leadership of Lew Kraus and Joan Cooper

The Legacy Builders Society House: Celebrating Asheville Area Habitat’s 300th home in Buncombe County! The estate of Margaret Conger The estate of Selma R. Burns

Raise the Roof Sponsors ($25,000 - $54,999): Anonymous Fund of the Foundation for the Carolinas

Abernethy UMC Asbury Memorial UMC Interfaith Community Black Mountain Presbyterian Baha’i Faith Center Church Basilica of St. Lawrence Central UMC Beth Israel Synagogue Christ Community Church- Beverly Hills Baptist Church Montreat Biltmore Church of Christ First Presbyterian Church of Center for Spiritual Living of Asheville Asheville Grace Covenant Presbyterian Congregation Beth HaTephila Church Deerfield Retirement Community Grace UMC First Baptist Church - Weaverville Groce UMC First Baptist Church of Asheville New Hope Presbyterian Church First Christian Church Oak Hill UMC First Church of Christ, Scientist Oakley UMC First Congregational United Reems Creek-Beech Presbyterian Church of Christ Skyland UMC Jubilee! Community, Inc. Snow Hill UMC New Hope Community Church Trinity UMC The Parish of St. Eugene Warren Wilson Presbyterian St. Barnabas Catholic Church West Asheville Presbyterian St. Margaret Mary’s Catholic Church Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Asheville Unitarian Universalist of Swannanoa Valley

Women Build #11

The Minigowin Fund The Three Marthas Global Village Trips in support of Women Build (Melissa Banks, #16041; Charlie Franck, #16043)

W&S Charitable Foundation – two houses

(proceeds from Warren Haynes Christmas Jam)

Presbyterian and United Methodist Churches (25th Presbyterian-United Methodist House)

Photos: (This page) Habitat homeowner Shawntale H. (R) with Rusty Pulliam (L) at the wall raising of her home, which was sponsored in part by his Foundation. (Opposite page) Priscilla M., proud homeowner of the 2016 Women Build House, with a cake presented to her by the Women Build committee.

Rusty Pulliam Foundation, Inc. Thrivent Builds Worldwide Trips TBW trip #16708 (Cindy Hoffer) TBW trip #16724 (Richard Holmer)

Foundation Sponsors ($10,000 - $24,999): Alice D. Hamling Foundation (event sponsor for Asheville Duathlon) Anonymous Foundation Bank of America-Merrill Lynch Spencer and Carol Duin Eaton Publix Super Markets Charities

Blueprint Sponsors ($1,000-$9,999) Altamont Environmental, Inc. Asheville Home Builders Association Asheville Savings Bank Atlanta Bread Co. Atlantic Bay Mortgage Battle Creek Academy Beattie Foundation Blue Ridge Orthodontics BorgWarner Turbo Systems Chris and Pam Cavanaugh (Champion Sponsor for Asheville Duathlon)

Curtis Wright Outfitters In Honor of Dr. Roger Domby by Bill Brown (Champion Sponsor for Asheville Duathlon) Eaton Charitable Fund Erie Insurance Fairfield Inns of Asheville Integritive Dr. Mark Kleive, DDS Lesley University Steve and Debbie Miller (Champion Sponsor for Asheville Duathlon) Mountain Physical Therapy Services Peggy Crowe Realtor, Coldwell Banker King PLI

Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn The Ramble Charitable Fund of WNC Saginaw Valley State University Silver-Line Plastics (Champion Sponsor for Asheville Duathlon) SunTrust Foundation Team Browne at Keller Williams Professionals Realty Town & Mountain Realty Villanova University Patrice Vincent Wild Bodema

Home Repair Sponsors ($1,000+): The Biltmore Company Buncombe County Services Foundation City of Asheville CDBG Funding Home Depot TD Bank Foundation Thrivent Builds Repairs Wells Fargo Foundation

Photo: Home Repair client Samuel Q. (R) with Habitat’s Home Repair Supervisor Joel Johnson (L)

every contribution creates an opportunity for homeownership

The ReStore is grateful for its 2016 Business Partners - those who contributed more than $5,000 worth of merchandise within the 12-month period. These product donations help local families in need of decent and affordable homes because ReStore proceeds provide funding support for Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity’s building programs. If your business is cleaning out its warehouse, remodeling its offices, or simply has excess inventory to donate, we hope you will consider becoming a ReStore Business Partner. Please contact Jeff Bridgman at 828.777.2928 to learn more.

ReStore Business Partners: ($5,000+) The Biltmore Company Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community Givens Estates Givens Highland Farms Homewood Suites Home Source Design Mission Health The Omni Grove Park Inn

Non-profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Asheville, NC Permit No. 371

33 Meadow Road, Asheville, NC 28803 828.251.5702 |

MISSION Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. VISION A world where everyone has a decent place to live. VALUES Collaboration Opportunity Dignity Empowerment

2016 annual report digital  

Asheville Area Hbaitat for Humanity's 2016 Annual Report

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