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A Journey to Better Hearing

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The Patient Journey is a




You’ve noticed the subtle signs. Restaurant conversations require more effort, the volume button on your remote control is worn and, most importantly, your grandchild’s voice isn’t loud enough. The pathway to better hearing is just a few steps away. Take the first step by contacting our expert staff. They are dedicated to helping you hear and understand at your highest potential by offering state-of-theart hearing correction.


Comfort & Convenience are

MANDATORY At our clinic, you will enter an atmosphere of ease and well-being. Our understanding staff is ready to relieve your worries, answer your questions and keep you informed every step of the way. Beginning with a short questionnaire, you’ll highlight your unique priorities. Pete, a real estate developer, wants to hear his grandson and improve quality time. Louise is a banker and needs more clarity in board meetings. What do you need to live your life to the fullest?




Smart phones, driverless cars, Space X. The integrated circuit chip technology that drives these innovations uses the same expertise that steers advances in hearing correction. Our Clinic has a variety of solutions for your needs. We stay on the cutting edge of the latest technologies to give you Precise, Custom SolutionsTM, Concierge-Level CareTM, and Verified Best HearingTM.

EDUCATION is Integral to Our Process Your concerns are legitimate. Researchers suspect that degraded hearing may force the brain to devote too much of its energy to processing sound, and studies show that adults with untreated hearing loss are more likely to develop problems thinking and remembering than adults whose hearing is normal.


Further, adults with untreated hearing loss are prone to develop a significant impairment in their cognitive abilities 3.2 years sooner than those with fully functional hearing. Before you’re asked to make any decisions, we know you need to be fully informed. Our short presentation will ease your worries about performance, cost, cosmetics or any other subject on your mind, and show you how much better life will be for you and your loved ones by making the choice for better hearing.

Charting a Personal

COURSE OF ACTION No one is created exactly like you, and no one hears exactly the way you hear. Sure, you could visit a big box store and buy a product built for the masses – precisely tailored for no one – but we know your hearing is too important for that. Our next step on the Pathway to Better Hearing is obtaining a full assessment of the current state of your hearing. We will carefully test and analyze your hearing to determine your strengths and deficits. And the outcome? An objective assessment to be addressed by your custom treatment plan. Isn’t that better than simply turning up the volume?


Hearing Fact


Hearing loss is a natural part of aging. As hearing loss slowly increases, we don’t notice the change. Characteristics of hearing problems are indicated by the inability to hear high-frequency consonant sounds such as F, T, P, Sh, Ch and K. Therefore, words such as “Time” and “Dime” or “Bathroom” and “Vacuum” are easily confused.



Your history of general health, hearing and balance will be incorporated into our allied system of evaluation, identification, diagnostics and treatment. You will undergo painless diagnostic procedures which may include comprehensive audiometry, phonetically-balanced word tests, tympanometry, and speech-in-noise tests. These and other advanced diagnostics will meticulously pinpoint the sound frequencies that are loud and clear and the ones that are a bit more elusive.

Verified Results,

PROVEN TECHNOLOGY With testing completed, our specialist will review your results. You will see in a visual format your unaided hearing prior to correction and the improvement in your hearing after correction. Essential to this process is the interaction among you, your companion and your specialist to ensure the analysis aligns with your experiences, needs and greatest desires.


Access to the


Armed with a thorough understanding of your needs and requirements, your specialist will lead you through the next step on the Better Hearing Pathway: determining the best solution for you. To ensure the best results, we utilize a collaborative approach through the latest telemedicine technology. Through our proprietary TeleHear system, you may consult with both your local specialist and a remote Doctor of Audiology, guaranteeing that all of your questions are answered and your treatment plan is verified.

PRECISION in Every Detail

To gain a perfect fit, a technician will take precise measurements of your internal ear canal. A sophisticated 3D scanner is used to make a digital model of your ear canals. Many of today’s most advanced devices are custom made and are known as “completely in the canal,” which means that strangers, acquaintances, colleagues, even your closest friends and relatives will never know.


Hearing Fact

IIC Hearing Aids Invisible-In-Canal hearing aids, or IICs, are the smallest and most advanced form of hearing correction. IICs are custom made from your ear-canal impressions to ensure a perfect fit and allow the device to fit deep within the ear canal where no one will notice you’re wearing them.

We employ CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computeraided manufacturing) to produce your custom hearing aid shell, ensuring the most precise, comfortable fitting in the world.

CUSTOM SOLUTIONS Without Compromise

Using computer-aided design and manufacturing, our hearing instruments are worlds ahead of models from the recent past. Our state-of-the-art technology means your device will fit comfortably and offer better acoustics with no feedback. Your hearing specialist will clearly and patiently teach you how to use and care for your individually-made, custom-fitted device. You’ll have the time to become relaxed with inserting and removing your device, and we’ll always have answers to your questions, regardless of how small they may seem.


SATISFACTION is an Experience


Like Pete and Louise, you’ll be thrilled you chose the Path to Better Hearing with us at your side. You’ll leave with a newfound confidence in your ability to be your best self, interacting at full capacity in any environment. Old worries about missing the details are abolished for you and those closest to you . . .

Hearing Fact

TruLink Technology This App provides users with remote control functionality, memor y geotagging, and direct streaming of calls, music and more. TruLink’s compatibility with various smart devices creates greater flexibility and accessibility for users to control and adjust their hearing aids in any environment.

Living Life With



. . . especially when those closest to you have the lead in the school play . Better Hearing is the one decision that will improve every aspect of your life. Follow the Pathway to Better Hearing by contacting our hearing professionals today.

Your Freedoms are


Our grateful clients tell the story better than we can. Add your story to our gallery soon.

So The World

MAY HEAR Your purchase helps those less fortunate receive hearing correction as well. Our clinic donates our time and a portion of each hearing aid sale to support the work of Starkey Hearing Foundation, a public charity cofounded by William F. Austin and Tani Austin, giving the gift of hearing to people in need in the U.S. and around the world.


Disabling hearing loss affects more than 360 million people, including 32 million children, yet many do not have access to hearing testing and hearing devices that improve lives and promote understanding. Starkey Hearing Foundation focuses on hearing health missions, hearing loss education and hearing aid recycling. To read more about Starkey Hearing Foundation visit

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