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Mitt Romney

Presidential candidate for the Republican Party -BYU graduate (1971); went to get his Masters/JD at Harvard Law/Business - Governor of Massachusetts, 2002-2007 -Massachusetts health reform law -Businessman (cofounder of Bain Capital) -Political views: -pro-life -cuts in federal government spending -raising the age of reciept for Social Security -opposes same-sex marriage and civil unions, but advocates tolerance and supports some domestic partnership benefits -reduces federal defecit by proposing a tax cut plan

Barack Obama

43rd President of the United States -running for re-election for the Democratic Party -college: Occidential College, Colombia University (B.A), Harvard Law School (J.D) -U.S Senator (2005-2008) -Illinois Senate (1997-2002) -Chigaco comminunity organizer -Political Positions: -First president to pblically support same-sex marraige -American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 -Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act -Under his presidency, Osama Bin Laden was hunted down and killed

After months of rigorous campaigning and politicking from both parties, Election Day came and went. Passionate supporters made this election a tight one. With a total of 60,085,524 votes (50%) and 303 electoral votes, President Obama won re-election beating out Mitt Romney, who had 57,401,992 (48%) and 206 electoral votes.

The map below shows the distribution of Electoral votes, with Obama in blue and Romney in red.

Election 2012  

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