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Alex Aguilar 4/26/13 ENC 1102 Paper 1 Process Memo

The Paper that Broke and Rebuilt me This paper was one that I had to work on extremely hard. It was something that I could not just sit down and do like many of the other papers that I have written in my high school and college career. To many people they saw it as a very simple project because it was so open ended however for me that was the main part that causes so much trouble for me. I was so originally used to receiving a prompt with guidelines and then following those guidelines in order to write a successful paper. So once my “final draft” was given back to me from Joe, I had realized why this paper was such an obstacle for me. It basically came down to how my mind processed its information. When I am given a paper or a project, the second I find out what the subject of the work is, my mind starts running a mile a minute coming up with ideas for the project. All these ideas are flying through my head trying to fit together to create one solid idea that I can build upon. This was usually the time when the guidelines from the teacher started to come into play. The guidelines set by the teacher would allow me to be able to fine tune the ideas in my mind. I would be able to compile all the information buzzing in my mind into one solid block of knowledge. So when I was given this first paper, I was at a loss. I had no idea where to even begin. My mind kept spewing out lines that would work great if only I could have a solid paper to put them into. I needed to think in a new way. This was when I came up with “spider webbing”. This was a way that I was able to connect ideas in my mind before I even write anything on paper. This was a

way for my mind to in a way create its own guidelines for the paper. This way I could stay on track with my ideas and what I wanted to be in the paper. So for my final draft of this paper, I knew I needed to revise it so it would clearly state my point on my community. When Joe handed me back my revised paper, there was one major flaw that my paper had. It did not reflect on how the community was so influential in my life. So for my final paper, I went through and found where I would be able to really describe my community. I wanted to be able to really show Joe why I felt so strongly about my community and how it has shaped me into the man I am today.

Paper 1 Process  
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