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Valentine's Day Potpourri By Beth Beutler

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Directions: Fill in each blank with the word that best completes the reading comprehension. Many people think of Valentine's Day as a time to show love to others. It is a great day to express love to the one "special (1) ______someone_________________ " in your (2) _____life__________________ . However, it is also a time to show kindness to other people. This includes teachers, coworkers, (3) _family______________________ members, and even classmates. Perhaps you'll sit on a "love seat" on Valentine's Day. A love seat looks (4) ____either___________________ like a (5) _____short__________________ couch or (6) ____wide___________________ chair. At first, the love seat made room for women and their large, (7) _________fluffly______________ dresses. Now, it works more as a cozy place for two people to sit or cuddle. In the (8) ______past_________________ , some love seats were made to (9) ________connect_______________ but face (10) ___________each____________ other. That made it easier to talk. You probably know about the practice of giving valentine cards. (11) ___________however____________ , you may not know about other traditions. For example, in the Middle Ages, men and women would draw names to find out who their valentine would be! Then, they would wear the name on their sleeve. That is where the (12) ________idea_______________ of "wearing your heart on your sleeve" came from. Have you heard the saying about if you see a robin fly on Valentine's Day, you'll marry a sailor? Another one (13) _______says________________ that you could (14) _________twist______________ a stem off an apple while saying (15) ________________names_______ of friends. The (16) _________name______________ you are (17) _________saying______________ when the stem comes off is the person you will marry! Some of these (18) __________sayings_____________ are rather silly, but they can be fun. What will you do on Valentine's Day? Copyright Š 2009 edHelper

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1. What do many people consider 2. A love seat used to be for ______. Valentine's Day to be? Three people to sit in Seating a woman with a large, A time to show love fluffy dress Only for married people A bride and groom to sit in A fake, commercial holiday during their wedding A day off from work Only for show 3. What is one way people can show 4. In the Middle Ages when men and love for someone on Valentine's women would draw names, they Day? would put the name on their: Pants By cards Belt Hat Sleeve

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Valentine's day  

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