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Alexander Fleming Alexander Fleming was born in Ayrshire in Scotland on 6th August in 1881. He was the third of four children .Fleming went to Lounder Moor School .Alexander worked in a shipping office for four years.Hhe was scientist and pharmacologist. He discovered penicill ium and the other substances. Fleming published many articles on bacteriology, chemoterapy and immunology. He worked as a doctor in St Mary hospital in London. During the war he was military doctor at the front in France. He was impressed by the high mortality of buolet injur ies. When he returned to the hospital, he looked for , the solution to this problem. In September os 1928 he discovered the '' penicill ium notatum''. H is friends understimated it's possibilit ies, but he sent information about penicill ium to the Br it ish Journal of Experimental Pathology. Fleming died on 11th March 1955 in London when he was 74 years aold.

Alexander Fleming  

Is a biograpy of Alexander Fleming

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