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Friday, October 23, 2015

I want every household to wear my product – young CEO Dulux brand firm teaches youths paint making

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Group trains 135 youths on vocational trades in Abuja

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t is our pleasure to welcome to another beautiful and fresh edition of Nigeria’s number 1 youth-friendly magazine YOUTHVILLE. As you make this week’s edition your companion for the weekend, we are assuring you of the best stories from the business, entertainment, fashion and education world. As our personality of the week, Abdulhameed Usman the brain behind Velcroz Nigeria a fashion outfit that is making waves and cutting across borders tells us that starting a business can be a really scary experience for some entrepreneurs. Read his inspiring story in our REFLECTIONS page. On our SHOWTIME page, we have an interesting review of the movie “Sa’ in sa” which has very beautiful lessons for every home especially couples with kids. The latest fashion trend in town is dressing in monochrome colours. What are monochrome colours? How can you look classy in them irrespective of your size or height? Don’t miss these tips in our FASHION segment. Do you want to build a strong client base for your business? If yes, then don’t miss the tips because our BIZWIZ segment has all the information you need to succeed in whatever business you want to start. We have some exciting news for all sports lovers. Super Falcons star, Asisat Oshoala has been named sports personality of the year. What did she do to deserve the award? Get the full details in our SPORTS segment of today’s edition. There are other stories to make your weekend a very wonderful and beautiful one. You can also trust us for the fresh and best inspiring, informative and interesting stories. Don’t be told. Get a copy of DAILY TRUST YOUTHVILLE every week and stay up-to-date with the latest news from the fashion, health, entertainment and education world. No one does it better than we do so be motivated, be creative and be an inspiration to others by telling us your story. Join our growing community on Facebook: Daily Trust YouthVille and on Twitter: @DT_YouthVille. You can also drop your messages on our timeline. Watch out for fresher, interesting, and exciting stories in next week’s edition….YOUTHVILLE team wishes her fans and readers a super-fantastic W.E.E.K.E.N.D!!!

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TOP COMMENTS Facebook >>> Re: Photography: Fun way of creating wealth - Faiza Salih Muhammad: Impressive Garba Adamu: Good job

Re: Hand-washing Day: Rotary e-Club mentors 500 pupils in Abuja Moses Okonda: I am from this school, please need my friends back (2006 to 2009)


As Amaechi finally takes a bow…>>> S

enate President Bukola Saraki asked Rotimi Amaechi to take a bow and go after he fielded several questions from the members. His screening at the senate floor delayed due to circumstances and kicks from some quarters over alleged corrupt practices while he was Governor of River State. Reports said there were attempts by some members of the senate to halt the screening and eventual ministerial confirmation but was brought to calm. The confirmation process at the National Assembly was monitored with live feeds on Facebook; it generated a bang among netizens as many

commented on Amaechi’s varied responses. Netizen Kabiru Ali Kachako posted: “Well done Senate President” after Amaechi was confirmed. Aliyu Umar Gatawa also shares the view posting: “Congrats Senate President over Rotimi, carry bow and go.” Reacting to Amaechi’s response to the definition of corruption, netizen Gor Saaondo Simeone posted: “If they give you any small girl and you sleep with her and provide her social amenities it is corruption.” In a reaction on the confirmation, one Freedom Banks posted: “Screening Amaechi to a minister is a

complete show of shame, barbarism, uncivilisations, mediocrity and pettiness. A big ridicule to true leadership, governance, democracy and freedom.” But Fati Ladidi Mohammed has a different view as she peeps into the future. “Alhamdulilah, Amaechi at last come 2019 Amaechi for president,” she posted. While netizen Barr. Emmanuel Yavala said the process was fun with this post: “Am having great fun, enjoying myself watching the Ministerial screening,” Ahmad Yahaya Usman rated Amaechi high on eloquence. “Yes. He thought well before he spoke,” he remarked.



YOUTHVILLE Friday, October 23, 2015 Page 35

I want every household to wear my product – young CEO ‘Starting a business can be a really scary experience for some entrepreneurs especially when they have the business ideas but do not know how to go about it, but for me it was the combination of the fear of failure, and desire to start something of my own’. These were the words of Abdulhameed Usman, a young founder/CEO of Velcroz Nigeria. Velcroz is a fashion outfit that is making waves and cutting across borders. The 25-yearold Bauchi entrepreneur said he is rounding off a degree study in Economics at Al-Hikma University, Ilorin. Text by Latifat Opoola @LatifatOpoola


ow and when did you start the business? I have always nursed the idea of owning a business because I never planned to work for anybody in my life. So every day I would wake up say my prayers and write down what business comes to my mind. I wrote about making shoes, making bags, making clothes, wristwatches but because I was unsettled about it all, it didn’t occur to me that I could do it all if I truly wanted to. After a month, a friend who lives in Maiduguri made some caps and wanted me to help him publicize it. I did that on social media and within 2weeks we sold over 500 caps. While I get the orders, he will send the caps to me; I will in turn add my own commission to the cost when delivering the caps depending on how much it costs for delivery and if the area is an elite area. After the first batch of caps, I realised a profit of about N150,000 and that was when I knew it was the right time to start the business. How much did you start the business with? I didn’t start with any capital, like I said before; I would collect the caps from the producer in Maiduguri, and after advertising for him, I’d sell them for him that was when I realised I could add some change to cover for the transport expense. When I have gathered the money I would now take out my own cut and send him his money. I didn’t really start with any start up capital, I just saw an opportunity I went for it. What was the drive that made you want to be an employer of labour? My parents and siblings.

They feared I was too lazy to o want to exert myself becausee I would sleep very late and d wake up also very late. And d I was always on my phone. I never really liked stress. So o they would call and advise mee to think about my future, think k about what I could achieve if I just put in an hour of effort. But ut the truth was they didn’t know w I had this in mind and besidess I wanted to surprise and also o impress them because to mee their approval matters a lot. What products do you sell?? I have bought the rights to o only sell the caps my friend d from Maiduguri makes becausee the quality is very good; I havee also begun making slippers. s. I have employed staffs who o make good shoes, I buy them m the materials I need and theyy make the shoes for me and then I pay them. I also make shirts and caps. In the nearest future I intend to make belts, bags, wristwatches and other fashion attires. My dream is to see very Nigerian in Velcroz attire and it is a dream that will come to pass. What makes your products unique? Besides the quality, I am into splendid packaging. I love designer goods and I know how much I appreciate a well packaged product. I ensure that I package mine in a fancy way that makes one curious to know what is inside. How has the demand been so far? It’s been overwhelming to say the least. Every day I get orders for the caps and shirts from all over the country especially the north. And I know when the slippers are ready, the demands will skyrocket also. I have just arrived from Cotonou where I took some caps to them when they made orders. I shall

also go to their market, get materials so I can get materials to mix. I also got orders from Togo so I shall also go there to take their orders. What

Khalid Kh ha ali lid Garba Ga G arrb ba M Mo Mohammed oh ha am mm med med ed

Abdulhameed Usman challenges have you faced so far? You know I am still a student and for a growing business, it can be challenging. My business will be a success, and to ensure its continuity, I have employed a board member/director, and a regional director of shoes who will help me manage the business while I have gone back to school. Combining school with business as I have heard can be very challenging but I am ready for the challenges that come with the business. Where do you see Velcroz in the nearest future? In 6 months I am working towards making Velcroz being a force to be reckoned with, when I nursed the idea of owning a business. What advice do you have for other youths? Youths must be entrepreneurial and must realise that there is no free lunch anywhere. We have to

work hard and never expect things free of charge. We must work hard for what we want because if we depend on people we will learn the hard way that people are not reliable. Prayer should also be an

integral part of our existence because even in the holy books it is stated that ‘work and pray’ and also we should ensure we are cheerful givers, no matter how little because givers never lack.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect. – Zoey Sayward



Friday, October 23, 2015 Page 36



How well do you know Bole?

Trend alert: Look good in monochrome colours Text by Eseohe Ebhota @sleek_diva88


here’s been one overwhelming winner for the fashion trend of this season: Monochrome. There is no secret trick to wearing them because as long as you have tops, bottoms, and accessories in the same colour (different shades of the colour work too), dressing in all one hue is super simple and looks really chic. It’s also a great look if you want to draw attention to an awesome new statement bag or pair of shoes. Colour coordinates must include your top and bottom in a completely different colour. This week, I have some tips that can help you look good and trendy in monochrome colours irrespective of your height or size. For the petite or smallish

Text by Eseohe Ebhota @sleek_ diva88

ider people, they should consider monochromatic dressing because ause it’s a styling technique that can make you look taller. For those on the big side, dark ark colours are best because they hey recede, making the wearer look ook leaner, and when you look leaner, aner, you rock. Monochromatic dressing sing certainly has the potential to be very dull. To avoid this problem, m, wear a monochromatic look ok with stylish cuts in the clothing ng and trendy accessories that will ll make your fashion statementt look fresh, rather than clumsy. You can top up your dressing by adding a pop of colour to a monochromatic look with a scarf

oasted Plantain (known as Bole in local parlance) is a favourite street food in Nigeria. This delicacy is available in street corners and what makes it liked by people irrespective of their cultural or ethnic background is the fact that bole is just plantains without the addition of oils or anything else roasted for a snack (or meal). It is hot, smoky, sweet and so good for you which is why I decided to write about it today. Plantains have varied tastes and texture as they move through the stages of ripeness. A bole seller known as mama Smallie who deals in roasted yams and plantain said people buy her plantains more than the yam because of its nutritional value. “My bole gives me more money than the yam because my customers told me that it has more health benefits”. One of her customers who simply gave his name as Baba told YOUTHVILLE that although he eats roasted yam, “I still prefer the plantain because I believe it has more health benefits than the yam”. “It is even sweeter than roasted yam too”, he mused. They are a great source of starch and energy with a good dose of dietary fibre, vitamin C, vitamins A and B and minerals such as potassium, iron and phosphorus. So my people, make una try chop bole this weekend even if una go party!! (Pidgin)


HEALTH NEWS>> Youths donate to displaced persons in Borno Text by Ibrahim Sawab, Maiduguri


he Youth Federation for World Peace (YFWP) has presented assorted food items worth millions of naira to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) currently taking refuge IDP camps in Maiduguri the Borno State capital. Speaking with Youthville in Maiduguri, the Northeast Zonal Coordinator of the group and a PeaceAmbassador, Ahmed Shehu, said the Youth Federation for World Peace (YFWP) has decided to commemorate this year’s World Peace Day by donating to the IDPs. He said let all

come together to bring and preach hope, peace and prosperity to the victims of Boko Haram insurgency. “No support is too small to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) especially at a moment like this when the IDPs outnumbered members of the host communities in Borno state. So it is obvious that the state and Nigeria in general is passing through a trying time, although no nation is exceptionally immune to conflict,” he said. He said as his team of PeaceAmbassadors commemorate this

year’s UN International Day of Peace with the theme: ‘Partnership for peace-dignity for all’, they called for cessation of hostilities, urging let all embrace the use of dialogue and negotiation to settle their grievances, stressing, “There is no alternative to peace.” He also expressed gratitude to the YFWP’s partners: Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU), Likeminds Project (LP), Peace Ambassadors Foundation(PAF), Women in New Nigeria, NCWS and FOMWAN.

MOVIE REVIEW >> Reviewed by: Eseohe Ebhota @sleek_diva88 Title: Sa’ in’sa Cast: Adam Zango, Umma Shehu, Aisha Muhammed Duration: 120 minutes


dam Zango (Hafeez) and Umma Shehu (Safeena), his wife, are blessed with two kids - a girl and a boy. But their fractious relationship leaves their children, especially the girl, Aisha Muhammed (Maryam), dejected always.

All she remembers is how her parents physically abuse each other almost daily. Maryam weeps everyday as she witnesses the many bouts of her parents. One would expect that to happen occasionally; but for Adam and Umma, it was a daily routine. Tragically, Safeena

You are never too old for a Disney movie. – Anonymous

kills her daughter during one of the numerous clashes with the husband. The director Falalu Dorayi did a good job in connecting the sequence of the plot thereby allowing the viewer to admire his ability. His choice of characters and Maryam’s talent (for her age) is great. Maryam maintains a sombre mood throughout the 120-minute film. Just like Tyler Perry’s “Madea family reunion”, this movie should be watched by all parents especially those in troubled relationships.



Friday, October 23, 2015 Page 37


Dulux brand firm teaches youths paint making

Tips for building a strong business operations Text by Latifat Opoola @LatifatOpoola


Text from Mohammed Shosanya, Lagos


hemical and Allied Products (CAP) Plc, manufacturers of Dulux paints said it has empowered unemployed youths in Nigeria through its annual Dulux Painters Academy by providing them with skills to become professional painters. The Dulux Painters Academy initiative is an eight week intensive painting apprenticeship programme, specially designed by the company to empower young people to become highly skilled professional painters. Speaking at the graduation

ceremony for the 2015 Dulux Painters Academy, Managing Director CAP Plc Mrs. Omolara Elemide, described the Dulux Painters Academy as an intensive and practical training for youth with a minimum of Senior School Certificate. Elemide noted that the initiative is one of the several ways through which CAP Plc gives back to the society, which would help reduce unemployment rate in the country. She also disclosed that the training covered modules such as Paint Technology and

Application, Quantification, Colour Psychology, Common Paint Problems and Solutions, Professional Ethics, Entrepreneurial and communication skills. The trainees also had a three week field attachment with already established professional painters. “The Dulux Painters Academy by CAP Plc offers a rare opportunity for young people who desire to earn a living through painting to learn the craft during the eightweek intensive apprenticeship programme and paint their way to a better life,” she said.


Super Falcons star, Asisat Oshoala named Sports Personality of the Year Text by Latifat Opoola @LatifatOpoola

Asisat Oshoala


uper Falcons star, Asisat Oshoala has been named sports personality of the year. The striker who was presented with the award at the newspaper’s Conference/Awards ceremony in Abuja on Wednesday, October 7 was nominated by a top Nigerian newspaper according to reports. It will be recalled that the Liverpool forward is also

the reigning BBC Women Football of the Year. And was named the Most Valuable Player of the FIFA U-20 Women’s world cup finals in Canada, where Nigeria finished runner-up. The 22 year old super Falcons striker was announced the winner of the inaugural BBC award on Tuesday, May 26 but was presented with her trophy the previous day. ‘Oshoala was handed her plaque after the international friendly between the Nigeria and Canada senior women teams at the Kia Training Ground, Toronto, which ended 0-0 according to the NFF official website. . Oshaola won the award ahead of Veronica Boquete (Spain and FFC Frankfurt) Nadine Kessler (Germand and VFL Wolfsburg), Kim Little (Scotland and Seattle Reign FC) and Marta (Brazil and FC Rosengard). Oshaola who is the African Footballer of the Year has been has been having a good year and will hope to continue her impressive run.

hen you ask entrepreneurs what they feel are the important when it comes to building solid operations, you will get numerous answers depending on the types of business but operations are the processes and resources used to efficiently produce products or services, and must businesses must practice these 12 steps for their overall success. Set your team expectations Bring all managers for a big meeting periodically to discuss each department and their accomplishments and challenges. It is also a time for other departments to give feedback to management. At the end of these meetings, everyone leaves with follow-up tasks. Manage your firm without ego Solid operations come from management who can admit when their systems are failing and are willing to change to improve. Have a clear process Having a clear process that every team member understands is extremely important. This improves efficiency and reduces the chance of fumbling information and having things slip through the cracks. Create and hiring trustworthy staff You have to start at the very base of your business in order to build a successful enterprise from it. Ensuring you have a solid team determines the success of the business because the first couple of people hired in a new business is seen as members of the family and as such must share the goal, ambition and drive of the business. Solicit feedback from your team It is important to gather feedback from your team often to make sure you’re addressing inefficiencies and constantly improving as you grow. Keep everything transparent Cross-checks, social collaboration tools and breaking down silos are all ways to ensure that each operation is optimal. Across levels and departments, operations should be communicated, tested and approved. Additional info:

CHAN qualifier: Super Eagles meets Burkina Faso team, Sunday Text by Simon E. Sunday @SimonEchewofun


he Federation Burkinabe de Foot-Ball (FBF), Burkina Faso’s football governing body, has moved this weekend’s Burkina Faso-Nigeria clash in the 2016 African Nations Championship (CHAN) qualifiers from Saturday to Sunday. The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), in a statement said the FBF notified it last Monday. The final qualifying match is the second leg tie of the fixture between the Super Eagles and the Etalons. NFF said it had immediately protested the change in the date of the tie, saying the change was coming less than the 10 days stipulated in the rules. “We have complained to the Confederation of African Football (CAF) about this change in date,

Sales go up and down. Service stays forever. – Joan Goldberg

which came only five days to the match, as against a minimum of 10 days enshrined in the regulations. “It means we will now have to alter all our arrangements to play the CHAN qualifier match on Sunday,” Local news agency quoted NFF General Secretary, Mohammed Sanusi as saying. The development means the Super Eagles will now travel to Ouagadougou on Friday evening, have the official training in the evening of Saturday and play on Sunday. NAN reports that they are scheduled to depart Ouagadougou immediately after the match billed for the August 4 Stadium. Nigeria has a 2-0 advantage in the CHAN fixture, with goals from Yaro Bature and Gbolahan Salami in the first leg game in Port Harcourt on Saturday.


YOUTHVILLE Friday, October 23, 2015 Page 38

Group trains 135 youths on vocational trades in Abuja

Text by Latifat Opoola @LatifatOpoola he Empowerment a society where youths, women Development and Self as well as the vulnerable in the Reliance For Nigerian society are supported through Youths Initiative (EDSNYI) social enterprise that can ensure group, last week graduated they take care of their families about 135 youths it trained in both in health and economic various vocational trades to wise. support themselves and families “We just make them pay a fee of N1000 for the form and economically. Coordinator of the group membership card but training is Tunde Ige said the initiative was free. We train them on vocational born out of the fact that most trades that are viable within the youths are Idle which in turn society. We don’t want to train makes them restive and as such these youths on sophisticated and contributing the vices in the jumbo trades like pilots. society. “We taught them trades Ige who said the organization that are practical and would be was conceptualized in 2014 effective within the society like added that it was aimed at seeing teaching, tailoring, graphic/web


Clerics canvass youth support for Buhari’s anti-graft war Text from Dickson S. Adama & Aisha Abba Ali, Kaduna From Pastors of the United Evangelical Church (UEC), founded as Qua Iboe Church, Kaduna Area Conference have called on the youths to support the anti-corruption war embarked upon by President Muhammadu Buhari, saying it has remained Nigeria’s major problem since independence. The pastors who spoke at the inauguration ceremony of the Kaduna Area Conference and secretariat building also said peaceful co-existence and tolerance were imperative for national development. In his remarks, the chairman of the Kaduna Area Conference of the UEC, Reverend Reuben U. Oyibo said, “Whatever

design, baking, house wiring, and generator repairs, one that would generate instant revenue for them and their families and also impact their communities,” Ige said. The group which noted that another 250 have registered decried inadequate training resources said, “because we do not expect a young graduate to have the money to learn these trades we do not request fees from them, as such it is very tasking getting resources to train them.” With the success of the pilot scheme in Lugbe, the group said it will replicate it in Karu, Kubwa, Gwagwalada and other suburbs of the FCT where individuals have shown interest.

Foundation offers 10,000 students overseas scholarship Text by Ademola Adebayo

resolution that is passed from this conference binds with all our churches in Northern states within the core North. “This will bring an end to the crisis in the North and people will live with one another as brothers and sisters. We are also seeking the support of the Government for justice to have its way in our country. It is by justice that this country can move ahead,” he said. Rev. James Onoja of Kaduna South Superintendency of UEC said the strategies they have taken in fostering peace among the youths is prayer, noting that they are always praying for peace to reign in Kaduna state.


ver 10,000 Nigerian students are to be offered tuition waivers to undertake studies in Cyprus, Malaysia, India and Russia, by the Mike Omotosho Foundation International Scholarship (MOFIS). Announcing the program on Saturday in Abuja, Dr. Mike Omotosho, Founder, Mike Omotosho Foundation said the program aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice in institutions by providing access for Nigerian students to gain quality education abroad and bring the knowledge, expertise and quality back to Nigeria. According to Dr. Omotosho, the priority of education which was to develop skills leading to employment and self-sustainability hasn’t been properly harnessed as those who gain access to institutions of higher learning have not

been able to acquire the skills desired by employers. “We have over 1.5 million candidates apply annually for admissions into universities nationwide but only about 600,000 are admitted. Some of these unsuccessful applicants become frustrated and sometimes, resort to crimes; hence the need for meaningful access to university. “The foundation is committed with her partners to walk our Youth through the right path, because we believe that access to quality education is the lifeline for a bright tomorrow,” he said. The scheme is open to Nigerians who have at least 5 credits in their O Level Examination, seeking to study for their Undergraduate or Master’s degree. Candidates will be selected on the basis of merit from the test which would be conducted before collection of documents, the foundation said.


Second admission list out The Federal University, Lafia, Nasarawa State, has released her second list of admissions for the 2015/2016 academic session. The university uploaded the list online as applicants are urged to check their status via: http://www.fulafia. pdfs/2NDLIST.pdf

Success Corner!

Corps members erect signpost for agency in Abuja Text by Daniel Adugbo

M Leader of the 2014 Batch C and 2015 Batch A Corps Members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) serving at the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE), Ngbede Daniel Oloche (2nd left) and the DG, Mr Benjamin Dikki after unveiling the signpost they erected recently.

embers of the 2014 Batch C and 2015 Batch A of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) posted to the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) unveiled a signpost erected by the Corps members at the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) office in Abuja last week. Leader of the Corps members, Ngbede Daniel Oloche said the decision to erect the Signpost was borne out of their desire to contribute to national service and in particular, to show appreciation to the BPE for the opportunity granted for them

What we learn with pleasure, we never forget. –Alfred Mercier

to serve in the organization. Commissioning the Signpost, Director General of the BPE, Mr. Benjamin Ezra Dikki commended the Corps members for their sacrifice and foresight. He said the Signpost would remain a historical monument and a reminder to the Corps Members wherever they found themselves that they served at the Bureau. Dikki directed the Human Resources Unit of the Bureau to write to the Corps members to acknowledge the gesture and also notify the NYSC Directorate of the patriotic act.


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