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SUNDAY, JULY 1, 2018



Hajiya Karimatu Othman

‘Perseverance as a recipe for my success’

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ambari Extra is sizzling with new and exciting content this week ranging from modern beauty techniques of

dry body brushing on the beauty page to the harm and dangers of binge eating on the healthy living segment. Our cover personality for this week is Hajiya Karimatu Othman, the Zonal Coordinator of Nigerian Shippers Council of the North


West zone. She walks us through her career, her personal life and a whole lot more. Read all she had to say inside. Have a wonderful week ahead.

– Amina Alhassan

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Baked yam and cheese casserole by HAFSAH ABUBAKAR MATAZU


am is enjoyed by everybody. Some prefer er it boiled while others want it fried or in n porridge form. But the conventional ways ys of eating yam have become a bore, which is whyy we are introducing a recipe of baked yam and d cheese casserole for you and your family too enjoy. Ingredients • 1 tuber of yam, peeled and cut intoo chunks • 5 balls of tomatoes(blended) • 300g cheese(grated) • 300g fish (with bones removed) • 1 medium onion, finely chopped • Pepper to taste • 1 big stock cube • 4 cooking spoons vegetable oil

How to care for your furniture by HAFSAH ABUBAKAR MATAZU


Direction Begin by cooking the blended tomatoes until all the water has dried up. Add the oil and onions and fry until done; then add the pepper, stock cubes and fish. Stir and cook for five minutes. In a pot, boil the yam until soft. Strain the remaining water and set aside. In a casserole dish, begin layering your casserole by spooning in the tomato stew and spreading it evenly and

generously in the dish. Then add the yam followed by the cheese. Continue layering and ensure your top layer is cheese. Bake in the oven until everything is bubbly and the cheese is completely melted and golden brown. Allow it to cool slightly before serving. Enjoy! With additional information from the internet

Soursop punch T

his tropical fruit makes a deliciously creamy and tangy drink. You won’t go wrong by trying it out. Ingredients • 3 soursop fruits (peeled and cut) • ½ cup of milk • 2 tablespoons of sugar • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract • ½ teaspoon of cinnamon

Direction Push the pieces of soursop through a fine strainer with a spoon. Collect the juice of the soursop in a jug. In a bowl, mix the milk, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon together before combining it with the soursop juice. Ensure the sugar is completely dissolved. Chill in the fridge until ready to serve, or serve over ice.

our furniture will always be prone to circumstances beyond your control, such as food stains from spills, scratches, dirt and other factors. Sometimes, we may feel like the only way to solve the problem is to replace the furniture. But actually, if you know how to take care of these mishaps, you will have your furniture looking good. Invest in fabric cleaners: These will instantly get rid of any stain that food may have left behind. A simple spray and wipe will rid your precious furniture of the stain, leaving no trace behind. Take care of leather: Leather needs extra attention. Negligence will only assist it in wearing out faster. Be very mindful of what you use to clean it as harsh chemicals may damage it for good. Wax your wood: Using a good quality waxing product and a clean cloth, you can buff your wood furniture from tables to chairs back to their shiny new selves. Doing this often will greatly increase their lifespan. Dust down your house: Dust will only give your furniture and home a look of neglect, which is not what you want your guests to think when they walk in. A frequent dust-down will be sufficient to keep the dust at bay.

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‘Perseverance as a recipe for my success’ Interview by LUBABATU I. GARBA, KANO

Hajiya Karimatu Othman is the zonal coordinator of the Nigerian Shippers Council (NSC), North-West. In this interview she spoke about her career, saying that women should be self-reliant. She also spoke on other important issues, including the activities of the NSC. Family background am the first child of 10 children. I am from Keana Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, but I was born in Kano in1965. My dad was an accountant in a marketing company. Academic background I started school at a very tender age.My parents said they put me in school because I talked too much. When we moved to Kaduna I was admitted in Capital School, where I had my nursery and primary education. From Kaduna, we moved to Lagos and I was enrolled in Carona School, Apapa. Before I finished, we also moved to Jos, where we stayed for a long time. I completed my secondary education at another Carona School and a government-owned secondary school. After my O’ Level I got admission into the Katsina College of Arts, Science and Technology, Zaria. Later, I got admission into the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, where I read Public Administration. I got married during my NYSC and had a son. But along the line, the marriage didn’t work, so I got divorced. When I went back home I started working in the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency(NDLEA). I was among the pioneer staff of the agency in Lagos. While I was working I remarried. Although it was not exactly what I wanted, I did it out of obedience to my parents. Shortly after, the marriage didn’t work. I later lost my NDLEA job. In 1996 I got a job in the Nigerian Shippers Council. Career I am the zonal coordinator of the Nigerian Shippers Council (NSC), North-West, covering Kano, Jigawa, Kaduna, Katisna, Sokoto, Zamfara and Kebbi. The NSC is the regulator of port economy. We got this status recently. We make sure there is a level playing ground for exporters and importers, as well as stakeholders. We try to sensitise shippers on issues that concern the movement of their cargoes. We do this through clinics for a


small group of people. For example, we have a clinic for those who trade in yam and enlighten them on how to export and import. We also do seminars and workshops for bigger groups. We oversee the activities of shippers’ association in the zone. We listen to their complaints and proffer solutions. Any person who has a problem concerning shipment, either by air, sea or land, is free to come to us and see what But the NSC we can do. cannot assist any person who has not done a formal transaction. We work with documentation, so you have to present documents to us. Childhood memories remember I that I was very happy when my

parents took me to London for holidays after school. Joy of motherhood It gives me joy to see my children laugh together. I like to see love among them. I also like to see them read. I love reading because I believe there is a lot in written works. Some things are not said out, but they are written. And you wouldn’t know unless you read it. I don’t want to be among those groups that say if you want to hide something from Nigerians, put it inside a book because they don’t read. Most cherished gift The best gift I received was a set of four gold bangles from my mum. When she gave me the bangles I was very happy. And I will never forget it. Favourite food and drink I like zobo drink, especially homemade; I don’t like buying outside. For food, I like tuwon shinkafa and miyar kuka. Beauty routine Mostly, I take my bath and I wash my face with anti-aging oil, Olay. I apply my anti-aging serum, foundation, powder and eyecream. One thing you can’t catch me wearing is lipstick. But when I am going out for an occasion I put my mascara and foundation; sometimes I put eye shadow. Three fashion accessories I always have on me I always wear something on my hand, like bungles or bracelet. And I don’t play with my ring. Favourite cloths I love boubous. I feel very comfortable in it. Favourite perfume, shoes and bag For perfume, I like Nices. I find it difficult to get the perfume now, so I use its pure oil of Nices. For bags, I use Chanel, but for shoes, I wear any; I don’t have a favourite. Life lessons I have learnt the art of patience, to the extent that people think I am stupid. When I was a teenager I had a kidney stone, which gave rise to blood pressure, so since then I conditioned my mind that I would not worry myself with everything. Whatever happens, I let it go and leave it to the Almighty Allah to take care of. I am glad that I have no worries. I don’t say I don’t get angry, or something doesn’t bother me, but nothing will bother me for more than two days, or even a day. I hate lies and disrespect. I can stay with somebody who steals, but I can’t stay with one who disrespects me for one second. I have a housemaid who steals but I didn’t sack her. If I don’t keep my things where you can see it you won’t steal it. But I can‘t control whether you respect or disrespect me. Favourite travel destination Favou I love travelling. Maybe I inherited it from my father because h he travelled a lot. When he was in the civil service, anytime he was going on tour he would travel along with his famil family. The slight test opportunity I get I will travel. I have been to Niger; Cote d’Ivoire; Cotonou; Lome; London; France; Germany; Belgium; Netherlands; China; Japan; India; Eg Egypt; Dubai. I can’t remember all at a time. But I prefer to visit Malaysia and Singapore. How I relax I relax by taking a cup of natural tea; it could be ginger or zobo, and black seed (habatussauda). I add some lemon and honey hone to it. I like taking natural stuff. Even if I fall sick, I prefer to take natural remedies first. Role m models





Mercy Johnson lays mother to rest


ollywood actress, Mercy Johnson was overwhelmed with tears when she and her family laid their mother to rest on. The burial took place in Lagos and also went on to thank her close friends and loved ones for their support during these difficult times. She shared photos on Instagram of the burial captioning the photos, “We said our final goodbye to our loving mother a few days ago. Adieu Mama. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support during this time.” Only a few weeks ago, Mercy shared the news of the devastating loss of her mother. May God give them the strength to bear their loss.

Davido wins best international act at BET Awards

IF YOU TRY AND FAIL, TRY TO GET UP; DON’T SIT DOWN BECAUSE YOU FAILED. My role model is Mariam Makeba because she has the talent of singing; and she is making a living out of it. I wish I had a talent of doing something with my hands or voice, or something else, apart from office work. Another role model is Ladi Kwali, who was into pottery. I admire her. Mum’s advice that stuck with me over the years My mum’s advice has always been on education because she was a teacher. She served for 10 years as minister-counselor at UNESCO, Nigerian permanent education. She is still a director in the Nasarawa State University. She always said,‘go to school and read.’ And, Alhamdulllah, I am trying. Advice to younger ones They should study hard and persevere. Perseverance is what makes the difference. If you try and fail, try to get up; don’t sit down because you failed. They should believe in the oneness of Allah and what he does. They should be honest, sincere, patients and tolerant. My ambition/dream I want to complete my service without issues. I want to set up something; maybe going into production of coconut oil. I am learning about it and trying to acquire some machineries. In fact, I am working on it. What I don’t want to be caught without I don’t want to be caught going out


without a veil. I must cover myself with a veil, even if it is a small one. Advice to women who aspire to be like me They should find something doing and be selfreliant. They should also pray for our children because these days, no matter how much you try to raise up you children, since they are not staying with you at home 24 hours every day, you cannot escape the fact that they will mingle with other people’s children outside and get bad advice. So pray for them. I try to wake up in the middle of the night, at least once in a week, to pray for my children, for Allah to guide them.


arlier this week, Davido made Nigeria proud when he went home with the BET award for Best International Act in Los Angeles, California. He beat international artists such as UK’s Stormzy and J Hus, South Africa’s DistructionBoyz and Casper Nyovest and Booba from France to claim the award. During his emotional acceptance speech, Davido called on the celebrities present to come to Africa and feel the impact of the African culture. He also spoke on more international collaborations with international artists for diversity and inclusion of the music on the African continent.

Omotola Jalade, 3 others inducted to Oscars list


he Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPS), also known as the Oscars, has released a new members list which includes Nigerian actress Omotola Jalade, film producer Wunmi Mosaku and directors Femi Odugbemi and Ngozi Onuwurah. The academy is known for recognizing excellence in cinematic achievements ranging from notable industry professionals from writers, actors, producers and many other different categories. This comes as another huge feat in recognizing Nollywood outside Nigeria and Africa and appreciating what the Nigerian film industry has to offer the world.






Benefits of dry brush body By HAFSAH ABUBAKAR MATAZU


ry body scrubbing is an ancient beauty technique that recently came to light for the newer generation of beauticians. It involves using a dry brush to scrub your skin. It is a simple and easy technique for women who are trying to achieve soft, smooth and toned out skin. With creams and lotions sold at ridiculous prices, dry body brushing will do the trick that your lotions have failed to do. While improving the look and appearance of your skin, it also helps to give your organs a boost. Take a look at the amazing benefits that dry skin brushing will give to you. Dry body brushing exfoliates and brushes away dry skin cells. You will immediately see results with smoother and brighter skin. It also increases blood flow and improves circulation, which in turn gives tighter and firmer skin without having to invest in expensive toners. Continued dry body scrubbing will eliminate the appearance of cellulite by evenly distributing the fat in the layers of your skin. Skin brushing also stimulates hormones and oil glands. The skin is the largest organ of your body and does a lot of work. Doing this often can help toxins escape more easily and keep you healthier too. Healthy skin is a healthy you.

Good morning sir. My daughter vomited and stooled all through the night.. She is six years old. What do I do sir? Mrs Ighalo, Abuja Well the first thing to do is to give ORS - Oral Rehydration Solution liberally. Also give adequate food. The fact that the child is strolling and vomiting is the more reason why you should give more especially the ORS. What cause problems and sometimes death is dehydration and electrolyte imbalance which the ORS will help to correct . Other measures depends on the findings , in case of fever, treat for malaria. Antibiotics may also be necessary


Dry skin brushing is very rejuvenating and addictive too because of how good it feels. Doing it every morning is quite ideal. It also helps your skin breathe

easier by eliminating clogged pores and opening them up from trapped dirt and sweat.

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By HAFSAH A. MATAZU inge eating is a habit that many are guilty of. Some people completely neglect the fact that they are full and eat until they reach the point that they feel uncomfortable and have no space in their stomach. But many don’t know that overeating in such a manner has psychological and physiological side effects. Some people overeat due to the feeling of loneliness, anger, stress, sadness, or simply because their bored, which is known as binge or compulsive eating. But this isn’t the answer as overeating can lead to weight gain that can affect your confidence as well. According to Dr. John Ankama of Nasara Specialist Hospital, Kaduna, overeating also has other harmful consequences when continued over a long period of time, like high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and breathing problems. The organs that are involved in the digestion process and assimilation become more prone to disorders. The oil levels in your body are affected, giving you oily skin, which is more likely to give you breakouts, acne and other skin-related problems. Bad memory, focus and concentration can be caused by certain foods when consumed in excess. People that overeat are also more prone to mouth and body odour. If you think you have an overeating problem, it is best to see a doctor. Draw up a diet and see how you are doing health-wise.



Pls sir can a breastfeeding mother take dewormer? Olufunke Yes lactating mother can be dewormed without any effect on the baby. But please avoid self medication so that appropriate drugs can be administered

The harm of binge eating

With additional information from the internet

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Dr. Nathaniel Adewole,

Is it possible to contract AIDS etc in sexual intercourse without ejaculation during the process? Francis Yes it is possible. We should bear it in mind that it’s not the ejaculation only that lead to infection but also contact with fluids. And also remember that you can not be sure that some fluid has not been released during intercourse before the withdrawal. To minimize the risk of infections it’s better to use mechanical barriers like condoms which could be male or female


Hello sir, I have a scar on the side of my hand near the elbow cause by a metal at the entrance of my school gate since then it has been growing and it also itches. What should I do please? Sulaiman It’s either hypertrophic scar or keloid depending on the extent of growth. Well there are injections like triamcinolone that can be used to treat it . I will suggest you see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for examination and proper management


Good evening sir. I am a CHEW and I have a patient who is forty nine years old and has nine children. She presented with bleeding PV and restlessness. There are evidence of breathlessness and dysphagia. I am thinking it is a case of Cacervix. On examination she is conscious but with features of anaemia, and signs of metastasis. What can I do? Hauwa This is not the type of patient to keep in an health centre. Quickly refer her to the nearest General hospital or preferably a tertiary health centre like Specialist hospital or teaching hospital. From the little information you gave I agree with you the possibility of carcinoma of the cervix is high. The first thing is to check the degree of anaemic due to blood loss and transfuse as necessary The diagnosis has to be ascertained. There is need to do EUA and Biopsy for histology . This better done in a tertiary health centre. And if the diagnosis is confirmed as advanced CaCevix, then a centre with radiotherapy will be the best option. Let me encourage our women to do regular Papsmear to avoid carcinoma of the cervix. Prevention is better than cure.