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Extra Aisha Abdu Muhammad

‘Why female lawyers find it difficult to operate’ Hi there!

page, we’re keeping you well informed on the risks of overusing antibiotics. On the cover this week we have Aisha Abdu Muhammad, the Company Secretary and Legal Adviser of the Kaduna State Public Procurement Authority. The mother of four shares her career as a lawyer, the challenges that comes with the job and a lot more. Read all she had to say inside. Ramadan Mubarak. – Amina Alhassan


e’re dishing up so much for you to dig in to this week. As promised we have brought you the most mouthwatering dishes to prepare for your family this Ramadan and a menu for the whole week so you don’t have to worry about running out of ideas. On the beauty page it’s all about face yoga and all you need to know about it. Meanwhile on the health

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Stir-fry shrimp pasta by HAFSAH ABUBAKAR MATAZU


his satisfying twist on your average pasta dish has an Asian touch to it. It is full of tasty veggies and shrimp, all tossed in a yummy savoury sauce. Cook this up for iftar and it will definitely be a hit, with everyone sitting round the table. Ingredients 3 tablespoons of sesame oil 2 tablespoons of soy sauce 1 teaspoon of crushed red pepper p p 2 packets of pasta

(preferably, the thin spaghetti or angel hair pasta) 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil 1 teaspoon of crushed garlic ½ packet of shrimp Handful of pea pods Handful of green beans (ends removed) Handful of carrots (shredded) 1 green and red pepper (cut into strips) Direction Firs Firstly, boil the pasta until about do done. Drain it and set aside. Co Combine the sesame oil, soy sa sauce and crushed red pepper in a small bowl and set aside as well. In a large non-stick skillet, heat th vegetable oil and cook the the g garlic and shrimp until the s shrimp turns pink. Then add t vegetables and stir-fry for the a about two minutes. Quickly add the pasta and t mixture of sesame oil the and soy sauce and mix until everything is well incorporated. Enjoy!

Fattoush salad

For the dressing • 1/3 cup of extra virgin olive oil • 3 tablespoons of lemon juice • 1 clove of minced garlic

Carrot and orange juice


t is i fresh, f h tasty t t and d super healthy. Once you take a sip, it just might become your favourite new drink. Ingredients 10 large carrots 8 oranges

¼ cup off honey h Direction Pass the carrots and oranges through a juicer and put in a jug. Add the honey and give it a vigorous stir. Store in the fridge to chill until

ready d tto serve. For an extra zing, you can also add a bit on ginger. Just pass it through the juicer as well.

Happy Iftar!

• • •

compiled by HAFSAH ABUBAKAR MATAZU Sunday Soup: Meatball soup Appetizer: Garlic bread Main dish: Chicken kebabs with smashed potatoes Dessert: Oatmeal cookies Drink: Coconut milk Monday Soup: Sweet and sour chicken soup Appetizer: Battered prawns Main dish: Snail dodo Dessert: Pound cake Drink: Peanut butter banana smoothie Tuesday Soup: Seafood chowder Appetizer: Spring rolls Main dish: Roasted baby chicken with sweet potatoes Dessert: Cinnamon puff-puff Drink: Avocado milkshake Wednesday Soup: Chinese dumpling soup Appetizer: Potato salad Main dish: Grilled fish with jollof rice Dessert: Plantain mosa Drink: Mango and peach drink


his is a take on the Lebanese fattoush salad. It combines fresh greens and a tangy lemony dressing with a crunch to it as well. It is a perfect complement to your meal. Ingredients • Lettuce (torn n into pieces) • 1 cucumber (cut into bite-sized chunks) • Half an onion (sliced thinly) • 2 cups of pita chips • 1 cup of cherry tomatoes • ¼ cup of chopped mint • ¼ cup of chopped parsley


1 teaspoon of salt Black pepper 3 tablespoons of honey

Direction In a bowl, combine all the dressing ingredients and mix well. Add the lettuce, cumber, pita chips, tomatoes, mint, parsley and green onion together and drizzle the dressing over the salad right before serving, and toss until well combined. Garnish with a sprinkle of black pepper With additional information from the internet

Thursday Soup: Lamb pepper soup Appetizer: Buttered breadsticks Main dish: Golden yam Dessert: Rice pudding Drink: Fura Friday Soup: Assorted meat pepper-soup Appetizer: Tuna sandwiches Main dish: Three cheese pasta Dessert: Banana split Drink: Groundnut milk By this time next week, we would have celebrated Sallah but however, still be in the celebration mood. It was a pleasure being with you all these four weeks. Happy Sallah in advance!



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‘Why female lawyers find it difficult to operate’ Interview by MARYAM AHMADU-SUKA, KADUNA

Hajiya Aisha Abdu Muhammad is the company secretary and legal adviser to the Kaduna State Public Procurement Authority. The mother of four hails from Giwa Local Government Area of Kaduna State. Her father, Malam D. H. Abdu worked for the then Northern States Marketing Board and retired in 1977. Her mother, Hajiya Halimatu Sadiya Abdu retired from the Ministry of Education as a director in the Kaduna State Scholarship Board. In this interview, among other things, Hajiya Aisha explained why women find it difficult to operate as lawyers. Educational background I started my education in Genèva, Switzerland. My father was working there at the time, but he later came back to Kaduna and I moved to Kaduna Capital School, where I completed my primary education. From there, I went to Government Girls’ Secondary School (GGSS), Kawo. After secondary school in 1982, I moved to the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), where I bagged my Law degree in 1992. After that, I went to the Nigerian Law School, Lagos and graduated in 1993. Career I did my one year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme at the Northern Nigeria Investment Limited, which is part of the New Nigerian Development Company. After NYSC, I started practice with Ibrahim Buba & Co. He is now a justice of the Federal High Court, Lagos. I stayed there for two months before I got married and moved to Kano State. In Kano, I joined Val Insurance Limited, a private insurance company, as their company secretary and legal adviser. The company collapsed and I moved to the Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), where I served in their legal and compliance departments. I left the NSITF in 2006 and moved back to Kaduna in 2008, where I

joined Mustapha Haruna Soba, a legal practitioner. He owns his own chamber. I told him that I had the intention of having my own office, but I wanted to work for somebody for some time (not as a staff ) before opening my office. Finally, in 2010 I registered my office, and in 2011, I got a place right above Mustapha Haruna Soba’s office and opened my own chamber, called Abdu Abdu & Associates. In August 2016, with the coming of the new regime, Malam Nasir el-Rufai appointed me as the company secretary and legal adviser to the Kaduna State Public Procurement Authority. That is where I am currently. I am presently a senior member of the Nigerian Bar Association. I also sit on the Board of NOCACO and United Wire as a director for my mum. I am also a chartered mediator and conciliator. Awards in the course of my career I was given an award as the Most Committed Bar Man in 2016. My first day in court On my first day in court, I went with a friend. My friend introduced himself, but I could not even speak. However, I had to summon courage to talk in court and answer the questions thrown by the judge. Eventually, I got used to it. During the very first experience, one is scared to face the judge, especially when one thinks that one is going to make a mistake, or something is going to go wrong. At first, I did not really want to practice. I think practice just came to me. There was no work and I just did not want to sit at home and do nothing, so I decided to practise before I found something to do. And once you start practising, it never really leaves you; it becomes like a passion. How I handle cases of child rape, torture, molestation etc I have encountered so many of such cases because I belong to the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) and it is part of our job to protect women and children. The FIDA is an association that takes care of indigent women and children. It protects, promotes and preserves women and children. So we counsel women. People bring all sorts of cases. Women bring cases of violence against them, mostly by their partners. We don’t normally appear because rape cases are against the state, we follow proceedings and ensure that perpetrators, if found guilty, would face the full wrath of the law. You will find out that parents don’t want to prosecute most cases of indecent assault because they don’t want that stigma on their children. In such cases it is difficult for us to help them. There was another one where a policeman raped and got a junior secondary school girl pregnant. We investigated the matter and wanted the policeman to take responsibility for the girl, but in the end, he spoke with the girl’s guardian because they lived in the same compound and they said they did not want the matter to continue. That was how we backed out. There are so many cases like that, but because of the stigma, many families discontinue from them. Challenges faced in career or personal life Women find it difficult to operate, in terms of getting cases. Men get most of the cases. That is a major challenge because women are not given the opportunity to showcase their talents in court. For my personal life, I have no challenge. Growing up My growing up was beautiful. It was a nice childhood. Our father took care of us very well. We had a very nice and understanding father because he had more girls than boys. I will say we got the best of everything. Lessons of life Life taught me to make the best use of every situation. Fond childhood memories I have lots of memories of my childhood. My mother was a disciplinarian while our father was the quiet and gentle type.



AISHA ABDU MUHAMM MUHAMMAD MAD //// C CO OVER When I was going to Law School, I was apprehensive as going alone; and my aunty, who I was because I was going to stayy with, had travelled. So I started crying. aw me crying and asked if I did not want My father saw to go to the school. I told him that I wanted to go but nt to go to Lagos alone, so I made a pact I didn’t want nty who was about the same age with me. with my aunty hat she would accompany me to Lagos. He I told him that iet. On the day I was leaving, daddy had just kept quiet. countant to come with me and gave him called his accountant strict instructions ctions to ensure that he took me to Lagos and do the registration for me. That was how I went h him. When I went to school and started to Lagos with ion process, I felt he was a burden on me the registration because he was not doing things the way I wanted. So I told him too come back to Kaduna. Another memory I have of my childhood is that ad a dream to go skiing. We had an my sister had opportunity when our school was going on a ski old our dad and he paid for us. We trip, so we told went to Italy to ski. He was such a dear person. ons in life Aspirations When I was young, I wanted to be a use of the uniform. Later in nurse because ow, I became a lawyer life, somehow, instead. Joys of motherhood When I told my mother that I was going to be interviewed, she said, ‘You have to tell them about me..’ My daughter is in her fourth yearr in ity the university as a medical.l. She is doing extremely well. Her professors in school describe her as a nice girl with excellent knowledge. I am very proud of the children; they are doing marvelously well. Most cherished gift It is funny. I have always told my husband that he is yet to give me the perfect gift I want from him. Favourite fashion accessories I like shoes, bags and jewellery. How I met my husband My husband, Jamilu Zakari Muhammad and I were in the same primary school. I have known him since he was nine years old and I was the same age. We were also family friends. We met again many years after primary school, before I graduated from the university. We got talking, and the rest is history. Most cherished attribute of his He is a very compassionate person. He is kind and very supportive. Most cherished fashion assessories My bangles. The first and last app I check every day I check all the apps, morning and night; I am very addicted to them. Favourite music Any kind of Nigerian music is my favourite. My children made me love Nigerian music. What I wouldn’t be caught wearing I would not be caught wearing indecent dresses. Best travel destination My best travel destination is London because it feels like home. How I relax I relax watching television, especially the Universal Studio Channel on DSTV. Last good book I read and how it impacted on me The last book I read is probably the Public Procurement Law. It is what I am using right now. It is like my handbook. It is always next to me and I always look at it. Favourite food and drink I used to like coke, but I don’t like drinks anymore; instead, I take a lot of tea as food. I like rice, fried or jollof rice. Defination of style The traditional style. I used to like skirts, but now I prefer traditional. Favourite designer I don’t have any. Favourite perfume, designer bags and shoes Whatever appeals to me.


Oluwo of Iwoland urges FG on unity


WOMEN FIND IT DIFFICULT TO OPERATE, IN TERMS OF GETTING CASES. MEN GET MOST OF THE CASES Mum’s advice that stuck with me till date Let me just say, to be honest and truthful. Favourite sport, weather, car, colour I like the cold weather because I don’t like heat. I don’t have any best sport or a favourite colour. My car is the Mercedes Benz C class. It was my dream car. Favourite day of the week Monday is my favourite day of the week because I go to work, especially when I had my office. When you work for yourself you don’t have that scare about going to work. Beauty routine I don’t have any beauty routine; I just wake up and get dressed. Many years have passed and you still look glam, what’s your secret? There is no secret; I am just happy and contented. Role models My parents are my role models. Looking back, what I would tell a younger me I would tell myself to strive to be the best and work hard wherever I find myself. My take on the Law graduate that was barred from being called to the Bar because she wore a hijab When I was in Law School we were not even wearing headgears; but now, I think female lawyers are allowed to wear headgears. I find it a little bit difficult when I am talking about that. I did not wear a headscarf and I knew that was how it was. And my parents accepted it. However, today, people are becoming more conscious of their religions than before.

he Oluwo of Iwoland and paramount ruler of Osun state, Oba Abdurasheed Adewale Akanbi Telu I has urged the government to promote unity and spirit of oneness in the country. He made the call during the installation of the first Asiwaju of the Igbo Assembly, Emeka Martins Odumegwu at his palace in Iwo. He asked Nigerian to forget the need of splitting the country and to put aside all tribal, religious and cultural differences. “We met this nation this way; let’s build it and repair it. We should see ourselves as one, whether one is Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba; we are one; it is one flesh, one blood. No matter who is at the top, let others support him and build the nation,” he said. The ruler has made calls for peace and unity many times before and has said that the divide amongst Nigerians has caused much damage in the country. The event had many notable traditional rulers from within and outside the state in attendance. The Oluwo of Iwoland also took it upon himself to distribute food items and gifts of cash to widows and the elderly in the community. He also took the time to visit the beneficiaries personally as a gesture of belonging and relieve them of their suffering. “With what I have done, I am giving them life and hope and that’s the message I want to send to the leaders of this nation. Anybody that has should look back on those who don’t have.” He used the opportunity to also urge other traditional rulers and philanthropists to take up the challenge of doing the same, reducing the poverty rate in the country.

David Oyelowo visits Boko Haram scholarship students


ritish born Nigerian actor, David Oyelowo offered scholarships to five girls who had survived the Boko Haram insurgency. The Hollywood star ensured the girls got the best of education and presently flew into the country to see how they were progressing. He shared a photo with the girls in Abuja saying, “I’m here in my motherland to see the recipients of our @geancofdnleadership scholarship for girls. No reason not to do it in style!”








Face yoga 101

here’s actually something that does to your face what yoga does to your body. Face yoga is a series of exercise that smoothens, tones and boosts elasticity in the skin. Basically, muscles in the face are not different from those on the rest of the body. If you don’t exercise the muscles below the neck, they may become weak and flabby; and the same thing will happen to your face with age. The new beauty regime eliminates wrinkles and acts like the ultimate natural facelift. It relaxes facial muscles, especially where we hold tension like the jaw and brow. The forehead can counteract wrinkles, causing the grimace we do on a daily basis. Face yoga naturally increases blood circulation, allowing more oxygen to reach the cells of the skin. The result is a clear, healthy complexion, with a beautiful glow that has less toxins and a better skin. It is definitely less expensive than cosmetic surgery and shows better results than over-the-counter crèmes. The motions can be performed by a face expert, t or you can do it by yourself at home. A regular practice of 20 minutes a day can result in a visible difference in the face and neck within two weeks.

With additional information from the internet


Risk of overusing antibiotics


ike most illnesses, the solution to getting better almost always involves medication. Antibiotics are drugs that are used to fight off bacteria causing illnesses. Contrary to popular belief, antibiotics cannot fight viruses of fungus. Antibiotics began with the discovery of Penicillins in 1928 by Alexander Fleming. They are substances derived from various species of microorganisms that are capable of inhibiting the growth of other microorganisms even in small concentration. Antibiotics have saved thousands of lives, but like everything else, overusing it can do more harm than good. Abusing antibiotics such as taking more than the prescribed dose or for a longer period of time comes with very serious side effects, including allergic reactions and resistance to it, which means your body won’t be able to fight bacteria, and even go on to kill the good bacteria your body needs. According to Dr. Nemile Etuh of Garki Hospital Abuja, antibiotic resistance is when your body doesn’t respond to the antibiotics when you really need it to fight bacterial

I need a male child

Good day doctor. I have two girls; though my husband is not disturbing me, I have indirect pressure from my in-laws to have boys. What can I do for the third child to be a boy? Mayowa It is unfortunate that at this age and time, there is still so much discrimination against the girl-child. Well, remember that whether male or female, those who will be responsible can be any sex. The best way to achieve this is to do IVF with sex selection. This one guarantees the chance of having a boy. You must ensure that you can afford it financially. Wishing you all the best.

Is it safe for me to conceive again?


Dr. Nathaniel Adewole, MOBILE: 0803 8039182 EMAIL:

I was diagnosed of hypertension after my last delivery. I was placed on lisinopril and moduretic. I desire to have another child now, but I am afraid of the hypertension. Can it be worse? What can I do? Maimuna, Kaduna The anti hypertensive drugs you are taking may need to be changed as you are now able to conceive. The drugs we use when a woman is not pregnant may need to be modified as soon as there is conception. For example, anti diuretic like Moduretic are discouraged in pregnancy. Also, you must register for antenatal as soon as possible. Usually, by 14 weeks of pregnancy we start Vasoprin, which reduces the possibility of further complications like preeclampsia and eclampsia. It is possible for a hypertensive patient to be pregnant and carry it to full term, but it requires compliance with medications, regular follow-up and listening to medical counseling when there is need for early intervention.

What is the interpretation of ASCUS on Papsmear

I got my Pap Smear result and the result states ASCIS. I could not understand the explanation the doctor gave. Is it cancerous? What do I need to do? Anonymous ASCUS means Atypical Squamous Cell of Undetermined Significance. It is not cancerous, but it will necessitate repeating the test in about six months later. Also, Pap Smear result of HPV changes will also require repeating the smear in six months. The Pap Smear that shows CIN 1 & II will require colposcopic studies. Let me use this medium to implore all women of reproductive age group to remember to do Pap Smear regularly to avoid cervical cancer. Prevention is better than cure. If negative, repeat Pap Smear every one to three years.

Can bow leg be corrected at infancy?

infections. Self medication is one of the leading causes of antibiotic resistance. Smaller or larger doses of antibiotics lead to self educated microbes that are able to resist the medication . Assuming that you would get better after a few doses is usually the main reason people overuse antibiotics. Your body needs time to fight the illnesses, and increasing your dose won’t do anything to hasten up the process. After all, things will get worse if your body becomes unable to fight infections, completely making things


more complicated. It is advised not prescribe antibiotics for yourself or anybody else. Visit your doctor. If the doctor feels that prescribing antibiotics is appropriate, then ensure you stick to the prescribed dose, at the time you are meant to take it and for the number of days or weeks the doctor deems fit. Have some faith in your body and the medication, and soon enough, you will be feeling as good as new. The same goes for all drugs. No matter what you maybe feeling, paying your doctor a

visit is the best way to go. Selfprescription may seem more convenient, but health and safety always come first. It is also important to bear in mind how to best protect ourselves from getting infections, such as washing your hands frequently, keeping ourselves indoors at times when you are feeling ill, as well as regular checkups. That way, the need for you to take antibiotics becomes significantly reduced. With additional information from the internet

My one-and-half-year-old baby has bow legs. It’s getting worse by the day. Please what can I do? Mrs Anene, Abuja It can be corrected; and the earlier, the better. You need to let the baby see an orthopaedic surgeon for the appropriate advice and corrective surgery. I can assure you that it is very amenable to surgery, with very good prognosis.