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Halima Turaki Aminu Tijjani Giving women a voice through politics

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he bucket bag is the it thing at the moment. These bags come in a variety of materials and designs. Carrying this trendy bag gives you the luxury of ample space; you can fit all you need into this bag. Whether you intend to get the bucket handbag or the backpack, we’ll be showing you how best to rock this accessory on the fashion page. The colour pink is mostly associated with the female gender, but only a bold male style icon can dare to go pink. Pink is eye catchy and attention seeking, therefore anyone wearing this colour automatically becomes the center of attraction. For those who are bold enough to go all out in pink, we have more details on this in the men’s page. In the culinary section, we have the exotic fisherman soup combined with a healthy bowl of oatmeal fufu. For dessert, you’ll be getting the recipe for the crunchy wheat-chocolate cookies. And finally a refreshing coconut-ginger drink. This is definitely a meal that’ll be enjoyed by the entire family. Floral dresses are playful and chic and dressing your little princess in one is going to leave her feeling pretty. The amazing thing about the floral dress is that it’s not restricted to a particular weather, which means your baby girl can rock hers at anytime. On the other hand, we’ll be giving you pointers as to teaching the kids to do away with grudge. The cover personality for this week is Halima Tijjani, the former senatorial candidate under the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and the Congress for ProgressiveChange (CPC). Currently, she owns an NGO called The Voice of Women in Nigeria. In her interview, she speaks on how she ventured from modelling for Vogue and Russell & Bromley into politics and lots more. Read all about it in her fascinating interview.

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Tasty Nigerian fisherman soup with oatmeal fufu

Regrowing and maintaining your hair PEARLS OF WISDOM BY UCHE EZE

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Trendy Bucket handbags By UCHE EZE


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Fashions Finest introduces four designers for maiden edition


By UCHE EZE Award winning fashion event company, Fashions Finest, has officially released the details of the maiden edition of her quarterly African fashion showcase. The First edition of the quarterly creative showcase will hold on August 27, 2017 in Lagos. The organizers have also revealed that African showcase is ‘Renaissance.’ According to the organizers, the platform is aimed at bringing together fashion inclined talents in order to educate, support and promote other African creatives. To help achieve this goal, four designers within the Nigerian fashion scene have been carefully selected. The designers are not restricted to Nigeria alone, as they are recognized worldwide. The designers are: SGTC Clothing, Nkadz, 1407 Style and Sally Bawa.



PEARLS OF WISDOM OM “With the right footwear, ear, one can rule the world.” - Bette Medler

HALIMA TURAKI AMINU TIJJANI Educational background I schooled in Zaria. I went to St. Patrick’s Primary School in the 60’s and had part of my secondary education there before I moved to complete it in Bendel, now Edo State. I later travelled to London where I did my A levels. After that I took up a secretarial course in Pittman’s College in London. I also went to Staffman Polytechnic in Elephant and Castle in London where I did computer training. After that, I worked for a while with Unilever, which is part of Lever Brothers, and also did some courses in cosmetology, did a little bit of modeling and fashion design. Career background When I came back from London I got married after I worked for one year at Lever Brothers. My husband did not allow me to do NYSC. He was not comfortable with it for married women, especially coming from a royal family. I had been assigned to the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA). He later set up a fashion business for me known as Aliyu’s Boutique in Unguwan Rimi in Kaduna before we moved to Maiduguri Road. I would say politics is in me right from the beginning. My husband at that time was the Secretary of MPN and they also started SPC with Abiola and the late Yar’adua. My elder brother, Professor Emmaunel Usamo, was the first Minister of Police Affairs. It was like a family of politicians, but at that time, I was not allowed to play politics and if my husband were alive, I wouldn’t have gone into politics. My political career started officially in 2010 because I was worried about the system, the environment, young women and how they suffer: especially when it comes to marriage and childbearing. People talked me into joining politics proper and I vied for the Senate for Kaduna Central. Initially, it was the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC). My mandate was stolen. I won the primaries, but they took it and gave it to a man claiming my party was new and that I would not be able to stand for the party at that ded a man, so time. That they needed I got angry and left the party. I nother party: was later called by another the Action Congresss of Nigeria rimaries, but (ACN). I won the primaries, m me. That it was also taken from nhandled and was when I was manhandled he hospital beaten up. I was in the for about two weeks.. I was the ised by one officially recognised tional the Independent National on Electoral Commission n that (INEC) but the man sed to bought my seat refused re all give it up. So we were campaigning and at the end ced that of it, INEC announced wner I was the rightful owner of that position and due to pital, I my being in the hospital, tion and lost the general election came third after the Peoples PDP) Democratic Party (PDP) n, I have have and CPC. Since then, decided to lie low forr a while and that was when I ventured back into my Nonnisation Governmental Organisation men in (NGO)Voice of Women ad been Nigeria (VWN). I had doing NGO’s since I was in ded one London and I founded on of called the Foundation men Peace Through Women and Children. Growing up Growing up was not easy: moving from one state to another



‘Giving women a voice through politics’ Interview by MARYAM AHMADU-SUKA, KADUNA & HAFSAH ABUBAKAR MATAZU, ABUJA

Hajiya Halima Turaki Aminu Tijjani is the wife of the late Turakin Zazzau, Alhaji Aminu Tijjani. She is a mother of two boys. She contested for the Senate twice under the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) and the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN). Her father is from the family of Usamo, an academic family in Delta State, while her mother is from Niger State. She was, however, born and bred in Zaria in Kaduna State. She speaks to Tambari. and from one country to another. When I left my parents to go to London, I was on my own. Thank God, naturally, I am a hard working person. I struggled a lot. I was not on scholarship and my parents were not buoyant, so I had to work my way to school in terms of doing some jobs, and that was when I took up fashion design, cosmetology and modelling for Vogue Magazine: that was how I was able to pay school fees. Challenges in life Well, we are still facing them. I am a hard nut and I am not easily cracked. I believe in my vision: if I have a vision I work seriously towards it. Lessons over the years We are still learning because as long as you are alive, you keep learning. I have come across the good, the bad and the ugly, and as a mother, a wife and a woman, I learned that yo you need focus in whatever you do and be determined determ if you have a goal. Most rewardin rewarding part of my career The most rewa rewarding part of Voice of Women in Nigeria is my women being able tto feed themselves car of their children; and take care especially the th widows among us, through sskills acquisition and empowerm programmes. empowerment That ha has been my joy: anytim I see them doing anytime som something, I am always ha happy. I have poems I w write and these women m make up a little bit of my poems: that a woman can never have freedom until the day she has her purse in her hand and is the one to control it. It is important to note that no matter how rich the family or the husband is she has her own. It makes me happy when women appreciate what I have done for them w or when they come in and I see them looking good. Som people call me Some Mot Mother Christmas; some call me Mother Theresa and so on. My joy is to see peop happy; especially people wom and I have quite women, num a number of youths that I t pay their school fees, and

I HAD TO WORK MY WAY TO SCHOOL IN TERMS OF DOING SOME JOBS, AND THAT WAS WHEN I TOOK UP FASHION DESIGN, COSMETOLOGY AND MODELLING FOR VOGUE MAGAZINE I am happy to say that in my life, I have been able to train people up to the level of colonel and my siblings are all graduates due to my hard work. Aspirations growing up I wanted to be a lawyer, but due to circumstances, I could not make it to the law school and up till now, if I have the opportunity, I will go back and read law because a lot of my friends are saying that it would have been a wonderful profession for me. Fond childhood memories I miss the union of my siblings. Like I said, I come from a large family and we are always united, especially the girls. So I miss that part of my family and I am not too good in making friends. I am more of a family person. All my friends so far that I have come across, we have one way or the other parted, but my sisters are my closest friends and we have that strong pact. I have missed a lot being in this part of the country. I have missed a lot of them. Joys of motherhood I have two boys and a stepson. The senior one is in Dubai. He is working with a group of companies that deals in property. He wanted to be a sailor but circumstances changed and he went into Business Studies and went on to Public Relations in Dubai. My other son has finished his Bachelor of Science and is searching for job. I also have my granddaughter who I will say is an accidental granddaughter, but I am happy to have her around because I have always wanted a girl-child. Children are bundles of joy and if I have a chance to come back again, I will come back a woman. My typical day I am a tea person and I take a lot. I hardly sit down to meal. A typical day for me is work, work and work, believe you me. Some people get excited when they are going for a party or an occasion, for me, it’s when I am working with my business, my NGO, it gives me excitement and happiness.


CO V E R // HALIMA TURAKI AMINU TIJJANI Most cherished gift and who it was from My most cherished gift came from my late husband. He is the one man I call the white man of Zaria. He was a gentleman. My best and most cherished gift was given to me by him, and I still have part of it: it is a piece of yellow diamond put in a necklace. When he gave me I did not know it’s worth. Many of my friends would borrow it and I did not care until one day my husband asked me about it and I casually told him a friend borrowed it and that was when he told me it was a diamond, I quickly got it back from my friend. How I met my husband We met in London. I was modelling for Russell and Bromley, the shoe giant in London, and he came in to buy some shoes. They had raining slippers that men like a lot: especially African men. So when they saw a coloured or an African man passing, they would ask me to model the shoes. I was even nicknamed ‘the stolen legs’ because any shoe I wore fitted my legs. He came in and said he wanted some shoes for his wives. I was having my tea break when I was asked to cut it short to model shoes for him. I asked what size of shoes he was looking for and he said his wives were petite, so I told him that petite was not a structure and such a person could have big feet, but he said his wives were petite from head to toe and that made me laugh. He picked some shoes and I modelled the big sizes. When I wore them, he said I had nice feet, but I was still grumbling in my mind that he disrupted my tea break which I was not going to be paid for. Eventually he took about four pairs for his wives and asked me to choose one for him. I thought to myself, “you’re here, why don’t you choose for yourself ”, but he said I had beautiful taste. I thought again that if he bought the shoes, it would mean more money, so I chose two and suggested that he picked different colours if he liked them, which he did. When he was leaving, he gave me a little something for my tea break and I thanked him for it. He came back the next day and told me that he just wanted to see my face again. I was like, “what for?”, and he started asking questions about my background. When I mentioned my father’s name, he said he was quite popular because then, my father was the officer in charge of Zaria and his nickname was OC Zaria. He asked for my number and a meeting before he left London for Nigeria. At the meeting, he told me he was interested in marrying me. I was confused because back at the shop, he was buying shoes for his wives. Then he said he was a Muslim and was allowed to marry four wives. He then said he would love to host me when I came to Nigeria. When I did, he hosted me and that was how the relationship started. We got married in the 80’s. Most cherished attribute of his He was a gentleman, honest, kingly and straight forward. Everybody called him Baba Turaki, but I nicknamed him the Prince of the Princes. I respected him so much. He mentored me. He had a construction firm and I learnt a lot from that now that I am into property. We talked a lot and discussed issues. I am a stubborn person naturally and when I was high, he went low. What I cherish most is our talks. We used to discuss the community, the family and the children. Top five on my wish list Uphold the name of my late husband by building a memorial to immortalise his name, see my children get to the peak of their careers, achieve my ambition politically, see that women are liberated from political shackles and see more of my grandchildren. Favourite kind of music on replay I love dancing, more of rock and roll, and at a quiet time, Whitney Houston and Beyoncé.

First app in the morning and at bedtime Whatsapp, because I control about three different organisations on Whatsapp. So I am always checking what is happening there. Favourite fashion items I like traditional wears and trousers because I am more of a tomboy. Flats or heels? Definitely flats. Most expensive fashion accessory My bangles. What I wouldn’t be caught wearing I will not wear mini. Best travel destination and why I travel a lot, but I like Amsterdam because of the atmosphere. The people are warm, friendly and they are very homely. Right from the airport you can feel the homeliness. How I relax I enjoy cooking even though I hardly eat. Favourite quote or saying Take the bull by the horn. Favourite kind of food I like salad, I eat a lot of it, for me, it is food. Definition of style I like wearing buba and if I can, I will wear it always. Favourite fashion designer I don’t have one. Favourite perfume, designer bag and shoes Anything. Mum’s advice that stuck with me over the years She told me to always be honest in whatever I did. She used to say, “A rolling stone gathers no moss”, but that if I kept my hands straight nothing would ever hurt me. If I remember that, with all the troubles I have gone through, I feel, it is a very good advice. Favourite sport, colour, car and weather I love to walk around. My favourite colour is red and I love the harmattan season because it reminds me of my days in London. I do not have a favourite car. Favourite day of the week and why? I don’t have a favourite day.



Beauty routine When I wake up in the morning, I cleanse my face because my face is very oily. Role models My husband and my father.My father because he is a hard working person and my husband because he was a loving and caring man who was always there when I needed him. Looking back, what I would tell a younger me I would tell her to have a mindset, to be prudent and go for what her mind tells her. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as she is on the right path. I use to tell my children to read their books and get their qualifications, and that one day they would be surprised when they would be called upon to be ministers. Legacy I would like to see Nigerian women politically getting to the peak. I would like to have a platform for political women, in a practical kind of politics setting not just an NGO: a platform where every woman can come and stand up politically. I would also want to improve, repair and innovate coalitions that will actively promote affordable health, education, electricity, water and microcredit for small and medium enterprises.



Big, bold and chunky wall clocks By UCHE EZE


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oday, Ankara prints are gaining popularity not only in the fashion world but in the creative and interior deceorating world. They are being used by interior designers who find unique ways to incorporate these prints into modern home decor. Adding Ankara prints to your home is a great way to give your home a boost of colour, individuality and creativity. These prints can be placed in any part of the house you choose; whether it’s the sitting room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. All that is important is to make sure that you don’t overdo it with them; otherwise your home will end up looking tacky instead of beautiful. In places like the kitchen, it is important to keep it really simple with the Ankara décor. You could simply switch your lacy curtains for Ankara prints and that would do the trick. For the sitting room, you can add a touch of Ankara depending on what your existing layout looks like. If your sofa is plain-coloured, go for Ankara throw pillows and maybe a single antique chair covered with Ankara fabric. There are no wrongs in adding Ankara to your home décor, all you have to do is tap into your creative side.

DIY outdoor water fountain By UCHE EZE You’ve tried taking medications to relief stress. You’ve paid huge amounts to a masseuse and yet you still feel stressed. Well, maybe what you need is a place to sit quietly and contemplate the sounds of nature: birds chirping, breeze blowing and the sound of flowing water. Running water has a calming effect, doesn’t it? I’m not quite sure why we find that sound to be tranquil and relaxing, but I’m pretty sure that practically, the entire world feels the soothing effects. Creating your own water fountain in your garden is not as difficult as it sounds. A fountain is composed of three things: water, which flows up a pipe and trickles back down in a continuous cycle; a pump, which propels the water; and a piece of sculpture, over which the water flows. If you look around your house, maybe in your store of old junk, you’ll find at least one of the things listed above. With the things around you, such as old flower pots, smooth rocks and a particular spot in your outdoor space that you have considered useless, you can create your own water fountain. Not everyone understands piping techniques, and that’s no problem; simply get a plumber

to do the connections, while you stick to the creative part. Whether you opt for building your own water fountain, or you decide to buy an affordable premade fountain, you’re definitely going to enjoy having a fountain in your outdoor space as this highlights nature’s most important element - water.




The many health benefits of black seed oil Stories by HAFSAH ABUBAKAR MATAZU


or many centuries, many health professionals have agreed on the benefits of black seed oil. With close to no side effects, this miracle oil has many unbelievable qualities which when consumed in the right amount, can relatively improve one’s health. Dr. Tabitha Adebayo, a dietician at Centenary Hospital, Lagos spoke on some of its benefits. Cancer: There are two phytochemicals found in black seed oil which can help decrease tumour cells that cause cancer. Being that black seed oil is rich in these chemicals, it can help fight any tumour-like activity in the body to prevent cancer. Liver: The liver plays many vital roles in the body. Almost all toxins must pass through the liver. It keeps the body balanced and healthy. For those who have or have suffered liver diseases or damage, taking black seed oil can help speed up the healing process and restore the liver fully to its functional state. Diabetes: Black seed oil increases lowered serum insulin concentration and decreases elevated serum glucose. It is actually quite amazing because black seed

oil is also one of the very few substances on earth that is able to prevent both Types 1 and 2 diabetes. Weight loss: A natural remedy for weight loss is black seed oil. Its anti-inflammatory properties help shed weight the same way it treats diabetes. It is one of the few known natural weight loss remedies in the world. Infections: Another great use of black seed oil is its anti-bacterial properties. Consuming black seed oil will also aid your body in fighting off infections. Black seed oil is a healthy versatile alignment that may be the answer to prevent many illnesses and With additional information from the internet



Rotimi reveals his Nigerian roots The Nigerian-American actor and singer, Rotimi Akinosho spoke on his Nigerian roots and growing up in America with his mum. He also spoke on how Nigerians think differently from other West Africans. “I don’t know. We just think differently than from West Africa. Pain is a direct line to royalty. The thought process is just work hard, get your job done and be successful” The New York born revealed how he found himself in the States saying that, “My parents came when they were like 28. My mum came, she was homeless. She ended up graduating from Columbia University and being a doctor. I have been a part of the true definition of hard work” he revealed.

Basketmouth to run for first multi-state governorship

Implications of self-medication any people l tend t d to t optt for f buying b i drugs over the counter to avoid the hassle and cost of visiting the doctor. However, there are implications of selfmedication, which once you get to know, are not worth the risk. According to Dr. John Ankama of Narasawa Specialist Hospital, it is always better to take a quick trip to the hospital when you are feeling under the weather so that a doctor can tell you what is actually wrong and prescribe the appropriate drugs to treat it. Getting properly diagnosed and treated is the best option, to avoid any kind of complication from


lf di ti Th i k that th t come with ith selflf self-medication. The risks medication include side effects from inappropriate medication, over dosage, risk of abuse and addiction, mixing the wrong drugs to complicate your health and lead to severe and worse health conditions. The doctor has been trained to identify and treat illnesses. You on the other hand, are lay to medical practice to fully know or understand your condition and treat yourself with drugs that you should not be taking. Therefore, to avoid any unnecessary and unwanted complications, it is better to dump the habit of self-medication and instead, spare some With additional information from the internet

Basketmouth has joined the train of celebrities to run for governorship except that he has broken a record of becoming the first multi-state governor. The comedian’s campaign poster shows his intention to run for Governor in the states of Imo, Abia, Rivers, Cross Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Lagos states respectively. This is all due to the ‘Not too Young to Run’ bill that was passed in the Senate recently allowing him and many other younger people to contest for political seats.

Breastfeeding rooms commissioned in Kebbi State The wife of the Kebbi State Governor, Dr. Zainab Atiku Bagudu has set up breastfeeding rooms for working mothers across state ministries and agencies. This act was to commemorate the Breastfeeding Advocacy Initiative set up by the first Lady of Nigeria, Hajiya Aisha Muhammadu Buhari. On the 7th of August, Mrs. Aisha Buhari, represented by her Special Assistant, Hajiya Ajo Sani, commissioned the breastfeeding room projects in Kebbi along with other dignitaries. In her speech, the first lady urged the other first ladies of states to join in this campaign for exclusive breastfeeding as this will save the lives of many children.





loral dresses create a tradition of adding beauty to kids’ outfits. Flora dresses turn dreams into reality because of their b beautiful designs and colours. They h have stunning designs suitable for any g child. Some of these dresses come girl w a tummy belt with ti round from the tied a k: abdomen to the back: o y others come in flowy d designs. Whichever w they all leave a way, c cute look on kids. If birthday parties,, g grand occasions or c church activities are in involved, your child s should try a floral d dress to get that a adorable look.


Handling little ones with big grudges


he character of getting angry at each other is common in all humans. If kids are taught to forgive, the world will be a better place. Holding unto anger cannot only hurt their heart, it causes damage to their mental health and destroys their social stance. Humans are prone to anger: The complexity of life is that some issues that appear trivial to some people may appear serious to others. Parents should help their children to overcome some of these issues. They should help their children by discussing the cause of a grudge and why it hurts. They should engage in constructive discussions by telling them the benefits they would derive from forgiving someone who has wronged them. Helping children get over a grudge can relieve them from great stress both physically and mentally, and it will help them get a more productive sleep.

like reducing the fun time of your child, adding more chores to their normal routine, even if it means putting an end to what they like most. This will restore calmness and peace. The evil of having an unforgiving heart should be thought to the child: Try to put them in the defensive condition: make them feel they have offended someone and that if they were in the position of the person being offended, how will they feel? They

would adjust because nobody likes to be treated badly. Holding a grudge is no fun at all: Parents should try to promote their children’s social and mental stability by teaching them bold steps of forgiveness. Teach them that it takes a lot of courage to forgive, but that it brings more than one benefit to their health and the society.

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Holding grudges can trigger retaliation: Children who have been wronged or betrayed get angry easily and decide to retaliate. This can cause a lot of damage to the child and the other party. Children become aggressive and want to fight for everything. As a parent, it’s okay to back up situations like this with an action



Tasty Nigerian fisherman soup with oatmeal fufu


nterestingly, fisherman soup has become a favourite among Nigerians; and it’s no surprise. With a variety of fresh seafood, vegetables and an attractive look, the fisherman soup is one delicacy to enjoy. Combine it with a nutritious oatmeal fufu and you have a finger-licking meal. Ingredients • 1kg of fresh fish • 2kg of fresh Nigerian tiger prawns • 500g of dried fish or smoked fish (or both) • 500g of stockfish (optional) • 1 cup of crayfish • Fresh crabs • Pepper (atarugu) • 1/2 kg of fresh spinach or pumpkin leaves (ugwu) • 100g of fresh basil leaves

2 medium sized onions 1 cooking spoon of palm oil Salt to taste Okro (optional) 2/3 cup of oat

Preparation 1. Chop the onions into large chunks, chop the peppers and fresh basil. 2. Add in the fresh fish, tiger prawns, boiled crabs, boiled dry fish, along with the chopped onions and pepper and dried crayfish and allow to cook for five minutes. 3. If you are using okro, add it in gently, while stirring it, add the rest of the ingredients. Cook the soup for another five to seven minutes until the okro dissolves a little. 4. Pour in the palm oil and cook for another five minutes. 5. Wash and chop the fresh spinach or pumpkin leaves and add to the soup and allow to cook for another five to

seven minutes. 6. Remove from the heat and serve the soup while hot. 7. For the fufu, combine oat and one d cup of water and blend until smooth. m sized siized d 8. Place a medium pot on medium heat and pour in ontinuously until the pureed oatmeal. Stir continuously mixture begins to cuddle, continue to stir until the mixture is solidified.

Wheat-chocolate cookies


f you are looking for a crunchy and tasty, yet healthy snack, then the wheat-chocolate chip is definitely the right choice. The kids will be ecstatic after the first bite.

• 1 1/3 cup of whole wheat pastry flour • 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda • 1/2 teaspoon of salt • 1 cup of mini chocolate chips

Ingredients • 1/2 cup of softened unsalted butter • 1/3 cup of sugar • 1/3 cup of packed brown sugar • 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract • 1 large egg

Preparation • In a large bowl, beat together the butter, sugar and vanilla until well combined and creamy. Add egg and mix well. Add flour to bowl and evenly sprinkle baking soda and salt over top. Stir until evenly mixed. Mix in chocolate chips and refrigerate cookie

Coconut and ginger drink T

his coconut-ginger drink is particularly delicious and spicy. It’s also found to be particularly useful in cases of nausea and indigestion when served hot. • 1/2 cup of water • 1 cup of coconut milk • Sliced ginger • Sweetener (use sugar, honey)


Preparation 1. Heat water until it boils. Add ginger to it and keep for 10 minutes on slow gas. This will reduce the water as well as extract ginger flavour. 2. Switch off the gas. Use tea strainer to remove ginger. 3. Add coconut milk and sweetener to water and stir properly.

dough for 30 minutes. • Position oven rack in centre of oven and preheat to 350°F. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper. Drop cookies by rounded tablespoons onto prepared cookie sheet, spacing at least 1 1/2 inches apart. Bake for eight to 12 minutes or until set and light golden brown. Allow to cool on baking sheet for five minutes before removing to a rack and cooling completely.

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Chic boubou By ENIOLA EKUN



Photos Source: ABDUL MUSA

oubou is a free size dress for ladies and is a also a good way to rock the maxi trend. Boubou is a general name given to kinds of clothing that are flowing and have wide sleeves. There are times you might want to look older and matured, and to achieve that look, you should add a boubou to your closet. Boubou dresses provide you with style and comfort. ecorate it with For a stylish look with boubou, you can decorate beads and embroidery. Boubou dresses are extremely ny time. So if comfortable and can be worn anywhere at any o rock, then go you want something simple, chic and easy to for a boubou which would prove to be your best option.


Nikki Khiran holds fashion exhibition




Nikki Odu Khiran the creative genius behind Nikki khiran couture recently organized a fashion showcase/exhibition in collaboration with Beevee Interiors and gifts, Ms Beverly Nelson, at their new event center, Open doors event center. The event was organized to showcase and promote the fashion and lifestyle industry in Abuja, the collaboration included fashion,beauty, lifestyle and décor. On display were Beevee Interiors and gifts, FOKAMA 5 jewelry, Mr Demola of Beautiful fabrics, Private moments collection and Glams Makeup. And of course Nikki Khiran couture Showcased its new bohemian dresses, ethic stoned capes, gorgeous Jalabiyas and its summer dresses in silks and jerseys as well as its jewelry range. It was one event where a lot of networking with organisers and participants held sway.




P PEARLS EARLS O OF F WISDOM “What you wear w is how you present yourself to the world, especially espec today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion Fashi is an instant language.” Coco Chanel PAGE 36 TAMBARI SUNDAY, AUGUST 13, 2017


Dare to go pink By ENIOLA EKUN


he idea that any selfrespecting man shouldn’t wear pink under any circumstance is just as outdatedasbell-bottomsanddisco. While you may be wary of trying on the supposedly ‘feminine’ colour, pink doesn’t have to be a scary experience. We’re not expecting you to go out and buy every piece of pink clothing there is, and we understandthatincorporatingpink into your wardrobe will take time. Like we said, we’re not expecting you to run right away and buy the first pink thing you spot. We understand that pink probably isn’t the first colour that comes to mind when buying a tie or a shirt, but pink shouldn’t be excluded entirely. Start with something small, a tie, socks or even a scarf, just to add a bit of colour to your outfit. You never can tell, you can look smashing when you dare to wear pink.



Jay-Jay Okocha Photo Source: INTERNET

Grey Velvet has hosted a launch for Frankie & co’s denim collection By ENIOLA EKUN FCO is the store’s in-house label, and the launch also served as a shopping party on Saturday, 29 July, 2017 at the Grey Velvet store in Circle Mall, Osapa, Lagos. The SmartLocal jeans are sure the best alternative for foreign, expensive, quality and stylish jeans as they sell at great prices with varying styles including the skinny, cropped, bootcut, and boyfriend jeans.Guests at the endorsed event included bloggers and influencers, Jane micheal Linda Ejiofor, Mimi Onalaja, Eki Ogunbor, Zina Anumudu, Denola Grey, among many others.

Sunny Neji

PEARLS OF WISDOM “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” - Edith Head PAGE 37 TAMBARI SUNDAY, AUGUST 13, 2017

P. Diddy



Regrowing and maintaining your hair By HAFSAH ABUBAKAR MATAZU


hinning or balding is every woman’s nightmare. It isn’t just limited to women who relax or are rocking their natural tresses, but it can affect anyone. It can be quite embarrassing stepping out with an undefined hairline. This is why it is essential to talk on how to regrow and maintain those fleeky edges. Scalp massage: Massaging your scalp stimulates hair growth because more blood flows to the scalp. The blood brings more oxygen and nutrients that stimulate hair growth. The massage is best done with natural oils like olive, argan, castor oil, etc. Use natural products around and near your edges: Try your best to keep your facial cleanser, moisturisers, creams and makeup away from your edges as much

as you can. The hairs that grow on your edges are fragile and so should be treated sensitively. Hair supplements: There are so many hair supplements that are rich in multivitamins to choose from that can aid your hair grow faster. Taking hair supplements daily can’t promise you instant growth, but you will definitely begin to see your edges flourish in close to little time. Sleep in a satin cap: If you are using a cotton pillow, then make sure you keep your hair protected at night from moisture loss and breakage. Your edges need the oils to stop them from thinning. Stop wearing tight braids: Tight hairstyles are one of the main causes of thinning edges. The tighter the hair, the more tension is put on the edges, which in


the end, hinders the growth of the hair. Stay away from brushes: This may be hard to stick with since we’re right in the middle of the baby hair trend. But there’s a choice that needs to be made: full edges or unhealthy and disappearing edges.

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Charcoal: Your answer to whiter and brighter smile T

he beauty benefits of charcoal for the skin hit us like a miracle. However, little do we know that it has been used for years as a natural teeth whitener. It works the same way it does on your skin, and when ingested: by pulling out the toxins and stains on your teeth. By using charcoal to brush your teeth, you’ll begin to see immediate improvement for whiter teeth. It’s as simple as dipping your wet toothbrush into powdered charcoal and

brushing your teeth for two minutes before rinsing. (Try to lean into your sink so as not to stain your clothes and make a mess.) After brushing, your teeth will feel squeaky clean and visibly whiter. This will continue to reflect on your teeth when used often. Brushing with charcoal is completely safe, so you can do so for as much as three times a day for maximum results. With additional information from the internet


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