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In this week’s edition of Tambari Extra, there’s a lot to look forward to. From DIY nail whitening techniques on the beauty page, to surprising health benefits of indulging in an all-time favourite guilty pleasure: chocolate. On the cover this week, we have the exceptional Binta Max-Gbinije, the Chief Executive Officer of Stanbic IBTC Trustees Limited. There’s a lot to learn from her as she shares her experiences in this enlightening interview. Read more on all she had to say inside. Have a splendid Sunday! – Amina Alhassan

Binta Max-Gbinije Redefining being a leader and a boss


Going funky with bean bag chairs by UCHE EZE


Yummy Chinese beef dumplings by HAFSAH ABUBAKAR MATAZU


a r t x E

hinese food is enjoyed far and wide. But enjoying a nice Chinese meal doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go out. You too can cook something up in your own kitchen once you get the hang of it. Beef dumplings are simple, tasty and filling. Here’s a recipe for making this meaty treat.

onion in a large bowl; then add in the egg, sugar, salt, soy sauce and oil. In the centre of each wonton wrapper, place a teaspoon of the beef mixture before moistening the edges of the wonton wrapper, fold it in half and seal by gently pinching the edges. In a pot of boiling water, add the dumplings until they float. Serve while hot with some sweet chili sauce or soy sauce. Enjoy!

INGREDIENTS 1 pound of ground beef 2 cups of shredded cabbage 1 carrot, shredded 1 onion, finely chopped 1 egg I teaspoon of sugar 1 teaspoon of salt 1 tablespoon of soy sauce 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil 1 package of wonton wrappers DIRECTIONS Mix the beef, cabbage, carrot and

Kiwi and mint drink INGREDIENTS ½ cup of sugar ½ cup of boiling water 4 kiwis ½ cup of mint leaves 2 cups of ice cubes 1 cup of sparkling water DIRECTIONS In a jug, dissolve the sugar

with the boiling water; then place in the fridge or freezer to chill. Peel and chop up the kiwis and blend with the cooled sugar syrup, mint leaves and ice until smooth. Pour back into the jug and add sparkling water. Serve with a slice of kiwi or mint leaves to garnish.


bean bag chair is a fun piece of furniture that is casual but offers lots of fun and comfort in interior décor. There are different kinds of bean bag designs, colours and sizes making it necessary for you to ensure that you select the type that will best suit your interior décor. You need to consider the size of your room and your preferred decorative pattern before incorporating bean bags in your home decoration. You also need to consider the fabric of the bean chair, as well as the colour. Most people find it difficult to adapt to bean bags in their indoor decoration, because it’s a little complicated to style. The secret of adapting to bean bags in interior decor is simply to be creative.




Tiwa Savage makes BBC 100 most influential women list


he Mavin diva, Tiwa Savage made a new wave when she was named on the British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC) 100 most influential women list, a part of its 100 women campaign. Savage is one of seven African women to make the list they were selected for to their achievements in various fields. The artiste doesn’t only sing and write music but is also a philanthropist assisting in many ways by tacking women related issues worldwide. Tiwa also recently released her new EP, “Sugarcane.”

Nollywood actor Eric Anderson to resume as Commissioner of Tourism in Cross River


is Excellency, the governor of Cross River State, Ben Ayade has officially sworn in Nollywood actor, Eric Anderson as the Commissioner of Tourism in the state. The ceremony took place at the State Executive Council (SEC) chambers of the Governor’s office in the presence of the governor’s principal aides, special advisers, senior special assistants and special assistants. Anderson was just recently cleared by the House of Assembly in the state and shared that he intends to run an open door policy. The position also comes with the task of organizing the Calabar carnival, one of the biggest carnivals in the world.

Davido becomes Nigeria’s most followed celeb on Instagram


dedeji Adeleke, more commonly known as Davido, has become Nigeria’s most followed celebrity with 5 million followers. He achieved this on Tuesday 3rd October. The “If ” star surpasses the likes of Wizkid with 4 million followers and Funke Akindele with 3.8 million.

// CO V E R

Redefining being a leader and a boss Interview by HAFSAH ABUBAKAR MATAZU Mrs. Binta Max-Gbinije is a remarkable woman who has achieved great feats along the course of her career. The Kogi state indigene is the current Chief Executive Officer of Stanbic IBTC Trustees Limited. The mother of 2 shares her career related experiences and sheds light on her more personal side too in this interview.

Educational background My educational journey began in Kano at St. Theresa’s Catholic School before I went to Sa’ad Zungur Primary School in Bauchi. I completed primary education at the Command Children’s School, Rukuba, Jos, in 1983. I headed to the Girls High School, Ocheja, in Benue State, and then a Government Secondary School in Plateau State, where I finished my GCE in 1987. I attended the University of Jos for a B.A. in English Language (1991) and the University of Lagos for an M. A. in International Law and Diplomacy (MILD) and then went to ESUT Business School in Enugu State in 2002 where I got an MBA in Management. I am also a fellow of the IAPM (Association of Investment Advisers and Portfolio Managers) and a HCIB, Chartered Institute of Bankers, Nigeria (CIBN), while more recently, I attended executive courses and trainings at the following Ivy-League Institution: Business Marketing Strategy-Kellogg Executive Education (2017), Women Executive Leadership-Yale School of Management (2016), Innovation StrategiesHarvard Business School (2015), Strategic Thinking and Management for Competitive AdvantageWharton Business School (2014) and Leading for Results-INSEAD, Singapore (2013). Career background My first job ever was my NYSC at the International Merchant Bank (IMB), and I could not have had a better foundation. It was a time of great learning and grounding, and when I moved on from there, it was to pass through a couple of other great financial institutions before berthing at Stanbic IBTC where I have been for 11 years and still counting. In Stanbic (before the merger with IBTC Chartered) I had the privilege of setting up the Private Banking Unit, and with the merger in 2007, I worked in the Private Banking Department of the enlarged entity before I was deployed to take on the challenge of setting up what was then the Expert Banking Team for Stanbic IBTC Bank. I discharged that role equitably well and when it was time for a bigger assignment, I got the privilege to join a team of two and set up Stanbic IBTC Trustees Limited (SITL) where we have grown the team and the company to become a sound

capital market operator today with the help of the larger group we belong to, our parent company and our teeming customers. How I got to where I am today, as an accomplished woman Really! I will take that as a huge compliment. If you say I am, it is all by the grace of God in whom I live, move and have my being. Without the Almighty, we are truly nothing. I also set out early in life to try and do all things well. I might not be able to do everything, but the things that I do, I always try to do them well. I also believe in constant self-development and keep re-tooling and trying to up-skill at all times because when you stop learning, you truly start dying. I am a voracious reader as well, an eclectic one of all kinds of topics and subjects and I try to also remain a student of life. I tell my sons, “Readers are leaders.” Challenges Many: from switching roles to a totally new area in an organisation and swimming rather than sinking, to moving across the country when my family’s circumstances changed and we had to relocate. It was a challenge that God helped me resolve as that had the potential to set back my career at the time and set me off on a different road, but by His grace, it all worked out well in the end. Life lessons So many, but the ones I reiterate often include: Life will give you back what you put into it. Work hard, success will follow. Do good, you will reap that back. Kindness, it will come back to you. Whatever you plant, you reap. No man is an island; we all need one another and can learn from each other, so perish the solo mentality and build bridges and healthy relationships that should be give and take and that would be mutuallybeneficial at all times. Also, integrity; be true blue, dyed-in-the-wool as the British will say. Let your words be your bond, and always say what you mean and mean what you say. Be so constant and consistent that people should be able to set their clock by you and be able to vouch for your conduct and character. An incident that still brings tears to my ears is


BINTA MAX-GBINIJE hearing my older son say, “Mummy always keeps her promises,” when he was about seven. Since then I have tried to live up to that and only make promises I plan to keep and let my nay be my nay and my yes be yes. Most rewarding part of my career Starting and growing businesses that are still thriving, that have delivered and are still delivering to their shareholders (clients, owners and staff alike) and coaching people to be the best they can be I guess. I have always strived to be a leader and not a boss, and successfully mentored many to express their full potentials. Aspirations growing up To excel in all areas and earn my doctorate before I was 30. I am 45 now and still have not earned the PhD, but will someday soon. It’s in my five-year plan. I also waffled between being a communications expert, a TV show host in the mould of Oprah Winfrey and also being a top civil servant that helped to move the Nigerian state forward, which I think stemmed from my father being an exemplary civil servant back then as well. Banking, however, happened to me and I have been in financial services in the the last 26 years with no regrets whatsoever. But one aspiration I still have tucked at the back of my mind is to someday add my quota in helping Nigeria become the country of our dreams. Fond childhood memories Riding our Chopper bicycles in Kaduna at a time when life was free and beautiful and there was no demarcation as to who was who: rich, middle class, poor, Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba, but children were allowed to be children and adults were largely honourable and civilised. How I met my husband I was a good Samaritan and my brother’s keeper when I went to drop off an older friend at her church in Surulere, Lagos, after a meeting at our headquarters. She invited me in to say hello to her pastor which I perfunctorily did and left. I was to see this same gentleman a couple of weeks later while at my duty post as a greeter and when he shook my hand coming through the door, he held it longer than he should have. It started there and here we are today by the grace of God, 17 years and two children later. Most cherished attribute of his He loves God and is truly a good man with a large heart who forgives too easily in my view and that is why he gets taken advantage of too. I do admire that though and commend him for it, praying I become more like him in that area. I also appreciate his support for me, encouraging me in my career, wanting more for me than I even want for myself, pushing me to be the best and get to the top and giving me the room to grow and do things some men might not allow such as being away from home for long because work demands it or even just hanging out with my friends and sisters without him complaining or fussing. Top five things on my wish list That Nigeria will deliver on its promise and potential to become not just the giant of Africa, but the giant of the world, to participate in an Olympics and visit Asia and the East for some culture and history, to go on a boat cruise with the family and another with my best friends to touch lives in tangible measurable ways and make an impact that will leave a legacy, and to write books and memoirs for posterity. Favourite music on replay Gospel: and my favourite artistes at this time are Dunsin Oyekan, the amazing worshipper and artiste of the Code Red album, and Nathaniel Bassey-his “Alagbada ina” track is on constant replay. First app in the morning/bedtime Work emails. While I totally espouse work-life balance, truth is when you run a shop you never totally shut down even when you are supposedly on vacation. When I am assured there are no urgent matters or a crisis to deal with, I log on to WhatsApp and I share some motivational materials to a select group every morning for a good start to the day.

Favourite fashion item(s) Bags, good shoes and nice wristwatches, in that order. Flats or heels? Both, but heels come first. What I wouldn’t be caught wearing Curly weaves or wigs, palazzo pants and seethrough clothing. Favourite travel destination Paris in December - the Christmas décor and lights

BE SO CONSTANT AND CONSISTENT THAT PEOPLE SHOULD BE ABLE TO SET THEIR CLOCK BY YOU AND BE ABLE TO VOUCH FOR YOUR CONDUCT AND CHARACTER down the Champs de Elysee and the Christmas village is a beautiful sight and an awesome experience. (The shopping is not bad as well). A close second will be Singapore for the architecture and sheer panorama of beauty. How I relax I watch TV and read good books while listening to Gospel music, hanging out with my friends is always rejuvenating, and also just lounging at home with the family makes my day anytime. Favourite quote “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he reap.” It’s from the Holy Bible – Galatians 6:7. Favourite food Fresh bread, preferably straight from the oven: unfortunately, I can eat this 24/7 even though I should not. Definition of style What fits you and that you are comfortable in. It must not be what is trending or the ‘seasons must have’, and it must suit your age, persona and role at any

// CO V E R


given time. Favourite perfume, designer bag and shoes Amethyst by Lalique for perfume, Chanel for bags and for shoes, I will take any I get as regrettably with big feet like mine, it is so hard to find good shoes, so I grab whatever fits no matter the name or style. Mum’s advice that stuck with me over the years The Yoruba (which my mum is by the way) quaintly put it as, “Ranti omo eni ti o je,” which means, “Remember the child of who you are.” This was her call to behave properly at all times and not bring the family name to disrepute, and believe me, it stuck as I was what you will call a ‘good girl’ all my life until I married. Favourite day of the week Sunday: I get to worship God (that happens always and everyday though) and also fellowship with my brethren, while I also have some ‘me’ time at some point no matter how busy that Sunday is. Role model(s) Michelle Obama continues to inspire me for her unflagging style and class. Even outside of being First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) she continues to amaze with her grit and all round “wholesomeness.” Mrs. C. O. Musa who demonstrated true love for us and remarkable support for my father during a rough patch in our lives remains commendable, Bishop Peace Okonkwo-a spiritual mother indeed and a vision helper in more ways than one, and Sola David-Borha, an extraordinary coach and mentor who I had the privilege to work with in Stanbic IBTC and who was until recently chairman of my board. Looking back, what I would tell a younger me “Yes, you can.” You are God’s masterpiece and you can do all things valiantly through Him. So you should have pushed more at that point, or just spoken up and asked, never assume and don’t make avoidable mistakes because as my elder brother Hassan will often quip, “Person wey dey ask no dey miss road.” Winston Churchill was right when he said, “Never ever give up.” I will also tell a younger me, “You can have it all, even if not all at the same time: a great career, a happy marriage and home and a balanced life, just remember to juggle the right balls and make the right choices.” Legacy Of a life well lived and of one who fulfilled purpose, leaving behind for my loving family a legacy of good memories and a seamless inter-generational transfer of not just noble values, but also of whatever assets that I may have acquired in my lifetime. I’d like to leave behind a memory of a happy family and a good name after I might have served humanity and my fatherland with my gifts, talents and substance, adding value in every sphere of influence and touching lives in a measurable way: coaching, mentoring, raising leaders and impacting destinies to help people become the very best they can possibly be. Advice to young and ambitious ladies in a male dominated society Hard work and diligence pay, and professionalism at all times is key. When you give your best at all times and have the right attitude, you will get your just dues in a merit-driven environment sooner or later. Contribute your quota and keep developing yourself: as self-development must be a never-ending quest on and off the job. I will also urge them all to find their strengths and play to it, even as they work on their weaknesses or seek knowledge to close up lacunas. The gender card is not one they should play, and because they are ladies, they should not expect to be treated differently. If you want to be respected as much as the next man, work as hard or even harder than him. Don’t use any feminine wiles, just be professional at all times, giving your best to the job and having the right attitude, because it truly determines your altitude.






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My neck is swollen

DIY nail whitening therapy B ki d Baking soda The bleaching and exfoliating properties of lot of people struggle with coloured baking soda can help remove stains from the nails, and go to great lengths to fix nails. them. Here are three simple elements to Mix two and one-half tablespoons of baking help clear yellow-like nails, and how to soda and one tablespoon of three per cent use them. hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl. Use cotton Hydrogen peroxide swabs to apply the mixture on the stained nails. Hydrogen peroxide has whitening properties Leave it on for three to four minutes and then that work wonders on yellow stained nails. rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat this process Hydrogen peroxide can dehydrate your nails, every six to eight weeks. so apply a moisturising lotion after using this Whitening toothpaste remedy. Toothpaste that helps to make your teeth Pour three to four tablespoons of hydrogen whiter can also be used to remove yellow stains peroxide into one-half cup of water and mix from nails. them well. Soak your nails in the solution for two Apply a small coat of whitening toothpaste minutes. Using a soft toothbrush, gently scrub on your nails. Leave it on for five to 10 minutes. your nails. Then rinse them with water. Do this Using a nail brush, scrub your nails gently. Wash once a week for several months. the toothpaste off with cotton balls ssoaked in lukewarm water. Repeat the two or three times per week for DO YOU KNOW... THAT WEARING RUBBER paprocess month.




With additional information from the internet


Health benefits of eating chocolate in moderation C by HALIMA ABDULRAZAK

hocolate has a bad reputation of causing weight gain, but there are quite a number of benefits associated with chocolates, health wise. There is considerable evidence that cocoa provides powerful health benefits; especially against cardiovascular diseases. These are few reasons why dark chocolate can benefit us. Chocolate is very nutritious: Quality chocolate is rich in fibre, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese and a few other minerals. Chocolates are powerful antioxidants: Cocoa and dark chocolates have a wide variety of powerful antioxidants way more than most other food. Dark chocolate improves blood flow


and lower blood pressure: The bioactive compound in cocoa improves blood flow in the arteries and causes a small but statistically significant decrease in blood pressure. Dark chocolate helps lower risk of cardiovascular disease: The compounds in dark chocolates are highly protective against the oxidation of the LDL which causes less cholesterol to lodge in the arteries which causes a lower risk of heart disease. Dark chocolates protect the skin from the sun: The bioactive compounds in dark chocolate protect the skin from sun-induced damage as they improve blood flow to the skin and increase the skin density and hydration. With additional information from the internet

I have a swelling on my neck and I usually feel hot even when other people complain of cold. What could be the problem? The swelling and the unusual feeling of hotness is likely to be due to goitre. The thyroid gland is located at the anterior part of the neck. It becomes enlarged due to a problem with iodine metabolism. Are your eyes slightly bulging? Do you have a history of excessive sweating? Anyway, thyroid disorder is not uncommon in our environment. You may need to do thyroid function test and ultrasound scan of the area. Treatment could be medical or surgical. But from your question, it is likely you may need thyroidectomy.

Yet to stand or walk My child is one and half years old yet he cannot stand or walk. Were there complications during delivery? Did the baby cry at birth? Was there a history of jaundice that required blood transfusion? Causes of neurological deficit could be from mismanaged delivery or kernicterus: that is yellowing of the eyes that is not well managed until it affects the brain. Also, head injury or intra cerebral haemorrhage could be a cause. There are several other possible causes. What you need to do is to see a paediatric neurologist for proper assessment and management.

Can I still impregnate a woman after suffering stroke? I am 45 and I suffered stroke in 2016 and since then I have been on drugs. Can this stop me from impregnating a woman? I did sperm test recently and the tests were positive? – Sani, Kano It does not stop you from impregnating a woman provided you can have an erection and ejaculate. More so you have also done the seminal fluid analysis which shows you are normal.

Does tramadol have side effect? I am 33 and I take tramadol without prescription, and I think I am addicted to it. Is there any side effect? – Suleiman Tramadol is an opiod drug for pain relief. It is used for the relief of moderate to severe pains, and it is addictive. It can be given orally, intramuscular (IM) or intravenous (IV). Side effects include nausea and constipation. Generally, it is not advisable to take any medication without prescription, more so without any reason. Apart from addiction, regular intake of tramadol or any drug will create a state of tolerance in which case one needs a higher dose to feel the effect and sometimes one’s body may not respond to the drug.