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Serving the Masonic Fraternity of Washtenaw County USPS 595-570 August 2009



Order of the Temple Commandery Inspections Saturday, August 22nd, 2009 Ypsilanti Masonic Temple

Golden Rule Lodge No. 159, F&AM

Ann Arbor Commandery No. 13 Knights Templar

Ann Arbor Masonic Temple “Gustave Travert” Picnic Shelter

Roy A. Ickes, Grand Generalissimo Inspecting Officer

Thursday, August 20th, 2009 6:00 PM until 11:00 PM

Luncheon at 12:30 – Only $8.00 per person

9:00 am

Reservations are required as all food and drinks will be provided.

(Must be able to make plans, you know) Purchase tickets at the Grotto or from any Golden Rule Officer. Only $15.00 per ticket!!!

Classic Car Show

They will also have a (For all those desiring to show off their hobbies) Also included will be traditional forms of entertainment including: Card Games, Videos/Movies (Golf, Dream Cruz, National Treasurer, etc.) They are also working on additional forms of entertainment for your enjoyment and pleasure. Come out and enjoy an evening of friendship and fellowship with YOUR Brothers from Ann Arbor and the surrounding Area.

Make Reservations, today!!!

Contact: Art Davidge, Recorder No. 13, with your reservations for lunch

(734) 769-6892

Ypsilanti Commandery No. 54 Knights Templar Howard H. Crumit, Jr., Grand Senior Warden Inspecting Officer

Inspection to follow luncheon Desert after the Inspection Thought for the Day In the noisy clamor of the world our wise Masonry does not strive and cry aloud, indulging in agitations and the making of programs. It works in quieter, gentler ways, teaching men the religion of the brotherly life, knowing that by as much as the world fill up with men of “the larger heart and the kindlier hand,” by so much will our dreams of a juster, gentler, happier world come true, and the final hope of the Kingdom of God on earth be fulfilled. Slowly the Temple rises, builded by the love of many hearts and the loyalty of many workers: and at last it will be completed and dedicated. Joseph Fort Newton From: A Masonic Thought for each day of the Year




109 West Michigan Ave, Saline 48176

135 E. Main St., P.O. Box116, Manchester

113 W. Middle St., Chelsea, MI 48118

THOMAS D. HYATT Worshipful Master


LYNN M. HELDT, PM Worshipful Master

46000 Ceddies Rd. Lot 109 Canton 48118 734.495.9363 cell: 734.216.8010 WILLIAM E. HOLIFIELD, JR. Secretary 8750 Melbourne, Saline 48176 734.461.6019 Cell: 7343.260.4858

12410 Miller Hwy, Brooklyn 49230 517.592.4824 GUY GILBERT …………….………Secretary 207 W. Duncan, PO Box 4, Manchester 48158 (734) 428-7036

13301 Pleasant Lake Rd., Manchester 48158 (734) 428-0763 Cell (734) 216-0842


The Master’s Letter Dear Brothers: The summer is rapidly going by. It will not be long until it is harvest time and that means frost will soon be here. That’s a comforting thought on these warm humid days. Saline Lodge will not be doing anymore work during the summer months. We will begin anew, refreshed in September. It appears that we have a transfer coming in to the Lodge soon. He came for a visit and was so j.kimpressed with the reception and warm welcome that he received that he decided that he wanted to be a part of our Lodge. Isn’t it great that we are setting an example to be emulated by others. We should have plenty of work to do this fall as it appears that we are going to be having 5 or 6 new petitions coming in that we will need to act upon. Have a great remainder of the summer. Looking forward to seeing each of you up to Lodge for the Regular on Tuesday, September 1st. In the mean time, have fun and stay well. Sincerely, Thomas Hyatt Worshipful Master

1st MONDAY OF THE MONTH, 7:30 PM except July & August

The Master’s Letter Greeting Brothers and Friends: DAVID A. REDDING……………. Secretary 913 Moore Dr., Chelsea 48118 (734) 562-2090 Cell: 517 403-9871 WEB: 2nd MONDAY OF THE MONTH, 7:30 PM, Lodge phone (734) 475-8920

Greetings Brothers:

DO YOU “JUST BELONG”? Are you an active member The kind that would be missed Or are you just contented That your name is on the list?


Shrine Hospital “He wondered where his money went” And when his kindly gift was spent He never followed day by day The dollars which he gave away. And so they said, “Let’s trace them down And go with them about the town.” They led him to a crippled child Who looked and him and bravely smiled. He gazed on doctors kind and wise, Restoring sight to little eyes. He was health start to grow again On faces that were white with pain. A brave boy stepped across the floor Who had never walked before. In haunts of misery and strife He saw the dawn of happier life. “But few of these,” they said “would live If men like you refused to give. If but one crippled chi8ld would smile You’d count you sacrifice worth while.” When asked to give, recall these scenes And understand what giving means. Edgar A. Guest

Do you attend the meetings And mingle with the flock Or do you stay at home And criticize and knock? Do you take an active part To help the work along Are you satisfied to be The kind that “JUST BELONG”? Dou you ever go and visit A member that is sick Or leave the work to a few And talk about the clique? Think this over, member, You know right from wrong Are you an active member Or do you “JUST BELONG”? Anonymous

BROTHER Be ready with a friendly greeting. Reserve night when we hold meetings, Obey the Master’s pleas and wishes, Take time to help out with the dishes, Help widow, orphans, with quickness, Ease, too, the lot of those with sickness Remember to love one another – -- and you’ll deserve the name of BROTHER Walter K. Belt

1474As GOLDEN RULE LODGE N0. 159 ‘r 2875 West Liberty Rd., Ann Arbor 48103 WILLIAM KREBAUM



310 S. Ashley St., Ann Arbor, MI 48105

37 N. Tolan St., Milan 48160



Worshipful Master

Worshipful Master

Worshipful Master

1484 West Liberty St. #1, Ann Arbor 48103 734.320.2677


332 Anderson St., Milan 48160 (Cell) 734-891-7676

ROBERT MURPHY, PM ……..………Secretary P.O. Box 1014, Novi, MI 48376 (248) 348-9298 WEB: st 1 THURSDAY OF THE MONTH, 7:00pm

SEYMOUR D. GREENSTONE, PM …….….Secretary 12065 Glenview Dr., Plymouth, MI 48170-3052 (734) 455-6121 Fax: (734) 254-0124 2nd WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH - 7:00 pm

Master’s Letter

Master’s Letter Greetings, Brethren and Friends, Golden Rule will have a Regular Communication this summer, on Thursday, August 6 at 7:00 PM at the Ann Arbor Masonic Temple. Two of our Entered Apprentices are slated to give their EA proficiencies, so please try to attend and show support for these young Masons. The August Regular may be the last Masonic meeting to be held at the Ann Arbor Temple, since the Temple may soon be sold. Pending approval by the Grand Master, we are planning to hold our Regular Communications at the Zal Gaz Grotto on West Stadium Blvd., beginning in September. Stay tuned for further details. Brother, if you’ve not been active in Lodge recently, now is the time to step forward and help the Lodge get through these challenging times. Decisions must be made regarding the move out of the Temple. We need to assess the needs of the Lodge as we move forward and make suitable disposition of property that is no longer needed. Your input is earnestly solicited in this process. On Thursday, August 20, running from 6 PM to 11 PM, Golden Rule will hold the annual “Stag Party,” for all Masons and their friends who might be interested in Masonry. It will be held at the picnic shelter at the Temple. Food and refreshments will be provided. The cost is $15.00, reservations are required. Contact Brother Jim Lakin for information, 248-520-2666. Please join us for an evening of fellowship and fun! Fraternal regards, Bill Krebaum, W.M. Trestle board items: Aug 6 Regular Communication 7:00 PM Aug 20 Stag Party 6–11 PM


STEVE COBURN, PM ….…………..…..Secretary 10247 Crane Road, Milan 48160 734 231-7127 1st WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH Special Communications, 3 rd Wednesday 7:30 pm, Lodge Phone (734) 439-1020

Word is out that Milan was fortunate to have three new Entered Apprentices last month. This is a good sign of their continued growth and prosperity to again being the strongest little Lodge in the State. It is hoped that they will take better advantage of the Masonic News in getting the message out to their Brothers and the other Brothers around the area so that they can have an even larger turnout and better support for these new Brothers. Paul Howell

August 2009 Ann Arbor Masonic News Sunday












3:00 PM - 5:00 PM Scottish Rite Family Bowilin g Party


Grand Chapter RAM - Grand convocation



Grand Banquet

Grand Commandery - Gra... Manchester 148 - Texas Hold-em





7:30 PM OES Business Meeting



7:30 PM Grotto - 7:00 PM Order 6:00 PM - 8:00 Regular of the Temple PM Grotto -

Rehearsal Ypsilanti

Friday Fry

15 Masonic News Articles Due

Manchester ...







6:00 PM - 11:0 0 PM GR Picn ic Ann Arbor Picnic Shelter

9:00 AM - 1:00 7:00 PM Ann PM Grotto Arbor Joint York Rite Breakfast Calvary Buffet

9:00 AM AA KT An nual Inspection Ypsi

United Methodist Church






7:30 PM OES Initiation & Practice.

7:00 PM Ann Arbor Masonic Temple Board Meeting





6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Grotto Friday Fry

31 6:15 PM SEMJYR Association Mtg. - River Raisin Chapter Monroe

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Working to support and strengthen Mas onry in Washtenaw County.



248 Dundee Street, Saline 48176 (734) 660-5534 Donelda Hughes, PM, …………….Secretary 2859 Marshall St., Ann Arbor 48108 (734) 929-2044 2ND MONDAY OF MONTH 7:30 PM 5752 Whittaker Road, Ypsilanti 48197 __________________________________

2655 Esch Ave., Ann Arbor 48104 (734) 780-4761 Henry Geiss, PM……………..……Secretary

Greetings from Ypsilanti OES East: I hope you are having a very pleasant summer. Please remember we are open for business meetings and activities. Those of you who are snowbirds are always welcome to join us. I hope to see many of you at our “indoor picnic” on July 27th at 6:30pm. This is a great opportunity to get together with family and friends. Please bring a dish to pass. Meat and beverages are being furnished. We voted to donate to the Charity Golf outing by sponsoring one golf hole perhaps the 19th hole. It will benefit Abuse Centers, which is one our Worthy Grand Matron’s charities. The August business meeting is Monday, the 10th. We are finalizing the plan for the reception honoring Donna Hughes, Grand Martha and Mary Grace Gordon, Grand Committee Person, Sept. 16th. There is one month whose table needs to be decorated. On August 24th we will have an initiation and practice. Please plan to be there. Dues notices are being sent out now. These are due by October 1st. If you still need to pay 2008-2009 dues please call to let us know if you have a problem or need help. Also we need a full set of officers for next year. We need both line officers and floor officers. Please step up and join in and let us know of someone who maybe interested. Without the local newspaper it is difficult to know who has lost a loved one, or who is sick. If you know of anyone please let Marge Hyatt, Donna Hughes, or me know. I’m wishing fraternal love to anyone in sorrow or ill health at this time. God be with you, Pearl Gale, WM.


3436 Yellowstone, Ann Arbor 48105 2ND WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH, 7:30 PM 2070 West Stadium Blvd. (734) 663-1202 or at:

Monarch’s Letter

Greetings Prophets and Brothers,

Aug 12th – House and Board Meeting and Regular Monthly Meeting. Aug 14th – Friday Fish and other Fry 6 – 8 pm Aug 17th – Breakfast ALL YOU CAN EAT Buffet, 9 am to 1 pm Aug 20th – Golden Rule sponsored All Masonic Picnic at the Ann Arbor Masonic Temple Picnic Shelter. 6 – 11 pm. Res. Required. Aug 28th – Friday Fish and other Fry 6 – 8 pm ___________________________________

GRAND YORK RITE SESSIONS Grand Chapter – August 5th Grand Council – August 6th

Grand Banquet – August 6th Grand Commandery August 7th & 8th Holiday Inn Gateway Centre Flint, Michigan ______________________________ THE MOTTO OF ROYAL ARCH MASONRY On many of the official documents, or certificates, issued by Royal Arch bodies, will be found the words: “Holiness to the Lord.” This is the motto of Royal Arch Masonry and ever reminds us of the reverence due the Great and Beneficent Author of our existence, who is a Being without beginning of days or end of years.



1415 Miller Ave., Ann Arbor 48103

37 N. Tolan Street, Milan




High Priest

High Priest

1120 Jewell Road, Milan 48160-9529 (734) 429-4275 cell: (734) 395-6494 ALLEN C. CHRIST, PHP ……...…Secretary 1120 Jewell Road, Milan 48160-9529 (734) 429-4275 cell: (734) 395-6494

11009 Platte Road, Milan 48160 734.439.7567 JOHN F. MIDKIFF, PHP ……… Secretary 326 E. River St., Deerfield 49238 (517) 447-3258

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STATED CONVOCATION 2nd THURSDAYOF THE MONTH 7:30 PM Joint with Excelsior Chapter


Eric Feldt, Owner 7005 Jackson Rd., Ann Arbor 48103 Fax: (734) 662-6010


High Priest Address

Greetings Friends & Companions, I hope everyone is enjoying a blessed summer! This weather has been about as temperate as we could wish. Warm temps, cool breezes, a little rain here and there, and not very many mosquitoes! We are all feeling the effects of the economic downturn but I hope we have been, and can continue to, be able to bear it. This reminds me of a childhood lesson on money: “mind the pennies, and the dollars will mind themselves.” While there are only so many ways to pinch pennies, being frugal is still very important! As you are aware, the York Rite is returning to Ann Arbor! Each of the Grand Bodies have accepted our petition to meet at the Calvary United Methodist Church located at 1415 Miller Ave Ann Arbor, MI 481033797 (at Newport Road & aprox. 4 blocks west of Seventh.) Our long standing Commandery members will recognize this as our temporary home during the construction of the current Masonic Temple on Liberty Rd. I have been in contact with a prospective new member for our Chapter. He belongs to Ann Arbor Fraternity & knows several of our members. He has done quite a bit of research on his own trying to learn about the York Rite. He already has a petition in hand and is looking forward to getting a couple of signatures & joining our ranks! Dust off your ritual books, we have work to do! Before he can sit in Chapter with us, we need to confer the several degrees of Mark, Past, and Most Excellent Master upon him. Please take a part, even if it’s your first time. There is a lot to do, but none of it is too

Al Harden _______________________________ is a lot to do, but none of it is too terribly difficult. Speaking of work; do you know what is taking place this month? Grand Session that’s what!! Flint Michigan, here we come! Keeping with fellowship, camaraderie, and teamwork, we are once again holding a Joint York Rite Session. What a beautiful thing. Brethren that dwell (read work) together in unity! Those who best can work, or best agree and all that… We look forward to sitting “in Lodge” with all of you back in Ann Arbor soon! To those in sickness or distress, please know we are thinking & praying for you. S&F, Allen Christ ________________________ Nothing is easier than faultfinding; no talent, no self-denial, no brains, no character are required to set up in the grumbling business. Robert West

734 368.1508


FREE SA LES TA X ! 1 0 6 4 5 W . M i c hig a n A v e S a l i n e M I 4 8 1 7 6 -9 6 2 5 P h o n e : (7 3 4 ) 4 2 9 -9 7 0 5

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*** And how to build a better world? Well, not by chart or plan. Unless we start to teach the boy To be a better man. For all the dreams of nobler things Will meet the same old fate, Unless we turn to fellowship, And do away with hate. Edgar A. Guest




1415 Miller Ave., Ann Arbor 48103

1415 Miller Ave., Ann Arbor 48103

Connie Sundrla – Dipl.Ac.



Thrice Illustrious Master

Eminent Commander

NCCAOK Certified

17635 Manitou Beach Rd., Addison 49220 517.262.5140

17635 Manitou Beach Rd., Addison 49220 517.262.5140

PAUL C. HOWELL, PTIM……………….Recorder 17635 Manitou Beach Road Addison, MI 49220 (517) 262-5140 STATED ASSEMBLY 3rd MONDAY of the Month

ARTHUR W. DAVIDGE, MSA ………….Recorder 4551 N. Maple Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48105-9614 (734) 769-6982 STATED CONCLAVE 3rd MONDAY of the Month

7:00 PM

7:00 PM

ANNthat ARBOR COUNCIL NO. 86Sir candidates come in & become new

TIM’s Thoughts Companions and Friends: CHOICES One’s philosophy Is best expressed Not in words, But in the choices One makes In daily living. Eleanor Roosevelt George Lucero has made his choice to improve himself in his Masonic knowledge and understanding. Hopefully, he will have completed his Select Masters Degree in the Council on Monday, July 20th and will be anxiously awaiting, wondering about the next Degree, the final and climatic Degree in the Council – The Super Excellent Masters’ Degree. The dates have been set for this. Thursday, September 17th we will be having our rehearsal for the Super Excellent Masters’ Degree and on Thursday, September 24th we will be conferring the Degree. Both will be done at the Ypsilanti Masonic Temple. We will be meeting for all of our Regular Assemblies and most of our Royal & Select Degrees at the new meeting place the Calvary United Methodist Church on Miller Ave. in Ann Arbor, however, the location is not large enough for us to confer the Super Excellent Masters Degree in full form therefore we will be working with Ypsilanti for this final and climatic Degree. Grand Council will be meeting in Flint on August 6th. Someone once told me that everything slows down in Masonry during the summer. Not sure who it was that told me that, but I think I should discuss with them exactly what it is that they meant. Hope this letter has found each of you in the very best of health and happiness. May the remainder of your summer be one of ease and peace. Looking forward to seeing you in our journeys through life and through Masonry.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday By Appointment Only 2345 S. Huron Parkway ,Ann Arbor, MI 48104

(734) 973-1012

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Commander’s Comments Greetings Sir Knights and Ladies! Coming soon to your local Commandery is the big event of the year for the Grand Commandery of Michigan. The Annual Commandery Inspections of each of the Commanderys. Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti will both have there’s in Ypsilanti on Saturday, August 22nd. Ann Arbor’s will begin at 9:00 AM and then lunch will be served at 12:30. Contact Art Davidge, Recorder to make your lunch reservations. Only $8.00 per person. Ypsilanti’s Inspection will begin after the luncheon and then deserts will be served after there Inspection. It may seem like it is going to be a long day, however, it will be broken up with food and fellowship. Each of the Commandery’s is fortunate that they will have a candidate for the Order. One of their own new Knights to be Knighted. Much better than using a Pro-tem candidate. We will be holding joint practices for the Orders on the last two Thursdays of July and again on August 13th & 20th. All rehearsals will be held in Ypsilanti and will begin at 7:00 PM. Not only will this be the big event for Grand Commandery it will be the biggest event that a Christian Mason can be involved in within the Fraternity. Looking forward to seeing a large turnout for the Inspection and the first meeting of the Joint York Rite in Ann Arbor. Stay happy, healthy and it would be nice if you could also be wealthy, however if you have the first two, you automatically have the last. SOUTHEASTERN MICHIGAN JOINT YORK RITE ASSOCIATION QUARTERLY MEETING.

Monday, August 31st River Raisin Chapter #22 Monroe, Michigan Dinner 6:15 PM Meeting follows

2350 Washtenaw Ave., Suite 10 Ann Arbor, MI 48104 Phone: (734) 761-9696 Cell: (313) 308-4306 Email:

MATT SLATER 111 W. Main Manchester, MI 48158 734-368-3057

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CRAFT APPLIANCE SERVICE COMPANY 5151 Esch Road Manchester, MI 48158 Frealin Craft Owner Fax (734) 428-1469 Email: WEB: CRAFTAPPLIANCE.COM ________________________________________________________

JOINT YORK RITE Washtenaw Chapter #6 Ann Arbor Council #86 & Ann Arbor Commandery#13 will begin meeting together again on: Monday, August 17th 7:00 pm at the: Calvary United Methodist Church 1415 Miller Road Ann Arbor 48103 Come out and join with us as we renew, begin anew, York Rite Masonry in Ann Arbor.

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Ypsilanti Chapter No. 119 OES Cordially invites you to a




Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In sunny Florida (You must get there on your own)

Ypsilanti Masonic Temple

February 20th – 27th, 2010 And get away from the northern Winter Blues

Donelda Hughes, Grand Martha Mary Grace Gordon, Worthy Grand Matron’s Secretary

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Gulf Pointe of Naples 9439 Gulf Shore Drive Naples, FL 34108

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Hankins-Schroeder Grand Family Registration: Potluck:

4:00 PM 5:00 PM

(Meat, beverage, table service provided) Grand Officer Exemplification: 7:00 PM SHARP Cost: RSVP:

Month of Birth By September 9, 2009

Priscilla Hankins, WGM 1515 Ridge Road, #65 Ypsilanti, MI 48198

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The monthly issue of the Ann Arbor Masonic News from August 2009.