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NEWSLETTER AAETM Club News and Events AL AIN ELITE TM CLUB Club# 4823235. Area 80, Division U, District 20.

Charter date: 30-06-2015 Issue: December/2016

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Club Leadership President Abeer Fakih, CC, CL (

VP Education Sajin Salim, CC (+971 50 2205282

VP Public Relations Jeejith Sreedharan, CC (+971 50 558 4189

Secretary Jayshree Savant (

Treasurer Shannon Glasgow, ACB, CL (+971 50 663 2550

Sergeant at Arms Pradeepkumar Ramakrishnan (+971 50 734 8108

From President’s Desk: MTM Abeer Fakih, CC, CL. Swami Vivekananda said once: The rain drop from the sky: if it is caught in hands, it is pure enough for drinking; if it falls on hot surface, it perishes; if it falls on oyster, it becomes a pearl; the worth of the drop depends on with whom it associates. Do you believe in his words like I do? One of the strongest elements of Al Ain Elite Toastmasters Club is Quality with Diversity. We have believed since the day we put our hands together to charter the club that the more diversified our club is, the richer and colorful it is. Whoever comes to our club will be delighted and impressed by our united colors. With TM Sajin, you will get boosted with his high dose of energy and excitement and you will learn from his dedication. With TM Wayne, you will feel assured that you can do wonders and you are already a winner, a real self-esteem builder. With TM Shannon, you will learn how to multi-task and carry many melons in one hand when you believe that it is worth it. With TM Jeejith, you will enjoy entertainment associated with proper publicity through his lovely and well-timed shot photos. With TM George, you will get impressed by his desire to improve and his willingness to support our club when needed through his strong connections. With TM Rajesh, you will know how dreamers with a strong belief of success can absolutely achieve their personal goals, which is reflected by his commitment to his dream: Coaching. With TM Jayshree, you will be amazed at how sometimes she takes a role assigned to her last minute without any advanced preparation and still perform it brilliantly. With TM Shahed, you will get touched how she speaks from the heart and how she challenges herself always. With TM Adele, you will learn how to be unique by showing a different perspective when discussing a quote or a theme. With TM Ajai, you will enjoy environmental and new-tech speeches that really add to your knowledge. With TM Pradeep, you will be amazed by his willingness to contribute and to be active, and his eagerness to be on time for the club meetings although he comes from Sharjah which is a pretty long way. All these Elite qualities combined made me proud to be associated with such awesome members in such an awesome club. Page 01/12


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TOATSMASTERS EDUCATION PROGRAM - TM Sajin Salim CC. (VP Education) Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. The education program is an important part of every Toastmaster's journey. The Toastmasters Education Program is based on a proven curriculum that enables members to develop communication and leadership skills one step at a time. The goal of the Toastmasters Education Program is to help members to become better communicators and better leaders. To address this, the education program is divided into two tracks - communication and leadership THE COMMUNICATION TRACK The communication track beginning with projects from the Competent Communicator (CC) manual. The CC manual is designed to give a strong start in developing a core set of skills for public speaking. Each of the ten projects in the Competent Communicator manual focuses on a certain aspect of speech making -- from organization to delivery. Upon completion of competent communicator (CC) manual, the members will get the opportunity to practice the projects in the Advanced Communication Manuals. These projects help members to further improve their skills in a specific area of public speaking. Some manuals focus on "real life" situations such as public relations and technical briefings, while others help develop more widely applicable skills such as humor and storytelling. THE LEADERSHIP TRACK The leadership track focuses on developing a member's leadership skills through a variety of Club and District activities. The Competent Leadership manual focuses on different leadership skills through ten projects, each providing the member background information and an assignment that requires serving in one or more specified meeting or club roles in which the aspects of that skill can be practiced. The Advanced Leadership Manuals challenge members to further improve their leadership skills. Members learn and develop leadership skills as they deliver presentations in a variety of topics. TOASTMASTERS EDUCATION PROGRAM

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ELITE TOATMATSERS EDUCATION AWARDS WINNERS At ELITE Club members are actively participate in both communication and leadership tracks projects. Below are our members who achieved their awards at ELITE Toastmasters Club. MTM Abeer Fakih A founder member of ELITE Toastmasters Club, actively participates in the Education program. Presented 5 CC projects at ELITE club and one of the project is presented at the Club and area contest. During her Toastmaster career, MTM Abeer has won many prizes at the Club, area and division speech contests. MTM Abeer has completed her competent leadership manual and now progressing on the Advanced Leader Browse manual. MTM Abeer is the current president of ELITE club has served many leadership roles including President, VPPR, and VP Membership. She also served as MCs for the club events and chaired different PR campaigns. While serving as VPPR, MTM Abeer has produced two Newsletter for the club. MTB Abeer also served as judge for the division speech contest

Awards achieved - Competent communicator (CC) & Competent Leader (CL) TM Jeejith Sreedharan A very active Toastmaster joined ELITE Club on August 2015. TM Jeejith completed his 10 CC projects in one academic year. The topics he chose was informative and quality speeches. TM Jeejith represented ELITE club at the division level for the humorous speech contest. TM Jeejith is also focusing his leadership track. He is serving as VPPR for the second year. Jeejith created and administer the ELITE social media pages and chairing PR activities. Awards achieved - Competent communicator (CC) TM Shannon Glasgow A founder member of the Al Ain and Elite Toastmasters Clubs, TM Shannon has completed his Competent Communicator, Advanced Communicator Bronze and Competent Leader Awards. In addition, he was appointed as the first Area 9 Governor and elected as the first Division U Director. He has served on the Education Team organizing DTAC's in Abu Dhabi, first as Team Head in 2009 and then as Support Member in 2016, as well as serving as Contest Chair in a DTAC in Dubai. At DTAC 2016 Shannon was recognized by Toastmasters International CEO, Daniel Rex, as being one of only a handful who have been members of Toastmasters for more than 20 years. Awards achieved - Advanced communicator bronze & Competent Leader (CL)

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MY PATH TO BECOMING A TOASTMASTER By Shannon Glasgow, ACB, CL – Director (Division U) & Treasurer (AAETM) In the early 1990s, I was working in the Training Department at the head office of SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) in Riyadh. For my first five years at the company, I was solely responsible for arranging inhouse and then overseas language and work-related training for SABIC employees. When a new Training Director arrived, he planned to expand the Department and I was able to recruit another instructor from the US. Everything looked bright for the new instructor’s arrival. We had been in regular contact and I was looking forward to having some help. However, from the first day that the new instructor arrived, I understood that he had plans of his own that hadn’t been apparent earlier. Rather than a partner, I felt I had brought over a rival who seemed intent on sidelining me whenever possible. And he was a more effective communicator than I was. Keep in mind that in one of my graduate school courses, I was the only student in the class who somehow miraculously escaped presenting the required language lesson demonstration. I was also the 7th grade student who unceremoniously reached back into the nearby waste bin to retrieve the notes I had thrown away so that I could boringly read my book report. Speaking in front of colleagues or peers…mishkilah. Around this time SABIC brought in Price Waterhouse as consultants for formalizing job descriptions and internal policies

and procedures, among other tasks. I became friends with two of the consultants, Jim and David, who were around my age and who often talked about a local club they belonged to called the Riyadh Toastmasters Club. While I felt that I needed the kind of training Toastmasters offered, I also felt apprehensive about exposing my communication weaknesses in front of others. Two years later, Jim and David had moved on to other projects elsewhere, but interaction with the new instructor had only worsened until it was becoming unbearable. Finally, I reached a breaking point, like going to a dentist when you know he’ll need to do some drilling, that I either had to accept myself as I was or take a bold step to improve my communication skills. I chose to attend my first meeting of the Riyadh Club, an international mixed gender group that met weekly at the American Community Services (ACS) building. My first visit as a guest, I was called on for Table Topics. My topic went something like this: Imagine you are in a hospital room and the guy sharing the room with you needs a kidney transplant. You are a perfect match. What would you do? What a struggle to answer that one! Still, my struggling convinced me more than ever that that was exactly what I needed to improve my confidence in speaking in front of others. In October 1994 I joined the

Shannon Glasgow, ACB, CL.

Riyadh Club and nothing, including the time consuming weekly car searches required after the fall 1995 bombing of the Saudi Arabian National Guard building, deterred me from becoming an active member and soon club officer. It was no accident that Toastmasters came into my life when it did…

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Keep IT (??) simple By Jeejith Sreedharan, CC – VP Public Relations

How to keep IT (??) simple? In our day to day life we keep things complicated unnecessarily, where in we can explain it, deal it OR do it in a simple and straight forward way. Look at my example… One day I was travelling with my family to a nearby shopping mall in our neighbourhood in Al Ain…. On our way, my elder son Abhinand asked me a silly (???) question.... Dad, what do you mean by ‘BOSS’? WOW!!! I was thrilled… the technocratic IT professional inside me suddenly woke up… and in order to show my years of technocratic professional and management experience in front of him, I have started explaining to him in detail... See Abhinand, in Dad’s office Dad is the boss for all those who work under Dad. Dad guide them on work and they actively listen and do what I say... Finally all of them report to dad on a case to case basis on daily, weekly or monthly basis on various activities and projects... So daddy is the boss for all who work under me…. The same way daddy report to senior management like GM, CIO and VP (IT) on all work related aspects and IT projects. So for all those; to whom daddy is reporting, they are daddy’s boss. All this time my younger son Abhirav was busy on my mobile, watching Pokémon in YouTube and seems to be not at all interested in our conversation… After my comprehensive clarification (as I presume); I asked Abhinand, Hope you understand what does it meant by “BOSS”? Still Abhinand didn't understand.... he was looking confused… After

listening to all my exhaustive explanations, suddenly my younger son Abhirav started explaining... See Abhinand bro, it’s very simple, it’s like Mamma is the boss for Daddy at home.... I & my wife was shocked for a moment and then after a few seconds, we all were burst in to laughter... We realised after a brief thought that, Abhirav simplified his elder brother’s query; in a simple and easy to correlate faithful :) statement… Morale... When you talk to your kids, elders, friends, colleagues or anyone around you, please use simple & easy to understand statement and language... also if possible try to come down to their level... You cannot use the same statement and language to explain, same concept or matter you use for your GM, CIO, VP (IT) or your line manager to them; even though the subject is the same. Management Lesson learned…. Be it in your family or professional life, many of your colleagues/friends/family members around you seems to be silent and pretend, as if they don’t notice at you at all; but beware, they are watching each and every action and will report to “someone“ as and when needed. So are you looking to improve your soft skills in a mutually supportive environment? Do you want to improve your presentation skills, your stage fear, your speaking skills...? Dear colleagues and friends…. you are at the right place… yes TMI (Toastmasters International) is

Jeejith Sreedharan, CC

the right place to improve all your soft skills and leadership skills in a mutually supportive environment... So what are you waiting for...? If you are from Al Ain, come and attend our meeting as a guest and join AAETM (Al Ain Elite Toastmasters Club). More info @ AAETM ONLINE PRESENCE AAETM Website http://alainelite.toastmastersclub AAETM Facebook ps/TMAlAinElite/ AAETM LinkedIn /8419210 AAETM Twitter

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