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Psychometrical tests such as Wechsler’s intelligence test were applied. While the poor children’s average Intelligence Quotient was 92, the non-poor ones were 100. Moreover, forty percent of the poor ones did not reach an average of 80. The study showed that pertaining to poor homes is associated to the cognitive mechanism’s deficiency which depends on the brain’s frontal region. This is what Sebastian Lipina from the Cemic’s Applied Neuro-biological Unit declared. (Lipina, S. 2004).

I believe that students with poor living standards need to be helped to demonstrate all their capabilities and abilities to involve with success in our society; our students have been a clear example that obstacles can be defeated. However, the last word has not been said because it is known that people with a high Intelligence Quotient can be found in all the standards of living that are high, medium, or low.

Pedro Antonio Rojas Suárez Docente de ingles Colegio Miravalle

But what about with our students? Even though they belong to families that careless of high cultural living standards, Alianza’s institution has been offered them the necessaries tools not only the knowledge acquisition but also an emotional and respect personal growing. Alianza’s schools on the other hand, through its different projects let the students to reach a good training to confront their future with better perspectives. REFERENCES.

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Publicaciones de los Docentes de la AAE

Apuntes de Clase septiembre 2009  

Publicaciones de los Docentes de la AAE