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meet the editors Adriana Najera, 23

Editor- in- Chief

“Something amazing about creating this magazine was to get to know so many people and their stories. I’ve always enjoyed the marketing part of things through adding true value to services or products. For me is what this magazine is all about, showing the true value of IC.”

Michelle Quan, 23

Managing Editor

“Through out this project I got to connect with many other students, make ideas come true, cherish and learn from others. As an aspiring journalist its awesome to be able to transmit people’s stories and create a change in society.”



Why To Study in Taiwan 6

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ic because... Top 25 Ming Chuan is part of the Top 25

The first United States Accredited

Universities in Taiwan.

University in Asia

Truly welcoming Taiwan Ranked Place #1 for Expats in Whole Asia

Convinient transport


U.S accreditated

Campus diversity Taipei, Taoyuan, Kinmen and U.S campuses.

Unique events

Highly Effective and Convinient

Events to Create True Connections Between

Public Transportation in Taipei city.

Local and International Students.

U9 Taiwanese league

Convinient location Campus Location in the Heart of Taipei.

Part of the Highly Recognized Group of Private Universities in Taiwan.

Multicultural Alumni 15 % of the Whole Student Population Being International.

EXCHANGE PROGRAMS Mutiple Exchange Programs in Asia,

Financial aid Many Scholarships offer to outstanding International Students

International Faculty Highly Qualified International Staff.

America and Europe.


Taipei, Taiwan Photo by Adriana Najera.

Why to Study in Taiwan? While there are many options to study abroad, Taiwan is the perfect place for those looking a mix between Western and Eastern environment.

The neo-cosmopolitan city of Taipei

In Taiwan students will experience a vi-

has become a key place in whole Asia.

brant, modern city with strong roots into

Eastern Asia’s best-kept secrets, a beautiful

one of the most venerable and old cul-

island off the east coast of China. Named

tures, populated and hosted by the

Ilha Formosa, or Beautiful Island, by the

most friendly and hospitable persons on

Portuguese, Taiwan lends study abroad stu-

earth, in addition to enjoy a safe en-

dents the opportunity to explore a unique-

vironment for young people to live in.

ly fascinating island, ancient mountainous temples, and traditional Chinese culture.

Tuition at each university is more affordable than in other parts of the world. With

For the past few years, complete English

the help of innovative government policies

taught programs have been developed in

in order to attract and retain more for-

universities in order to attract more for-

eign talent into the Taiwanese workforce.

eign talent into the island, ranging from

Among them are policies for raising Tai-

genetic engineering and computer sci-

wan’s international academic competitive-

ence to creative marketing. Taiwanese

ness and for providing more opportunities

culture holds education and scholarships

for foreign students to study in Taiwan.

in high regard, offering a diverse range of financial aids to help foreign students.


There are many advantages for selecting Taiwan as a place to further your education!

Taiwan’s strong reputation in the field of technological education attracts students from developing countries for the study of bio-tech, semi-conductor technology, business, forestry, agriculture, animal husbandry, chemistry, to name a few. The Ministry of Education recently estab-

Taiwan offers

international students rich culture fascinating history,

and big

opportunities to grow.

lished “The Taiwan Scholarship Pro-

gram” in order to encourage promising

Additionally, the island offer an etensive

students from foreign countries to pursue

list of leisure activities to students. Beau-

their language, undergraduate and grad-

tiful and natural scenery in all corners of

uate studies in Taiwan, along with en-

taiwan, from north to south. For the ones

hancing the focus for educational and

seeking adventure:

academic exchange and cooperation.

breathtaking hiking trails,hiddens rivers,

Majestic mountains,

hot springs, among others. And for city confer-

Not to be forgotten the opportunity to

folks: Taiwan’s multiple technology

learn one of the most spoken languag-

ences, powerful architecture, livey nightlife.

es in the world, Mandarin. Students will experience the fully immersion into chi-

Overall Taiwan is the perfect choice to

nese culture thru the traditional char-

expand your mindset and become glo-

acters and all the story behind them.

balize leaders of the future. Taiwan offers international students rich culture,

Over and above that, experience a

fascinating history, and big opportunities

globalize and multicultural environ-

to grow; Among Taiwan’s friendly peo-

m e n t , t o s h a r e a b o u t y o u r o w n c u l-

ple and expand your education in one of

ture and learn much more about others.

Asia’s most rapidly progressing economies. 7

Taipei Campus, March 2018 Sondor Baasanbat, JMC Photo by Adriana Najera.


DID YOU KNOW? Did you know in Mongolia there are approximately 13 times more horses than humans? Horses represent an important meaning in the daily and national life of the Mongols. During war time the Mongolian soldiers would put an incredible trust on their horses. They would get not only the protection, transportation and food while riding them but also their main companion during hard times.


10 reasons

Why you should choose ic Nowadays big companies look for an individual with global vision, responsible, technical skills in a variety of programs, ability of speaking multiple languages, laboral experience, and all still expecting you to be under 27. It sounds pretty overwhelming huh? Well, it is achievable, if you choose an international college, here are some of the benefits of studying abroad:


1. International Connections

2. Make Friends Around the Globe

The cosmopolitan mix of cultures creates an unique

This is probably the most fun part of studying abroad.

diverse social environment of discussion and academic

Getting to know all kind of people from all kind of

learning, all sharing different viewpoints in order to

places. You could meet someone from Africa and Eu-

be obtain a more globalized view of the world. From

rope within the same classroom. How amazing is that?

the personal to the professional level, connections

Also don’t forget the more friend you make while you

and networking will be a huge help to develop your

stay, the more places you could visit in the nearby fu-

future career.


3. Become Truly Independent

4. Discover The World

Going abroad means having to start from scratch, from

The best way to get to know a culture is totally im-

looking where to stay, to having to meet new people.

merse yourself in it. By living and experience daily life

All this activities will help you encourage personality

in any country, you will get to know more about its people and

growth. You will discover in what you are good and on what you

anyday is a day to explore new places and eat new and inter-

are not that good.

esting things.

5 Change Your Mindset Moving abroad for sure is going to be a big change in your life. You will face many challenges, you might feel lost half of the time, but all of these situations will help you to grow as an individual. You start to see the world in a different way, people find what they like and start to shape their life in order to fulfill your dreams. The “you” before and after moving abroad will be totally different, and that’s good, after all life is always changing.

6. International Workplace Attending to a classroom full of different nationalities might feel weird and intimidating at the beginning, difficulty to communicate and cultural differences could be a challenge to face while trying to make connections. But, after you overcome this change, literally you are ready to work everywhere in the world. Knowing how to connect and teamwork with people around the world is going to be an attractive trait for future employers.

7. Build Up Connections Studying abroad sets you ahead of your peers in the eyes of graduate schools and employers. It highlights

8. Enhance your Language Skills

your sense of adventure, independence, cultural sensitivity,

Chances are if you’re planning on studying abroad,

and worldliness. When you return, make sure to update

one of the major draws is the opportunity to study

your resume to highlight your study abroad experi-

a foreign language. Studying abroad grants you the op-


portunity to completely immerse yourself in a new language, and there is no better way to learn than to dive right in. In addition to the considerable language practice you

9. Boost your Confidence

will get just in day to day life.

There is nothing quite like being on your own in a foreign country. You might find that studying abroad really brings out your independent nature.

10. See Your Own Culture

Students who study abroad become explorers of

Through a New Lens

their new nation and really experience curiosity

After living abroad, you realize how

and excitement. A benefit to studying abroad is the

unique is your own culture. Suddenly you

opportunity to discover yourself while gaining an

become an ambassador of your country

understanding of a different culture. Being in a new

and your culture. Students learn about other

place by yourself can be overwhelming at times, and it tests

cultures but you will also be teaching about your

your ability to adapt to diverse situations while being able


to problem solve.


Creative, broad-minded  and empathetic individuals who want to  inform and connect people.


Taipei Campus, March 2018 Photo by Adriana Najera.



Journalism and mass communications


Taipei Campus, March 2018 Photo by Adriana Najera.

The Journalism and Mass Communication program develops responsible professionals with academic knowledge, practical abilities, and people skills to serve international communities by means of journalism and mass communication. Our aim is to educate students with academic knowledge and practical abilities to adapt to and excel in the ever-changing media landscape.

Taipei Campus, March 2018 Photos by Rushi Joshi


Campus Tour Taipei Campus

Taipei’s campus priviliged location offer students not only spectacular views but also allows international students to explore the turistic sites around the school. During summer students enjoy fresh weather from the top of the mountain and after school Shilin Nightmarket is the place to hangout.


The 392-step staircase is now history! The new elevators makes easier for anyone to visit MCU. The beautiful elevators would not only take you to the top of MCU but will also show you the best view of Shilin area!

Facilities Taipei Campus - MCU Radio - MCU Television Station - MCU VR Laboratory

- Library - Cafeteria & 7/11 - Computer Laboratory

- Female and Male Dormitories - Panoramic Rooftop - Teh- Ming Pao Museum


DID YOU KNOW? The oldest remains in modern humans were found in South Africa. “Little Foot� the 3.6 million-year-old fossil found is considered the most complete human ancestor ever seen.


Taipei Campus, March 2018 Lindelwa Temar, IBT4 Photo by Adriana Najera.



international business and trade

Become an International Business Leader




Taipei Campus, March 2018 Alex Roganin, Alejandro Moscoso/ IBT4 Photo by Adriana Najera.

The IBT program, is devoted to help both, local and international students to develop international business expertise, social responsibility, and ethics.


history makers series ABOUT THE PROJECT

A melting pot of cultures and personalities that create an awe-

some environment to learn. Young adults who are still finding their way to their dreams. Everybody has a story to tell and its our job as aspiring journalists to show it to the world. The name “ History Makers� portraits the way every student is author of their own story in life. Showing outstading students from IC will inspire others to follow their steps.


The inspiration behind the “IC History Makers� series

show the wide variety of talented and inspiring students in IC. Greatness comes from each individual. Meet the international students who are taking a chance to become the new faces in many industries . Meet our History Makers!

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Juan Andres Durler El Salvador

International Business and Trade

Taipei, February 2018 Juan Durler, IBT4 Photo by Adriana Najera.

How did you decide to study in Taiwan?

Were your expectations about Taiwan fulfilled?

That is an interesting question. My short answer to that is because I realized the importance of the mandarin language and the business environment over here. I really wanted to be someone global and I wanted to be someone who is international culturally and experience wise. I heard about Taiwan and I decided to apply to an scholarship and now I’m here and I don’t regret it.

I’m the type of person who would not think much about the details, so I knew the broader picture of Taiwan. I knew it was safe, I knew that it was a friendly environment, with cool culture and that is all I worried about. I didn’t worried about the small details, so when I came here everything was new to me. It was actually greater than what I expected.

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IC History Makers Series

What is your experience as an IBT student at

Mention a challenge you overcame while living in



Anyone thrilled or interested in the program should do it. Apply now! The reason for that is because I truly believe in the value that we are receiving here. Every class is different, some teachers are going to be more lively, some teachers are going to be more strict and not only them would make the class interesting but also the students. Every classroom I walk into has at least more than 10 nations and that’s pretty cool. You could go to any university and you can learn from the books but what really differentiates Ming Chuan and the IC program is the fact that you learn from everyone in the class. The IBT program classes sometimes are team work, some other lectures would be case studies and others more practice.

First I would like to clarify that any of the challenges that I ever went trough, never overshadow any of the positives that I went through. I would simply say the culture shock. Like for example walking down the street and smelling Choudoufu (Stinky Tofu) or like walking down the street and seen someone do something I wouldn’t typically do or wearing something that I wouldn’t typically wear. Those things were different to me but they were never a wall that would stop me from enjoying my staying in Taiwan.

“ U n i v ersi ty i t s e lf i s a li f e changing journey, and I think studying abroad gives you freedom in many ways. .” -JUAN DURLER

How would you describe your study experience in IC? University itself is a life changing journey, and I think studying abroad gives you freedom in many ways. You are free from your parents, you are free from your country’s society and whatnot. But I think is even more so when you come so far to find that everyone in the classroom is just like you. Everyone has a different story, everyone has a different mentality. For example discussions in class would become so much richer since you have people representing every continent in the world talking about their own ways to do business or politics. It’s really life changing.

Send a message to the IC community! I’d tell them: Don’t stop out fear. Because you are going to feel comfortable here. At the beginning of course you are going to feel with a little bit like an outsider but then you will not regret being here. For me it was like that, I had a little bit of fear but that never stopped me. This life experience would make you grow in many ways. If you are ready to make of yourself a better version of yourself then come. Step out of your comfort zone and that’s how you are going to change your outlook of life, that’s how you will understand better the things happening in the world. You are going to slowly become more and more global if you come here rather than if you just stay home.


Jenny Mae Hong Kong

Fashion Innovation Management

Taipei Campus, March 2018 Photo by Namungoo Munkh

Why do think the 3+1 feature will benefit your

Describe your experience in IC in one word.


Development because you are always learning new things. You

I think is important because you can’t just stay in one

develop yourself in different areas not only academic

place for fashion. Fashion is always moving and it’s every-


where so, I think the 3+1 program focuses on European countries and that’s a good thing because that’s where most of the

What is your biggest dream about fashion?

fashion shows happen.

I want to be everywhere around the world, knowing about other countries fashion style and stuff, which is


How did you find the IC program?

why is it’s great to be in an International College because you

My high school back in Hong Kong has some partner-

meet a lot of people and then you see their culture and

ship with Ming Chuan. So they introduced to us the

talk you them and then they tell you about their tradi-

career option in Taiwan so I was very interested in the

tional clothes and stuff so in the future I actually want

programs here.

to focus on sustainable fashion.

IC History Makers Series Jihe Campus, March 2018 Jenny Mae, FIM2 Photo by Adriana Najera.

Why did you decide to study FIM? I took Fashion and Innovation Management because first of all they told me about the whole 3 plus 1 thing, which

“It’s great to be an IC student

is like studying here in Taiwan and studying abroad as

you get to meet a lot of people

well. Secondly because is a mix between arts and business so,

And LEARN their culture.”

you get to experience both. The business part is so specific to fashion that is like, you know where you are going.

Who can be a fashion student? I think as long as you have creativity and you are

“I want to be everywhere around the world, knowing about other countries fashion style and stuff .”

willing to work you could be a fashion student.

-Jenny mae

ket news styles and you can create new trends.

What is your favorite part about Taiwan?

Anyone can be one but you have to be interest in the industry. My favorite part about fashion is how to mar-

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The people because I knew that Taiwanese were friendly and also because I wanted to grow outside of living in Hong Kong. It makes me get out of my comfort zone, like talking to new people outside of my race and learning new things about them.

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Sofia Kuan Guatemalan

Journalism and Mass Communications

Jihe Campus, March 2018 Sofia Kuan, JMC4 Photo by Adriana Najera.

What did you expect before coming to Taiwan?

Did your feelings about Taiwan change throughout

Of Taiwan I just knew that it was going to be a coun-

these 4 years?

try that is way safer than from Guatemala or Lat-

I have never stopped being in love with Taiwan, I

in-america in general which is where I’ve lived. Taiwan

thought it would maybe wear off but no, Taiwan just

is a country that is way more safer, much more equal than what

keeps surprising me. Social aspects like, safeness, equali-

I’m used to back home.

ty, the opportunities for young people. I think I just have a greater understanding of the community and why it

What do you think makes studying in Taiwan

works so well.


Describe your Taiwan experience in one word.

I think the opportunities to grow at a personal level are definitely greater living in Taiwan. I think that I’ve grown on a personal level more just because the community is much smaller so it gives you a higher chance to excel in your areas, to meet people that otherwise on a bigger community might be unreachable.

From my point of view I’d say transformational. Because I look back and think of the “Freshmen Sofia” that was stepping down the airplane and is just somebody that I see from so far away. I feel like I cannot put myself in her shoes anymore, and I mean it in the best way possible. I think that in three years I’ve grown much more than what I’d been able to if I’ve stayed back home.


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IC History Makers Series Why did you choose the JMC IC program offered by MCU?


Before coming to Taiwan I was very scared be-

Follow her on Instagram: @i_loverice

cause my chinese wasn’t as fluent as I’ve would like to pursue a degree in chinese. I started to look for options to study what I like in a language that was more comfortable for me. I found out that Ming Chuan offered the JMC program taught in English and besides that is the only accredited university in Taiwan internationally. It’s a foreigner program but at the same time is familiar to me.

What does it feel to be a JMC student? I think there is a lot of space for education and also for personal growth in this program because the program is very flexible and journalism itself is such a practical major. I think JMC give us the opportunity to take the time and grow professionally outside the school as well inside the school with the faculty.

“ I have never stopped being in

love with Taiwan, It just keeps surprising me.”


Photo by Sofia Kuan

What journalist experience have you gained in Taiwan? During my junior year I got the opportunity to be part of the internship program for the Taipei Times newspaper. I was in charge of not only writing stories for them but also in charge of producing media to enrich this written stories. As an international student in Taiwan, I would say that Taiwan is a safe ground for fresh journalists because there are interesting news but they are softer news so you get the chance to explore the journalism field more comfortably.

Photo by Sofia Kuan

Photo by David Kuan


DID YOU KNOW? South Africa is the only country in the entire world that has Denisse Aragao voluntarily abandoned its nuclear weapons programme. São Tomé and Príncipe International Affairs and Diplomacy

How did you know about IC?

What do you like the most about studying in

About the International College program in


MCU I knew because when I came here my

Is exactly the fact that I can get in touch with dif-

countrymates we have an association so it was possible for me to know all of the descriptions of the universities and the possible courses that they have. Since I wanted to study

ferent cultures, there are different people that I have been meeting from different parts of the world and enriches me a lot, I learn a lot with people from different parts of the world.

in English, I found the course in english in MCU, ex-

Describe Ming Chuan in one word

actly the one I wanted which is International Affairs.

I would say international, different people from everywhere, yes international.

Why studying International Affairs? Since little I had this dream about knowing

Why did you want to study in Asia?

more about other cultures and countries and

First because I wanted to learn a different lan-

this particular course gives me a lot of opportunities

guage and coming here to Taiwan I knew that I’d

about other countries and about how they communi-

have the opportunity to learn mandarin, as well as


to get the opportunity to get in touch with a totally different culture from my own.

Do you a message for future MCU students? Yes, remember to always think outside of your box. Try to find out people outside of your world, even outside of the campus. It is important to find our way to fly with our own wings and learn from outside the books.

What is your favorite course so far? I can say that I have three favorite courses. First the Etiquette class with Dr. Emily Chow to understand how there are different types of communication as well different behaviors, Professional Writing is another one with a foreigner professor from Bulgaria, he help us a lot to improve the writing in En-


glish and Public Speaking which helped me to get along in a better way with the public.

and discover more!

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IC History Makers Series

Jihe Campus, March 2018 Denisse Aragao, IAD Photo by Michelle Quan.


Campus Tour Taoyuan Campus

Taoyuan’ campus is located in the northwest of Taiwan, positining itself as the fourth largest metropolitan area in the country. The campus offer students with a spacious and unique infraestructure including a track and field stadium, gymnasium, arts center, golf, paintball and arquery courts just to mention some.

Track and Field Stadium


Arts center

Taoyuan Campus, is about 15 minutes by bus away from the Taoyuan Train Station. Regular bus service is provided, with one bus approximately every 20 minutes. Faculty and staff can take the university shuttle bus from Taipei to Taoyuan Campus and students can buy tickets to take specially arranged private busses to the campus. In order to accommodate the booming development sparked by Ming Chuan University, Gui-Shan residents have built a variety of private accommodations for students and faculty to rent.


International Affairs

Creating the professionals of tomorrow, who will have a global thinking and vison of Diplomacy.

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aiming to meet the demands of the global market and Cultivating talented professionals in both interna-

current trends

tional diplomacy and global governance, standing on solid ground for the greater challenge in the future. The program takes place in Taoyuan campus.

The four year program is the first of its kind.

Looking to have a balance between theorical and

The english-taught curriculim allows local and

practical knowledge in diplomacy and global gov-

international students to create an international

ernance. Creating the professionals of tomorrow,

space to study the different trends in the current

who will have a global thinking and vison of Di-

market and how to work and improve in them



Taipei Campus, March 2018 Alejandro Moscoso, IBT4 Photo by Adriana Najera.


DID YOU KNOW? Did you know that Germany is slowly closing all its nuclear power plants? The country is aiming to have none by 2022!



A PEEK INTO THE IC FACULTY Can you tell us what is the Fashion Innovation Management program? Is a trilingual program in which we emphasise on building up the fashion knowledge first to our students, fashion theories, different kinds fashion basic knowledge and also the management part in which we take a lot of courses from the business program. We want to help students build up their cre-

ativity and also the business skills like branding, marketing and other. On the last year students need to do an internship as a graduation requirement, this is something really important experience for them.

What is your first memory about fashion? I think it goes back to when I was a kid and I started wanting to match my clothes and I remember I was always playing with my mom’s make-up because she is really into fashion and really into all that cosmetics, clothes and whatnot.

When did you realize that fashion is your passion? Started early for me, maybe when I was in elementary school. I was always drawing and sketching for my paper dolls. Then I was always going to fashion courses after school I also got into a fashion merchandising program for my master degree and PhD.

Why do you think fashion is important?

Why is the management part important on a fashion program? Because our students will know the business perspective which really helps when they go out and get a job in the industry. Our program is not a fash-

ion design program so the business part of fashion is more important in the long term.

What makes the FIM program special from other programs in Taiwan? First our program is an international program so students are constantly exposed to different cultures and mindsets, for sure this will enrich their experience in every way. The language skills that students get in our program are also relevant for their curriculums, on top excelling their English skills they also learn a new language which is French.

I think is important because you can see it everywhere,

What is the 3+1 feature?

is like a lifestyle. Even to the people who don’t think

On the first three years we want students to finish

they are not involved with fashion I’d say that ev-

with their credit courses, which means is a very

eryone is, when you are picking which clothes to

intense program. The last year we want to send

wear, which colors, fabrics, that is fashion too.

students to different countries for them to do their internship there.


Jihe Campus, March 2018 Photo by Adriana Najera.

Dr. Wendy Chou Specialty: Fashion Marketing and Management, Fashion Merchandising, Apparel and Retail Studies.

Ph.D. University of North Carolina Greensboro.


I think my first memor y about fashion goes back to when I was a kid and I started wanting to match my clothes.

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WE are FIM

Fashion and Innovation management




FIM is the first tri-lingual program ( English/French/Chinese) at the international college of Ming Chuan University. Based on talent demand in international fashion management industry, and the three educational values of excellence, professionalism and internationalixation that characterize MCU. FIM is devoted to help students gain a global vision thtrough providing both theoretical study of business and also practical expericene of fashion industry


program FIM students are expected to finish all credits within the first three year of the program. Interships are part of the program, students will have the option to choose a country of their liking to experience an intership. This ist a great opportunity for students to test their knowledge into the real industry of fashion.


Campus Tour

Jihe Campus Located in the heart of Shilin area, Jihe campus its convinience at it best. With broad classroom and many floors for students commodity. The night market and Convient stores are strategically place for students to try many different taiwanese dishes. Also, the Ming Chuan Hotel is part of the campus to offer student’ s family and visitors the opportunity enjoy Taipei in convinient spot.


facilities Jihe campus Testing Center TOEFL​

Mandarin study & Culture Center ​



Ming Chuan Hotel


Jjihe Campus, March 2018 Camila Saenz, JMC4 Photo by Adriana Najera.

Camila Saenz

Guatemala, 4+1 student

4+1 program Bachelor + Master degreee

What is the 4+1 program? The 4+1 program is offered by Ming Chuan University to the senior students from undergraduate programs. The program gives you the opportunity to add master degree classes at the same time you are studying your last credits from your senior year.


Why did you decide to go the IMBA program? I decided to study an IMBA because I think is gonna be very useful for me since I have a Journalism and Mass Communication background and at some point if I want to have my own business

I love challenges and I knew that starting a master degree in business was gonna be a definitely a challenge for me.

I do need an idea and knowledge on how to do it.

Can you describe a master degree class from

gonna make it more easier. I would say that not wasting my

the 4+1 program?

time and adding all the necessary courses is the way to go.

Well, I think that having classmates that have

How did you manage to study your 4+1 program so far? My first semester as a 4+1 student was quite busy because I was taking 24 credits but then I realized that in the first semester of master degree you only need to take 21 credits in total. So, you can split your classes evenly and that is

work experience enriches a lot the environ-

Did having a Journalism background has affected

ment during class. The class size is small, so

your student performance during the IMBA pro-

this means that everything is more personalised

and you get to interact better with the teachers.

Which master degree option are offered in the 4+1 program?

gram? I love challenges and I knew that starting a master degree in business was gonna be definitely a challenge for me just because I have no background whatsoever in business but I think the teachers are very understand-

The 4+1 offers three options you can

ing and are always willing to help you. I also think my

study a master in International Business

classmates helped me a lot since they understand I come

and Trade, IMBA or International Affairs.

from a total different background from the business industry.

What does people need to be a 4+1 student? The application process is very simple, once you are in the second semester of your junior undergraduate year you are gonna send the application. All you need is your CV, autobiography and your transcripts. Then

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you need to wait to get accepted in the program, once you are in is really easy. Everybody can apply!

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Teh Ming Pao

Mother of Ming Chuan University Ming Chuan University was founded through the efforts of Dr. Pao Teh-Ming back in 1957 as Taiwan’s first women’s business school. Her initial desire was to raise awareness of the rights of women and empower them through education. She profoundly believed that education was a sure path to contribute to the development of Taiwan.

Dr. pao teh-ming founder of Taiwan ’s fi rst wom en ’s business school. Founder Teh- Ming Pao earned her B.S with distinction in economics from the national Peking University and was later awarded a doctor in humanities, honoris causa by Wesleyan Women’s College in United States. Founder Pao arrived in Taiwan in 1951 and was assigned as a member of the Chinese Women’s Welfare Organization by  Madame Chiang. During this period, Founder Pao suggested not only stablishing military dependents villages, but also establishing Veterans General Hospitals around Taiwan, which had benefited a lot of military and their families. 44

HONORS RECEIVED 1985 United Nations Educational Science and Culture Organization NGO International Association of University. 1995 Distinguished Citizens Society International, Chinese Person of Distinction Award 1996 ROC World Peace Association, Outstanding Women’s Award

MCU FOunder

​To support sustainable operations, Founder Pao established the educational goal of extend international education, promote research,

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implement e-teaching and establish moral campus. After decade of effort Ming Chuan has now become a comprehensive university with four main campuses at Taipei.  Looking back at the history of establishing Ming Chuan, all faculty and staff members, students and alumni appreciate Founder’s Pao dedicated efforts towards education.  Dr. Pao also established the Ming Chuan’s Football Team in early 1970’s. With many years training, Ming Chuan has won a lot of championships in domestic competitions. In order to promote national diplomacy and enhance international cooperation with other countries, Dr. Pao was the Chairperson for the Asian Football Confederation Women’s Committee  and the confederation members awarded Dr. Pao the tittle of “Mother of Asian Football” in honor to her enthusiastic support to the sport. 


International C

M Cheerleading Competition



College Events

MCU elevators

mcu Fishing Club

ca Cup


TICA cup By: Michelle Quan

Students from all over the world got together at the 11th “2017 TICA Cup Fun Sports Competition” organized by the Taiwan Foundation for International Cooperation and Development (ICIC) in order to establish friendship and solidarity among international students in Taiwan. 500 students from 34 countries came together to Kun Shan University, in Tainan city to exchange ideas with schools by participating in sports events and promote teamwork and friendship through physical fitness.The event also include a cultural exchange with a creative approach. Many intentional students proudly wear their traditional costumes, waving their flags lively to represent their home country through their dresses and dances.

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International students from 34 countries including: Colombia, India, Malaysia, Russia, Belize, El Salvador, Saint Lucia, Swaziland, Thailand, Honduras, Nicaragua, The Philippines and Mongolia were participating and planning for a variety or events; Such as: “Three-handed bowling relay”, “Brigade Relay”, among others fun activities that had all students in high spirits. Track and fields events activated all the competitiveness inside the students, who were extremely excited cheering to their teammates.

Is definitely difficult to get more than 500 students all over the island together on weekdays, so since 2007, every year The National Association of Scholarship program TICA alliance schools all over Taiwan with the union school TICA Cup Sports association, create activities to promote mutual friendship and increase foreign students approval of Taiwan.

IC events

The event received 4 high honor guests: Deputy secretary- General of international Education and Training Center Li Zhihong, Founder of Kun Shan University Li Zhenghe, Principal Su Yankin, Burkina Faso Embassy Firstclass counselor Ivorian and second-class counselor Le Beja all Joined the event. Deputy secretary- General Li Bai-Kun, encouraged students to continue their studies while studying, “Exercise being very important to both mind and body. I hope everyone can enjoy the pleasure brought by exercise and accomplish the common goal through teamwork.” president Su Yan Kun said: “ Today I am delighted to meet with international students from all universities. I host the event for the first time ten years ago and again this fun competition the years from now. I hope all of your schoolmates can play the role of sportsman and enjoy this sport event.”

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DID YOU KNOW? Did you know that there is no official language in the United States? While almost every language in the world is spoken in the United States, the most frequently spoken non-English languages are Spanish, Chinese, French and German.


Taipei Campus, March 2018 Kevin Kogda Photo by Adriana Najera.


MCU Elevators

Student‘s smiley faces could be seen from afar this past March when MCU newest acquisitions were inaugurated. Five brand new elevators are now part of the infrastructure in order to become more user friendly. Five brand new elevators are now part of the infrastructure in order to become more user friendly . Since 1964, the time when Ming Chuan University was completely build, the 392- steps were deeply engraved in all MCU family’s hearts, now students have an easy option to o up the university. Everyday both faculty members and students had to climb the famous Shihlin’s Mount Fu to arrive to classrooms and offices.

By Michelle Quan


IC events

Taipei campus now have 5 free-barrier panoramic elevators, located in 3 teaching buildings, these were recently completed and commenced operation on March 8, 2018. Easing the way for faculty members and students who have stair-climbing disabilities, solving the issue for those how are injured or special needs. An Inauguration event took place outside of the Sun Yat Sen Auditorium, were the university high authorities received a fun and vibrant Lion dance performance , traditionally use to bring good luck and fortune, and then proceed to cut the ribbon and launch the use of the new lifts. People now can easily reach the top of H building from B building using these elevators while they enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the Shihlin area.


DID YOU KNOW? There is one UNESCO World Heritage Site in El Salvador: Joya de Ceren. This site was buried in ashes by a volcanic eruption and it is considered the “Pompeii of the Americas.”


Taipei Campus, March 2018 Antonieta Portillo Photo by Adriana Najera.


Cheerleading Competition

It was the same as the movie, people from


all around, together to create something spectacular. “In IC we are different but we can be together.” said the glitter- covered smiley face of IBT student Karen Fontg, when describing the theme of the international College cheerleading performance. Inspired by the recent award winning film “ The greatest showman” started by hugh Jackman, IC students deliver an energy filled aerobic dance, including many song from the movie soundtrack and even students dress as the characters of the movie, to which IBT student Alex orellana was designed the role of the circus ringleader. The cheerleading competition is annually celebrated for Ming Chuan university anniversary. Al-

International Students: Karen Fontg and Alex orellana, part of the IC cheerleading team.

ternating location between Taoyuan and Taipei campus. This year took place in Taipei Campus. When asked why they decided to join the team, both Karen and Alex agreed, “it looked like an interesting experience and wanted to try it out.” “ At the beginning it was very difficult, the steps are not easy to

learn. Later with practice we got better.”


Competing with other departments, the IC team got to the 10th place.

IC events IC Cheerleading Team performance.

We also asked Alex about the boys participating in the cheerleading team and all the stigma behind it. “ Most people think cheerleading is not for boys. For my perspective is not all about girly things.” “Boys are taught to do male choreography, in general is a though choreography more about technique and synchronization.” Both students also mention that the level of compromise with the team is big, having to practice many days a week, many hours. Teaching, according to the two young cheerleaders, many lessons throughout the whole experience, such as: tolerance, respect to other people’s ideas, responsibility and dedication. By: Michelle Quan


Volunteering in Taiwan The Pack Sanctuary

W hen in College people repeatedly

ever heard so many barks at once? Well let me tell you it feels like entering a

say having extracurricular activities is the best

war zone, but like a cute one, full

way to meet new people, have different expe-

of waggy tails and wet noses.

rience and above all to enhance your CV. you

Then we meet Tim, the cur-

might be looking at this article for any of the

rent director for Pack’s

reasons above, and that’s ok.

and Claire, the volunteer

As animal lover myself I have always look for


volunteering programs that benefit animals.

After introductions we got

Coming to Taiwan it might be difficult to find

to work, helping to clean and

a program due to the huge language barrier,

refill the Pig area, and yes they

luckily for you my fellow student, Taipei is be-

have different kind of animals, pigs

coming more and more of a cosmopolitan city,

and goat have been rescue from animal neglect.

which is slowly but steadily developing more

Some work with reinforcing the fences sepa-

social programs in english for international

rating each group of dogs was done too by the


volunteers. There we got to play and hang out

The Pack animal sanctuary is one of these or-

with some friendly, fluffy dogs.

ganization, and we got the opportunity to be

Getting to know the dogs personally just

part of one this programs to bring more information to you.

made me want to adopt them all: But, since the commitment of owning a dog overseas is

Together with some other volunteers from

pretty serious, all we can do as students is to

around Taipei, visited Pack’s sanctuary in order

take care of them at the sanctuary and even

to help them walks the dogs, but ended up do-

fostering, if your place allows dogs.

ing much more than that. Part of the adventure was getting lost from the very beginning since

In conclusion, there are a lot of little thing we

we confuse the cat villa with the dog sanctu-

can do. We just need to find time and energy to

ary, which now you know are different areas,

give back a little of all the love we can receive

but still we got to meet up with lovely kitties

from this little guys. Pack is always in search

waiting to have their forever home. If you are team cats, it’s the perfect place to go, relax and play many cats. All of them rescue and ready for adoption.

From walking dogs, or helping to improve the facilities, you could be the one making the difference. You can also visit the cat sanctuary,

Now, going back to the dog shelter, after

to hang out and have a great time with rescue

reaching to the sanctuary we were cheerful-


ly welcome by more than 300 dogs! Have you


of young people driven by the desire to help.

Photo by Michelle Q

Voluntering in Taiwan

Photo courtesy of Pack sanctuary

Ph oto



ch ell e




About Pack sanctuary A dedicated animal-rescue organisation in northern Taiwan, The Sanctuary specializes in rescuing animals that are suffering greatly or in grave danger. We currently house more than 300 dogs, many of whom amputees who lost one or more limbs to poachers’ traps or snares. Some of the animals waiting for their forever home: Luka, Mia and Bella, respectively.

Our philosophy is to give the best care possible in such a manner as to make the animals as relaxed, happy, and healthy as possible.The animals are kept in a spacious, green environment and are fed a raw, species-appropriate, natural diet (no processed foods). As well as these canine residents, The PACK Sanctuary also provides lifelong, loving care to rescued pigs, cats, birds, and squirrels. The PACK Sanctuary has a really great team of dedicated staff. They work hard and smart

Meet Lucy, a rescued dog who was in a car accident. Now equip with a special wheelchair.

Photo by Taipei Times

because they really care for the animals. By: Michelle Quan

To know more about the Pack Sanctuary please visit: 59

Taipei Campus, March 2018 Alexander Roganin, IBT4 Photo by Adriana Najera.


DID YOU KNOW? Did you know that in Russia there is a “Temple of All Religions” which serves as a peaceful combination of different cultures.



Ways to

learn and improve your

Chinese By: Michelle Quan

International student might face many challenges when moving abroad, and probably the biggest one is language. Learning Chinese could may offer many benefits to personal and professional level, also providing a better understanding of an ancient culture. And here are some tips on how to improve your chinese skills.

2. Do 5 minutes

1. Cultural immersion Now that your moving to far lands such as Taiwan is all done, now is time to enjoy learning chinese! Take every opportunity to know your surroundings,(and if it’s full of locals even better!) This way you will need to use your language skill to survive. But don’t worry, there are more fun ways to practice your chinese everyday, for example: Go to the movies, Chinese movies usually have subtitles, so is a great way to put your character knowledge into test. Also, Chinese TV have great programs for you to practice your listening and learn new phrases.

of Chinese flashcards This is my go-to way to productively use a spare minute or two that pops up. If you have access to Anki (get it on your computer and smartphone, if you have one), you can easily make use of any amount of time to improve your Chinese. You can do flashcards for ten seconds, and you can do them for several hours (when you’ve got final exams coming up and enough caffeine, at least). Getting a few flashcards done is an excellent default option for spending study time, because it’s flexible, customised and can always be a part of your Chinese study habits. I also love them for their scheduling function. You can add material to your flashcards deck and know that it will come up for review sooner or later.


3. Learn a Chinese song Yeah, yeah, I know. When I read stuff like this my reaction is always “Oh jeez…” But even if it seems unbearably jolly, learning songs is good for your Chinese. You’ve just got to find songs you like, and spend a little bit of time with them. A really good way to learn a song is to translate the lyrics into your native language (and then post them on your blog!). The goal isn’t to end up with a nice version of the song in another language, but to make sure you get familiar with the lyrics and understand them.

Ming Chuan students participating in a Chinese caligraphy contest in Taipei campus

Plus, is a great way to make friends! Impress everybody with your skills when you go to a KTV!

4. Describe your surroundings in Chinese (in detail) This is one we got taught in our first year of uni, and it’s stuck with me as a nice way to work on my Chinese at any particular moment. The idea is simple and works anywhere - describe your surroundings in as much detail as your level of Chinese allows. Try to use material you find difficult, and try to use words you find hard to pronounce. Of course, you don’t actually have to describe your surroundings - that’s just a nice prompt to fall back

You can do it! 63

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