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The advantages of living in a town we find the time to go to the site, which we can do by foot or bicycle, we change the cities we have to drive or take public transportation because the distance is longer . On the other hand, we have the peoples less pollution in cities. In the village there are fewer cars, so the risk of accidents and abuses are lower than in cities. Also all the people in the village are known and this makes for a more familiar. In cities no one knows their neighbors. The main disadvantages of living in a village, they are in business, leisure and studies. Large shopping centers are located in cities, both as to go shopping in the city. If you are a good student in studies will follow. where there are schools important? In cities. Another point in favor of living in cities, there are many more hospitals, atentions centers .. We live in cities facilitates transport. Always arriaras fastest living in a city not a town.