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Adela Smejkalova

Born on the 16th,June

1991,) , graduated fromThe English College in Prague,

currently studying ARCHIP­



Ad Wave

I decided to design something, which would be interacting with the Gallery as well as with Prague. I placed a glass cube with one floor on the top of Veleterzni Palac, as a space where the visitor can observe whole Prague from the top . By putting the wave above it I wanted to achieve certain aesthetic item. It also has its own symbolic meaning, which comes from the name of my project.

Vizualization of my project with Veletrzni Palac

Real model of the 'ad Wave"

Expo 58 Architecture Now! (all the Letenske sady 1500, Holešovice, series, prefer no.7) Praha, Česká republika1960 Philip Jodidio Norman Foster Josef Hruby, Zdenek pokorny, Publisher: TASCHEN 1.6. 1935 Frantisek Cubra America Llc, 2010 Foster+ Partners “To create memorable design you need to start with a thought that’s w o rt h re me mb e ri n g . “ Thomas Manss

1st. task, project presentation  

briefly about me and architecture