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Hottest Piercing Trends In 2014

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Piercing is in the vogue all over. Though body piercing is not much talked about concept, it still remains to be one of the most attractive to-dos for most youth, adults and teens. Piercing has witnessed a robust resurgence, due to a host of retailers providing body piercing supplies at a reasonable rate globally. So, here we explore some of the latest trends observed in piercing for 2014.

Belly Button Piercings Unlike the late ‘90s, where piercing rings on belly was not accepted among families, in 2014 belly button piercing turned out to be trending very high on the fashion charts. Some of the most chanted celebrities like Beyonce and Jessica Alba have flaunted such a piercing in some of their beach side advertisements. If you are a person who likes to run around the beaches and be the center of attraction, belly button piercing is totally for you. It would look good with people having a flat tummy though.

Nape Piercing

Most youth likes to explore a variety of body parts for getting themselves pierced. One such body part that has trended high last year is the neck. Getting a piercing on the back of your neck has given real cool looks to many teens. Procure body piercing supplies with little beads that can easily hide behind your hair. It will certainly look fab add an ‘oomph’ factor to your graceful style.

Ear Studs

A throwback from the olden trend, ear studs, attracts teenager boys like nothing else. Although a little edgy, ear studs are certainly adorable and were also the most sought after piercing supplies last year. Popular celebs like Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik wear such ear studs.

Multiple Ear Piercings

Ear piercings have always attracted eyeballs and remained popular since ages. Giving an outrageous look sometimes though, ear piercing also boosts the fashion adrenal for many. Stars like Miley Cyrus and Fergie have added multiple loops to their ear for a better look.

A few points to consider before piercing These trends have been catching up at a good pace around the world. Body piercing is surely attractive and trendy however; there are certain concerns that need to be addressed while going ahead with body piercing. Trends like nipple piercing and piercing of other body parts is certainly in vogue, but it can be extremely painful and perilous. Moreover, if piercing around such parts in performed by unprofessional piercer, the risk of injury increases and at times can lead to a life threatening situation.

While going ahead for piercing and procuring body piercing supplies from retailers, also make sure that the kind of metal used in the jewelry supports your skin. If the piercing is not suited to your skin, it might cause skin issues and rashes. Wrapping it all up, get ready for the body piercing this New Year learning from some of the trendiest lessons of 2014. However, consider a safety first approach, go to a professional and relish the new looks.

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Hottest piercing trends in 2014  

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