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Granada;By Andrea Bermúdez López 1º ESO A.

GRANADA. Hello my name is Andrea and I will talk about my city, Granada. Granada is large and green areas, Granada is crowded because the temperatures are very good especially in autumn and spring.The average temperature is about 25 degrees.Los Winters are cool and very hot summers as rainfall in Granada aren't very abundantes.En two seasons (autumn and spring) there are many tourists.


In Granada there are monuments but among the most important is the Alhambra. The Alhambra, name for its reddish walls are located at the top of the hill of al-Sabika, on the left bank of the Darro River, east of the city, opposite the Albaicin neighborhoods and the Alcazaba. And still is exposed for all to see I've been there many times and never tire of its beauty and its legends, some funny and some sad.

Some of the things that Grenada has not.

Granada is very successful has shops, supermarkets, bookshops, libraries, schools, beaches etc. ... But not have skyscrapers, amusement parks, zoos,museums or metro.

Customs ­1­

Granada;By Andrea Bermúdez López 1º ESO A.

Most custom of Granada is that unlike London Christmas Santa Claus brings them gifts to bring kids here are The 3 kings though some children will bring gifts both. Another custom in Granada is the day of the cross is that in every street in every town builds a cross craft and others visit each cross street and the best manufactures the cross is rewarded. Another is that Corpus Christi is a religious party or for example one of the most everyday habits in the people of Granada is say yes to something without having heard and then ask questions like, what?, where? etc ...

Typical dishes. Some of the typical dishes of Granada are the bread with oil and sugar, paella, migas and ham.But my favorite dish is the paella I also like many others here especially if typical of my grandmother's kitchen.

My opinion. I think Granada is the best city and that anyone who wants to have fun, learn and do interesting things should visit this holiday.

Exercises. 1 Ask the questions. - What is my favorite dish? -- Why is so called the Alhambra? -­1­

Granada;By Andrea Bermúdez López 1º ESO A.

- What is the average temperature in Granada? -2 Complete the senteces. -And___tire of its beauty-____is very successful-The bread with___and sugar-

VOCABULARY. dish=plato dishes=platos neighborhoods=barrios reddish=rojizos.



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