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AAA Public Adjusters Reminds Property Owners to Make Insurance Claims this spring Spring has finally arrived, and many property owners throughout the east coast is feeling the effects brought on by horrendous weather. Snow, rain, ice and sleet may have left property damage that could cost upwards of thousands of dollars. AAA Public Adjusters wants to remind property owners that there is still time to make a property insurance claim to the damages of their buildings. If property damage becomes more evident, property owners can contact a PA or NJ Public Adjuster by calling 215-627-2000 (PA number), or 609-978-1200 (NJ number). AAA Public Adjusters is a property loss consulting firm that has offices located throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, which are some of the states that were affected greatly by the winter storms. During a free consultation, a Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, or New Jersey public adjuster (depending on which state a property owner lives in), will discuss the insurance claim and decide whether it makes sense to proceed with the services. By contacting the company as soon as property damage from ice or snow is discovered, property owners can ensure they meet the obligations set under the insurance claim. AAA Public Adjusters assists homeowners and building owners who do not know how to properly make the claims themselves. Many mistakes can be made when filing an insurance claim without professional assistance. For one, if the individual filing the claim doesn’t understand the cause of the loss, it can get misreported and denied. They can also get underpaid for their loss, by failing to recognize the total scope of damage. Their claim can be denied if they do not understand the obligations of the insurance policy. AAA Public Adjusters offers much more valuable information on insurance claims on their website: Before settling for the property loss this spring, property owners can contact the company to see what can be done about filing an insurance claim. About AAA Public Adjusters AAA Public Adjusters LLC is a property loss consulting firm. Along with being headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, the company operates additional offices throughout other areas of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware. The company has been assisting clients with recovering benefits from their insurance claims for over 25 years. For more information, please visit

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