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Week 6 Journal There are some key concepts from the presentation. The red circle shows the metal-toothed plate connectors connect with truss members, which is able to provide an effective means of fastening two timber members together under high loads. It is usually used in the site that I choose to connect the parallel and pitched chord trusses. Using hydraulic presses embed the metal tooth plate connectors into the timber fiber. Top Chord

The site is timber truss construction which is triangulated framework structure. The benefit of this construction is cost effectively. The web as shown at right picture connects the top and bottom chords is able to transferred the load around the sides of the triangle in order to limited movement and the shape changed.

Bottom Chord The triangle structure in roofing is like a “bonus� room. The bottom chords are laminated Strand lumber (LSL), which is able to carry the floor load and span. This kind of structure has efficient economical implications due to use less materials. Timber as main material is built in a framework construction, which is light structure due to the less water contain of water.



Different kinds of materials influence development of sustainability and environment in terms of carbon footprint, embodied energy and recyclability. The ERC building has steel as main material, which means it has less influence to environment. Steels are highly recycled material, which the steel has very high embodied energy that is 32.0 MJ/kg compared to the recycled steel that has lower embodied energy (8.9 MJ/kg) (Greenspeec 2013 ). Compare to the site I choose in Toorak RD which the main material is timber, ERC is not a environmental friendly building. Timber has very low carbon footprint and is able to recycle. The embodied energy of timber is also very low (Greenspeec 2013). Timber is produced by using less energy so it is a good material for environmental development.

Continuous span is formed of three or more consecutive spans to supports so bending moment may be transmitted from one span to the adjacent ones (Answers 2013). It is used in lots of bridges in order to support less weight, greater stiffness, smaller deflections and fewer bearings and expansion joins and even offer greater overload capacity.

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Week 6 journal  
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