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All American Assisted Living (AAAL), a residential community for seniors, is dedicated to serving people who are looking to spend their old age in a peaceful and caring environment without compromising their current lifestyle and independence. Relying on All American allows residents to enjoy a comfortable, supportive and active living community that meets their needs at the same time. A subsidiary of the Kaplan Development Group, All American Living treats their residents and staff as a part of their extended family and has formulated the living communities and the programs with an emphasis on resident participation.

We have specialized in senior care and our senior care centers are proof of that. Our extremely experienced and trained staff helps the residents in their everyday activities always treating them with dignity and respect. It is because of our compassionate approach that we have developed a model to allow residents to live as contentedly as possible. We have planned various activities to keep the residents engaged and ensure proper home senior care through customized services to suit our residents.

Even for someone suffering from Alzheimer’s, we provide special attention and care. AAAL has put together all of the necessary features that senior care centers should have, like larger living communities, personalized care, and attention to keep up with our goal to offer a familiar, friendly and close-knit environment for the residents. In addition to this we have attractive and affordable financial options.

Take a glance through our services that we continually offer to all our senior residents. 1) Comfortable living space to ensure that the residents live comfortably in suites or apartments along with other residents with their own kitchen area, bathroom and living space. 2) Dining facility where the residents have their meals throughout the day. 3) Medical and support services to ensure that the residents receive proper medical and support services so that they can be happy and have a good lifestyle despite living out of their comfort zone. They monitor the individual needs of the residents. 4) Wellness Services offer personalized plans to help the residents with their medication and daily changing needs. 5) Activities and community bonding to keep the residents active and busy, the home senior care keeps their residents engaged in various activities. This enables them to socialize with the other residents and help them live peacefully in bliss. There are also provisions to meet fellow residents and members of the family so that they do not feel lonely or left out.

For further details, visit our website at, call us at 781-447-4100 or visit our center and sample a free meal and interact with our residents.

Contact Info: Contact Person: Seth Dudley All American Assisted Living 1074 W Washington St, Hanson, MA 02341 Phone No: (781) 447-4100 E-mail:

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All American Assisted Living (AAAL), a residential community for seniors, is dedicated to serving people who are looking to spend their old...