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Common Misconceptions about Independent Senior Living Finding the right facility for independent living for seniors is a question of ignoring myths and misconceptions and instead choosing a place based on a careful evaluation of the facts.

The task of looking for independent living for seniors is never an easy one, regardless if it is for yourself or for a loved one. Educating yourself on some of the common myths and misconceptions surrounding senior independent living facilities will help you choose a place that offers independence, recreation and quality living for your elderly loved one.

The following points are meant to dispel some common myths about care centers: Myth 1: Individuals tend to lose their independence in these facilities. Picking the right facility for independent living ensures that the individual has all of the privacy and independence one could ask for. Most of these facilities offer ample choices so elderly individuals can find living setups that give them the freedom and lifestyle they want. Myth 2: In senior care centers, elderly individuals will have no one around to help and assist them. Most senior independent living communities have security staff and caretakers that take care of every individual’s needs, from meal preparation to administering medication. Residents have the choice to select the level of assistance required. Many senior living facilities also offer 24 hour care and home senior care as well. Myth 3: Inside a senior care center, individuals might have to give up their hobbies and stop doing what they love. Much to the contrary, these facilities give seniors more free time and amenities to pursue their hobbies. Without the worry of maintaining their homes, cooking and other daily chores, seniors can dedicate the time to pursuing hobbies they couldn’t otherwise do. In fact, many of these facilities actually encourage senior individuals to take up hobbies by providing them with options such as book clubs, libraries, activity rooms, fitness programs, and more. Myth 4: All senior care centers are the same. Every independent living facility for seniors is different and offers a unique set of services and features. Senior independent living centers also differ greatly when it come to staff experience, qualifications, security, etc. Myth 5: Senior care centers are not affordable living options.

Again, just as facilities within a center varies, so do rates and payment options. The cost can be controlled depending on the amenities and facilities needed. ======================= Business Info : Contact Person: Seth Dudley All American Assisted Living 1074 W Washington St, Hanson, MA 02341 Phone No: (781) 447-4100 E-mail:

Independent senior living  
Independent senior living  

Finding the right facility for independent living for seniors is a question of ignoring myths and misconceptions and instead choosing a plac...