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I always look forward to the end of my semester because that’s when I go home and enjoy my break with my family, especially my grandma. The last time I went home, I found out that she had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and was having difficulty in remembering the tiniest of things. I felt like my world had shattered. When I went to her, she greeted me with the same warmth and love she does every time, but I felt that something was missing. Before it got too late I started surfing the Internet for centers that have memory care facilities.

Many assisted living communities have strategic infrastructure so that the facility is amenity-rich and has the necessary requirements to fulfill the needs of the residents. Some of them also have memory care centers that offer special care to their residents. When visiting the center, I found there were many seniors like my grandma who, despite having Alzheimer’s, are leading a comfortable life there. That not only surprised me, but also instilled my faith that the care center was really good.

We also consulted our family doctor who gave his approval, and we then decided to move our grandmother to one of the most responsible memory care centers in our area which allowed our doctor to visit her whenever she needed him. The feature that we liked most was the hospitality and the treatment of the staff towards the residents. The staff has been given adequate training and with their experience and expertise, they provide excellent services to those suffering from memory loss.

Assisted living communities may sound like sterile environments with strict rules, however, in reality, they are places where discipline is maintained without being strict. Health is observed without being rigid. All in all, the staff is very caring and responsible, and sees to it that residents are treated with utmost care and respect without violating their independence or integrity.

So after the process was complete, though I was sad that our grandmother lived further away, we all were assured that the care center were going to take very good care of her and also we would get the opportunity to visit her often. Choose a community center wisely that gives you great amenities like residency, activities, visiting options, healthy meals and a family away from home.

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