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Explorations in architecture

Adam Aalgaard

Machine Implication Light Trace Projection Image Orbital Reminiscence Ghosts and Truths Progressions


The motorcycle becomes an in-depth study into the idea of human-machine interaction. Ergonomics, mechanical systems and image are all investigated. This particular project takes a 1977 Honda CB750F, and crafts it into a modern take on the traditional CafĂŠ Racer typology.


An investigation into the way we listen to music. The study involves both the artifacts we use in the act and the space in which we preform that act. An installation was created from the artifacts we use to listen to music. An acoustic environment was created to explore how room shape, wall planarity, and speaker placement change our perception of sound.


Two explorations into using light as a medium. The first being in the form of projection. Images are projected on to a sculpture, and as the sculpture moves the images shift and blend. The second is a study of emission. Light is carried through a collection of books with acrylic plates. The surrounding space and text layered within the plates are illuminated.


A collection of marks and traces serve as a reminder of the iterative design process. These marks provide an understanding of intent, failure, and correction.


A study of human inhabitation and interaction within an urban environment. Consideration and study of both internal and external dialogues provide cues to form. The resulting form creates moments that project into, and pull away from, the context of New York City.


The image leaves a lasting memory. It creates a mood and defines an object of attraction. It can become a powerful visual anchor, or merely a suggestion in a landscape.


Reminiscence through distance, time, and ritual.

Orbital Reminiscence

Photography is used to capture the essence of inhabited space and the truth in materiality.

Ghosts and Truths

Progressions is a full scale installation piece that was installed on the Iowa State University central campus. The piece takes inspiration from Dan Flavin and James Turrell, and creates a corridor of light across an otherwise dark and empty area of the campus.


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